September 7, 2015

Status 9-07-15*

Trees at the park in early morning

At least the view was nice at 7:00 am. Hot! Dry! Hot!


Well I wrote a blog post Yahoo!. But the topic of it continued to plague me a bit. It’s gotten so that food is no longer pleasurable AT ALL, and everything is about how it feels in my tummy. I’m also surprised that I seem to be putting on fat even though I’m not eating much at the moment. But I’m thinking my metabolism is at a screeching halt and so I need to gently do what I can. It would be very easy to throw in the towel, but I’m not. I continue to follow medical advice and to also track what/when/how I’ve eaten/slept/exercised etc. Wow, sounds like a weight loss diet, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t trigger me at all as I could give a rat’s ass about what I look like anymore. All I want is to feel good again.


Went for an early morning walk down to the park. Something I’ve done for over 20 years. In fact, day 1 was exactly this route. If you listen to this first episode you will hear the dogs/cars/plane noise that hear on a regular basis. Walking is one of the BEST things to do to gently get things moving digestively. I felt pretty good, UNTIL I stopped to take a selfie.

Laurie in profile with a red arrow drawn pointing to a drop of sweat on her cheek while in the park

You can see the drop of sweat that seemed to temp the thirsty ants in hot weather. Who knew?

Now this isn’t my best photo, and you can tell I don’t feel the best, but the BIG PAIN is somehow my sweating body attracted a stream of unknown visitors. In the few seconds it took to take this photo, dozens of biting (drinking?) ants were up my pant legs, up my t-shirt and even in my hair.

I felt the first bite on my leg and brushed the bugger away. Then another, then another, then I realized, like a movie scream queen, that I was indeed invaded! Ants were teaming over me. Bite, bite, bite. OH EM GEE! Off with my shirt (I’m sure the other walkers were very entertained at this point), brush them off, shake the shirt, use the shirt like a towel to try and get them off of my back. Shit! They are in my hair!Undo the band, elastic off, head over, shake, shake, shake. Fingers combing. Dang, I wished I had used conditioner last shampoo. Tangled early morning curls full of ants aren’t my idea of style. All of these contortions gave “Shake your booty” an entirely new meaning.


Head to the restroom at the park. Can go in a stall and disrobe completely and brush myself down.

ARGH! The guy whose job it is to open all of the restrooms must be having extra coffee this am. Not one of them were unlocked.

More prancing all the way home. More inside out shirt whipping off and dancing. Lucky for me I no longer give a fig what I look like, truly. Got home (FINALLY), now over 80 degrees before 7:30 am. I’m sweaty, anty and ready to scream. But acting deliberately I disrobe in the garage tossing the ant infested clothing directly into the washer. Then I run upstairs into the shower. Mark, not usually surprised by ANYTHING I do, was actually curious.

“How could this HAPPEN?” I demanded.

“Must have stopped for a moment”. He shrugged and went back to sleep.

Damn selfies! Damn IG!

Next time, I’ll be moving briskly, one way or another.

Hope you’re having fun today BCs!


How about you?

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4 thoughts on “9-07-15

  1. Dave Glowen

    Sounds like you were doing the jitter bug, bugaloo, buggy-woogie, antham style, the antbada.

    I’m sorry I choose not to resist the punster in me.

    It must have been very uncomfortable and even painful for you. I hope you did not have an ER type reaction to the ant attack.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      No worries my friend, I LOVE an ear for corn! πŸ˜‰ Ants were just inconvenient. No lasting problems from them. I’m a little shook that taking a walk has now become a bit more risky in my mind though πŸ™ Hope things are going great for you! xoxoxoxo

  2. Sandy Seufert

    OMG is right. How awful! I have ants in my house and I swear they send scouts to every corner to find some food or whatever they are looking for. Hang in there, Laurie! Big big hugs from your pal and BC, Sandy

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Sandy! I HATE the ants – which is weird as I am sooooo tender hearted I will rescue spiders from my bath tub and take them outside for release (via a handy TP wad), but let me see ants EVER and I go all Antinator! I hate it when they hoard inside in summer and swarm everywhere. So I guess they got a salvo in our war on me that time πŸ˜‰ Sorry to hear YOU are dealing with the buggers in your home. xoxoxoxoxox


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