January 29, 2015

Status 1-29-15*

GRATITUDE AND EXPECTIONS – yesterday quite a few BCs sent me super supportive and great audio messages for show 100. I was SO thrilled and excited it more than made up for the fact that another exodus from my blog subscription occurred. Gosh Laurie, how many times will it take before you let that zing of rejection pass by? It does no good to dwell on folk who move on.

See that? Many took time to EXPLICITLY tell me how much they value the show, the blog, and ME, and what goes in my head at night? That 1, count ’em 1 person decided to end their blog subscription to


I guess I still need to work on this, because logically, I understand about fit and needs and that I CANNOT be a fit for everyone all of the time. It makes no sense to even nurse these wild-young-eyed expectations. But who says I ever claimed to make sense?

Because YESTERDAY WAS GREAT! Hear that Laurie, my gal? G-R-E-A-T! Mark and I had a wonderful experience in the downtown salon getting our hair done. My roots are hid, my streaks are in, my eyebrows tamed, my locks blown out Γ  la Jennifer Aniston, and I look as good as money can buy! I also have a twinkle in my eye and a spring in my step. Salons are a wonderful respite from everyday cares. Following that, off to a lunch at our favorite salad bar in Pasadena, an afternoon watching the classic movie, “It Happened One Night” and then an evening spent at my writing group where I had a blast and wrote a darn good story! Top ALL of that off with the BCs sending me love messages all day and WTF? I obsess with a lone person who either decided to move on or made a technical mistake with his or her blog subscriptions?

Shot of Laurie looking up - featuring her salon ready shoulder length hair with blonde streaks and NO grey!

Looking good and looking up as I move past depression and appreciate the results of yesterday’s salon visit. Can’t resist going for the art shot!

This is what Alen would call time for a PERFECTIONIST INTERVENTION! You see, I had an ALMOST perfect, lovey dovey, “See they REALLY love me” kind of day. And I am secretly PISSED that blog reader X decided to pick my golden rainbow unicorn tra-la tra-la day to exit stage right!

That’s better, I just had a good laugh with my inner Eeyore. πŸ™‚

Sometimes we just need to admit our feelings, examine them and find a way to appreciate our inner toddlers in order to give them a hug and move on.

To you, HUGS and believe me, above rant aside, I truly appreciate and FEEL all of the love and care you’ve sent the last several days. I wrote what I did because I LITERALLY could not believe myself about the gnat of bother getting in my head in the midst of such affection. xoxoxox

PS If you wish to sign up for email notification of blog postings and shows going live (not these status reports) enter your email where it says: “SUBSCRIBE TO POSTS VIA EMAIL”. This blog subscription widget is located to the right on computers and on some tablets, and below the posts on smart phones and on other types of tablets.

PSS, some BCs have asked me the difference between blog postings and status pages. Blog postings are where I develop a complete topic triggered by my status thoughts. Status thoughts are how my day went, what’s on my agenda, and how my body feels today – and not much editing or thought goes into them. That’s why I don’t clog up your email with them. πŸ™‚


WALK, TALK, FLOCK – Ha! couldn’t resist me some rhyme time. Actually, I’m off to Descanso today, then therapy session, then this evening I meet up with my voice acting pals, acquaintances and yet to be met friends at the social meetup.

Show 100

Feb 3 will be the one year anniversary of the start of the show, and it will ALSO be day 100. Please call the bravery hotline or send some audio with your good wishes or jokes or stories or songs to help me celebrate this milestone. Both my VO acting coach David and my director Marc have agreed to interviews to help me celebrate. And I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. I REALLY hope you can find a way to be part of this milestone show too! BTW, I need anything you wish to do, by Feb. 1, 2015 at the latest so I can write the show before I record Feb. 3. Earlier makes my life easier too. πŸ™‚

Fionna has sent a new version of the Brave Companions Song that is FANTASTIC, and I’d LOVE YOU to be part of its debut.

All you need is to call or send audio and saying 3 things:

  1. Your first name
  2. Your State or Country or General direction
  3. One reason why you are brave

Example: I’m Mark from California and I’m brave for posting a comment on day 98

How about you?

Please feel free to comment on MY statuses or add YOUR OWN thoughts, feelings, challenges, rants and raves on these pages too. That was one of the original purposes of why I posted on FB. I thought BCs might like to share about THEIR days. So if you have thoughts and feelings you’d like to share with the group, go ahead and put them here with your comments.

