July 6, 2015

Status 7-06-15*


Hooray! Mark and I cleaned our ENTIRE DOWNSTAIRS this weekend. Wow! We haven’t done such a good clean since we were sick a couple of months back. Man how time flies when you are procrastinating. I feel much better mentally and physically. One, because just the hard work of all that furniture moving and scrubbing gets the blood moving and your muscles working. Two, because I am sensitive to dust, pollen, cat fur etc. I get bronchitis and allergies super easy. Hmmm, make sense to keep the house a bit less dusty then? Well as you know, KNOWING what is good for you isn’t the same as doing it. But Mark and I are more motivated than ever to come up with a plan for doing a little every day or every other day so we don’t have SUCH a job again.

Was so tired, my voice work got pushed, so the show writing got pushed and so on and so on. BUT priority number one on my ‘might do’ list was accomplished so I call it a victory.


It’s finally a bit cooler, so we’re headed back to the river for some bike ride action. Of course, since it has been awhile, our bike butts will NOT be up to a long ride. Like life, it takes consistency to maintain bike shape. And like all fitness endeavors you do better by starting where you are and slowly increasing. It can be frustrating to NOT do what you used to do, but you can also hurt yourself overdoing. Again (and I’m talking to YOU Laurie) slow to start and steady build up brings the quickest fitness improvement.

After that, voice exercises and finding more material for possible use in my first commercial demo.

Have a great day BCs!


How about you?

Please feel free to comment on MY statuses or add YOUR OWN thoughts, feelings, challenges, rants and raves on these pages too. That was one of the original purposes of why I posted on FB. I thought BCs might like to share about THEIR days. So if you have thoughts and feelings you’d like to share with the group, go ahead and put them here with your comments.

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4 thoughts on “7-06-15

  1. dawny

    TOTALLY love the cleaning.. ive as you know been purging for a week or so.. it’s looking like it FINALLY.. sad that its taken me several *1 hour shift* days to even have it ‘start’ to look like ive done ANYTHING.. that’s when you know how bad it REALLY is/was/has been.. yikes..

    And I LOVE the new vacuum.. ha.. it’s quieter too.. wooooo

    we too are experiencing way cooler night/evenings, AND the temps are starting to ‘normal-ize’ into the mid/upper 80’s.. phew..

    the wildfires are out of control here, and it’s very sad =-/

  2. dawny

    I did do the house chores, and made dinner at home, yahoooo, and sat in front of the tv and colored on this bag that i have for a bit.. wooooo.. =-) saweeet.. lol..
    Oooops.. hit ‘done’ too faster.. wasn’t done… sheesh…
    so too much left to say hee hee..

    I’m finally feel pretty good, there’s that.. trying to not ‘over-think’ but yet still ‘think’ and be mindful etc.. I was pretty proud of me, I kind of made my ‘dessert’ into my dinner meal as my ‘carb’ (I had a pancake I broke up in a dish, topped it with a cinnamon baked apple,and apple pie yogurt- it was SOOOO GOOOOD; like apple shortcake?!) with the meat/salad, and I had full intentions of having a yonana/greek yogurt ice-cream cone later, but I was full, and satiated, (even after waiting 2 hours) and so I opted for a square of 72% dark chocolate instead.. despite my head/mouth ‘wanting’ the frozen treat! felt GREAT making that choice.. in my life, i’d still just eat it because I wanted it, it’s tasty, i’d planned it etc.. #wycwyc…
    still need more water tho….. working on it, did better yesterday I feel… #wycwyc

  3. dawny

    well I worked upstairs a wee bit more yesterday, not as much as i’d liked, but got some stuff did at anyrate, got a nice pile outside, and then corralled my son to carry some heavier bigger items down.. I re-stacked the cardboard pile outside that I was throwing out the window so it’s in a corner now, (the pile I was NOT going to touch) and hopefully now my husband can deal with it, but that remains to be seen

    I got to work today to have to start re-scheduling patient’s that there are no places to re-schedule them too but a provider called in sick =-( yucky, pissing people off is not a fun job.. just sayin…

    I slept on the couch last night, the fan bugs my husband but the heat is too hot for me, in the end couch= crappy night sleep.. just saying…
    but.. onward we go right?!?

