June 5, 2014

Not going to publish these statuses anymore as I can’t find a way to stop them from going to the email of the podcast note and blog subscribers. Don’t want to flood the email. Was hoping to be able to just have them here.*

*I eventually DID find a way to stop the subscription for statuses, and so moved them back here from FB.

All at sea – which lifeboat will I choose?

Hi Brave Companions, I’m going to try leaving my status here as well as on FB. I want a record of my feelings that is a bit more static than what remains over there.

Podcast topic I’m thinking on today – fear of conversation – do we feel inexperienced with the social “norm?” All at sea? Also, the false feeling of safety I get from dieting/calorie counting. It’s my go-to when I’m super stressed. How can I learn to cope without my lifeboat knowing that it never works for me longterm. Can I face weight gain during my experiment or will it send me running back?

4 thoughts on “All at sea – which lifeboat will I choose?

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Stéfanie, but I’ll stick to FB for statuses. I really want the email subscribers here to just get blogs and shows. It bugs me, because I am a developer, so should be ABLE to make this technology obey me – AND I probably could, but then, is it worth my time? Not really. So I let go this idea and on to something new. 🙂


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