*Daily statuses are not part of the blog’s email notification. When you enter your email under where it says SUBSCRIBE TO POSTS VIA EMAIL, you will be notified of regular blog posts and when podcast episodes are released. I didn’t want to clog your inbox with my daily statuses. However, the automatic publicize feature will inform you on my show FB page, my AdventureLaurie twitter account, google+ on its show page, and Tumblr.

Body Balance

BB (Body Balance) number 7 Sleep: 5 hours undivided. Pretty good, but could have used a few more hours. Up late due to writing group, but body likes to wake up at the same time regardless. Tummy/Gut: balanced, yay! Hungry within one hour of waking, usual small breakfast satisfied. Energy: Moderate. Mood: Rueful, yet happy.

BB is my personal criteria, and I don’t think too hard about it. I ask myself at the keyboard, what is my BB? A number between 1-10, including halves, pops into my head. I write it in my post Then I figure out why it is higher or lower and gently make note.

If you are interested these are my measures.

  1. Sleep. Quality and Amount.
  2. Tummy/Gut – If I ate what my body asked for, usually above and below the belly button feel balanced. Ate too much, below the belly button feels more full. Ate too little, the reverse.
  3. Am I hungry within 1 hour of waking? I have found that I feel best if I am hungry within 1 hour of waking. This tends to make my eating day even and not heavy on food in the evening. But I don’t eat if not hungry unless I’m about to ride or hike. I’ve learned I need to fuel these morning activities, or I’ll bonk.
  4. What is my energy level? Subjective, but telling.
  5. A quick look at my mood.

The Bravery Coach

TheBraveryCoach daily tweet is a morning mediation on how I either did, or can incorporate an aspect of bravery into my day. It is cheerful. It is esteem building. Those who want to follow these on Twitter may, by searching for the hashtag #bravery or by seeing my profile:

Daily Bravery Tweets via TheBraveryCoach on Twitter

3 thoughts on “1-29-15

  1. Dawny

    Happy Wednesday Laurie. Oh wait I mean it’s Thursday LOL I should tell you how my life is going. LOL it’s a plea I love it though I really do. Sorry you lost another friend of your clan. That’s hard. I still to this day struggle with a person not unfriended me on Facebook because of my associations. Never gave me a reason. It really broke my heart. Sometimes I see things or go places or run into situations that makes me think about her and I will always wonder why. Not that it matters. Because what other people think of me is none of my business LOL sending you a hug.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Dawny! THANKS for posting a comment on this one. πŸ™‚ It was ironic that the status where I feel horrible for minding that someone left the blog was the one post of mine that was barren of comments LOL! But the good news was I really took that fact very well and was able to laugh at it and not be bothered. THEN along comes Dawny and now I have someone to discuss it with. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! xoxoxo Boy, I don’t like FB for that reason. To me, it is kind of removed and very temporary as a communication tool. Even with close friends and family, you don’t always see what’s been posted as the timelines and news feeds can move so swiftly. I’ve even had family members deny my friend requests. Boy, who needs THAT? Right? On the other hand, several BCs have posted encouragement or messages both on my show page and on my personal page (even though I warn I visit my personal page quite rarely). Before Daily Adventure Tales, I didn’t participate in FB at all, to the chagrin of my young buddies, because its pace didn’t suit how I like to stay in touch. Then I kept the page active when I started this show, and tried to use FB as a kind of forum. But again, it is so spotty. The whole friend/unfriend, like/unlike paradigm these days is so different from when the internet first had graphic browsers and we built sites as destinations that people visited. People bookmarked these sites and participated or not. It wasn’t so fluid and tied together – IG with FB and Twitter and Vine and who knows what else. We also had visitor stats, but didn’t worry about how our “likes” stacked up or how we trended. It felt like we had more time then to build content and explore without feeling so much pressure. The social media age I think, is not good for growing meaningful content. It is better for spreading memes of the day or hour. Though I MUST admit, I do love all of the videos of cute kittens πŸ˜‰ Thanks again my friend, for hanging with me, even though I can be an old poop for sure. xoxoxoxoxo

      1. Dawny

        you make me giggle..

        and ive told you again and again, youve a real friend in me lady!!!

        Ive been disconnecting more and more from social media.. and technology, as in texting..

        I want REAL live communication and people in my life *sigh* lol


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