    I kind of got mad at my kids yesterday and ‘shared’ it when my oldest called to tell me he caught me a fish, and that they were going to the lake… which was nice to get that info to me BEFORE I cooked dinner (they usually don’t) but I continued to share that Im always the ONLY one that does ANYTHING, and they both, EVERY-TIME we have that conversation say “i’ll do more” or “i’ll help out” but never do.. and I pointed out that my younger son told me he’d clean his room and do some chores yesterday “tuesday” his day off, needless to say they came home and half-assed did some stuff, and had their friends hanging around while they did it, I guess it was better than none, but kinda irritated me more than not having it done, I guess hard to explain..

    However, despite my many cravings/desires Im doing well with eating ‘in’ more frequently.. I like my food, and my cooking, so once I get to that point Im fine, but lately I just want to eat ‘out’ lol you know the drill.. ha..

    I feel so good, like things are really coming together, but I still feel puffed, and well it’s whatever.. im not peeky peeky scale much so I don’t know, but we will see I guess. that thing does cause frustration and angst when I do feel that Im doing well..

    yesterday was a ‘rest’ from activity day..

    I did the chores, and then had to try to apply for health care for my son who’ll be 19 this month, that didn’t go well, and now today I have to call them, and try to understand that whole situation…

    I got into an argument with a credit card company over a payment that was returned back in April when I had to change checking accts etc. and they’ve ‘suspended’ the account and blah blah, Ive been going around and around with them for months.. grrrr, not sure it’s resolved either, but it’s whatever, if they close it they do, I don’t NEED it anyway, but it is still ridiculous, I made the payment that was returned BEFORE the due date, but because it happened 2x yadda yadda yadda..

    then I had full intent on reading some, but woke up at 10p hungry, and on the couch.. ha.. I had an apple with pb2 mixed in greek yogurt as a dip.. then about 1/2 c. of cheerios with almond milk.. Ive been doing well in not engaging in this type of eating, at night etc. but i also had a very low carb too a lot of veggies day yesterday, so im sure it was genuine hunger..

    then I went back to the couch infront of the fan… for a tossing and turning disturbed sleeping kind of night,.. my kids were both in and out all night, one of the not so lovely perils of kids that work night shift and have days off.. derp..

    granted, one son is transitioning into a swing shift starting I think today 3p-11p…. fun times.. er.. uh… wooooo

    I hope that things are going well for you

    my dr. emailed me and said that she found it acceptable I weigh 190#, especially after looking at my #’s;labs, and knowing where ive come from, what I got to etc..

    and yesterday.. I had a patient cry to me about the cost of this weight loss program, and she’s not losing weight, and struggling etc.. it broke my heart.. I wanted to tell her to run.. fast and free… that makes this job really hard..

    oh well all in a days work right?

    it’s really hazy outside, and kind of muggy, we are expecting only 80 degree temps, and possible thunder storms after tomorrows last predicted “Blazing HOT” sunshiney day..

    My family (mom/dad/brother/laney etc) is leaving I think Sunday to go on the super toooo long campout, I might try to go up the last weekend they are there, at least one day, im not sure tho, it’s far away, and it’s in wild fire country too *sigh* I do like camping tho, a LOT.. and I miss my little bestie laney a LOT too, so maybe..


    Happy Day, thanks for the rambling vent ‘space’ friends..

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Good news about your Dr. note, that’s great! Sorry for the heat induced trauma. The wild fires are so scary and it sounds like you have one zillion things on your plate right now. Good for you for taking everything one thing at a time and not letting it overwhelm. Proud of you sister! I had a good day except insomnia last night was so bad I just now had to send Mark to writing group again without me. I’m so tired, I’m actually sick. So rest is the cure. Pushing myself just sends more adrenaline racing around making my sleep cycle worse. Hopefully a calm evening with lessor heat will fix me up. Hope your days/nights lighten up too.



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