September 13, 2015

Status 9-13-15*

Laurie in straw hat on the hiking trail

First time I’ve been hiking since recording day 120. Had to get an EARLY start since it was so hot. Feeling happy to be on the mountain, but I’m not even close to feeling like myself.


If you’d like an update on my tummy, read my last blog post. I actually hesitated very much over publicly posting that one as I figured it wasn’t really very encouraging and probably TMI. But then I decided to go ahead as it was how I felt.

I’m still not even close to 100% and starting to get the blues over it. It does wear you down to have health issues with your body. In a weird way it gives me comfort to still be my fluffy self as unexplained weight loss is a bad symptom.

Went to my voice acting coaching session with David yesterday and was impressed with myself. I truly felt terrible physically and kind of went to take my mind off of it. I didn’t think we would record anything usable. Surprise! I made some really great progress and left encouraged. Hooray! (Maybe it made me less self conscious of my acting since I was so focused on how my body was feeling).


I got up super early to go hiking.

hiking trail

Here’s view of the side trail I usually use on the downwards trip. It’s about 7:30 am and I’m still on the way up.

Mark and I were going bike riding, but the temps were too high for the time we’d wanted to ride, and since I was up so early I modified and went hiking. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how far I’d get. You can lose hiking tone if you don’t use it. But slow and sure, I got all the way up to the upper Zen place and back. I enjoyed being out in the fresh air, even though it got very hot, even by 8:00 am on the way down.

Then I wrote a silly commercial for a wonder eraser (homework from David). By writing an ad about something I understand in the same vein as the actual scientific spot we’re working on, it helps me to get a better handle on my delivery. The scientific spot is FILLED with words that are hard to say and hard to understand, so I needed to practice how someone who WOULD understand it would deliver a spot like that.

It was fun to write such a silly thing. Here it is!

A New Approach to Multi-use Erasers*

Frampton Brother’s sea-gummy eraser technology is based on the duel action ability of two natural enzymes inherent in Scandinavian sea lettuce: one which keys perfectly with the molecules of pencil graphite, the other with the molecules of carbon black commonly found in ink pens. When lightly rubbed over any form of pencil or pen mark, these sea-gummy duel molecules effectively lift the pencil or pen mark cleanly away without affecting the paper. Each molecule bonds with over 50 times its own weight in graphite and/or carbon black making every eraser’s capacity for removal more than 10,000 marks. Duel action technology is utilized in every eraser in Frampton Brother’s sea-gummy line for a broad range of stand-alone and writing utensil options.

*Any relation to ANY product living or dead is a wildly unlikely coincidence.

Now I’m ping ponging between reruns of Survivor and America’s Next Top Model.

In a bit I’ll go record my science piece to practice and do my vocal exercises.

Hope you’re having fun today BCs!


How about you?

Please feel free to comment on MY statuses or add YOUR OWN thoughts, feelings, challenges, rants and raves on these pages too. That was one of the original purposes of why I posted on FB. I thought BCs might like to share about THEIR days. So if you have thoughts and feelings you’d like to share with the group, go ahead and put them here with your comments.

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4 thoughts on “9-13-15

  1. stéfanie

    Hi Laurie, I am sorry to hear that things are still not resorbed, health wise. 🙁

    I finally got around listening to 120, the grand Finale. Wow, a sh*t load of work in there my friend lol. Loved it. My favorite part was Dave’s play. I like win-win-win-win situations: 1) let Dave shine by playing his story 2) have your friends gain experience by offering them a role 3) have yourself gain voice acting/directing/editing experience you can put on your resume and 4) have a goodie for us to listen! I really hope you get your first professional gig come to you, but what you did there proves that if the gig doesn’t come to you, you can create your OWN gig!

    Here things are a little hectic (aren’t they always?) I finally got around my home renovations, I got my kid into her first week of college (but since, she has quit………. long story……… doesn’t like her program…. enrolling again in january….. ARGH!!!) and I also started to work again. I am managing…. ok. Not perfect, but OK.

    Going for some junk tv too, to numb that busy mind, right now!

    Stef xx

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Bon Jour Mon Amie, I thought of you today as everyone around me at breakfast (the little I could eat) were speaking French. Air France flight crew. The hotel I’m at is where they stay over night in LA. I’m glad you liked Dave Vs. the Robot Aliens. It was quite the collaboration. I can take no directing credit though, that was all my acting coach, David Babich. He’s a Professional actor and all of the voice actors recorded at different times in his vocal booth. He sent me the completed voice track and I added the music and effects. Then he created the final version from that. It took awhile. I am so grateful for his donated time and for the voice actors who likewise donated their time. In fact, it is a big change for me that I asked so many people for favors and they said yes! I also loved Fionna’s song And your final secret topic. I feel the main show went out with a bang, though there has been very little comment or email about it compared to other episodes. But I have other fish to fry as we say in English. My medical tests are next week, I continue learning my voice acting and overall I’m happy. I hope your daughter enjoys her new program. And congrats on getting the renovation done. Yahoo!

  2. Dawny

    Happy another day we’ve all woken up =~}. I’m guess that’s a good sign this should be a GREAT day.

    Hoping that everything is going well

    I’m having a little anxiety, just kind of fearing the ‘unknown’ with the new job. I’ve got to believe in myself and have confidence that whatever it is I’ll learn it and excell at it.
    I knew they were crunched for trying to fill this position awhile ago so I may have bitten off a little more than I should’ve. Lol. I requested to give my 2-week notice at my now job for one I have integrity & self respect. And for 2 in doing that I get paid out on my un used definitely earned vacation time to which I have 4 days of.
    Anyhow. To get a jump start on training I agreed to go to the new job and work a cpl hours each day this week after already doing my full shift at my now job. “Gulp”. Makes for some long days buuuuuut on the happy side extra pay right? Lol
    Plus some ease on my psyche about the ‘unknown’.

    Friday I head off to Boise for my mini-cation with a best gal pal. Wooohooo. I’ll really need it after the week ahead. Lol.

    Thanks for letting me get out a little what’s in my head. Self doubt is the worst lol.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Dawny, I think the unknown is always a mix of fear AND excitement. I think it’s great you will have this transistion to your new position PLUS a fun weekend to look forward to. I’m getting ready for my all day set of voice acting classes. I almost bailed because I still have tummy trouble and feel like a beach ball. (Tests next week or one after). Good news is my Doc is Fabulous so I have confidence we will discover what this is. Bad news is class number one today is physical improv work. Beach ball in yoga pants yeesh! But what the hell, I can still learn something and I’ll do the best I can given my situation. Which is where you are too GF. You are learning and don’t have to be perfect. Enjoy having 2 jobs want you! Xoxoxo


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