Angels Never Give Up

Laurie kissing Tiger, the orange cat's head
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Here’s a quick kiss for my furry angel, Tiger the Cat, from yesterday morning. A bit blurry because hard to selfie a wiggly cat!

Life isn’t Always What You Expect

If doing Compulsive Overeating Diary has taught me anything at all, it’s that life doesn’t always go the way you might expect. When I first decided to end the schedule of regularly produced podcast episodes, I was sad, but felt peaceful about my decision. I also felt excited about the time that would be freed up for me to pursue other interests and deepen relationships in my “real” life. It felt like the first steps on a new adventure trail.

In reality, just about that time, I either began having, or my digestive health issues became much worse. I wrote about it somewhat here. Looking back, I think this was part of my energy drain. But things really started to snowball and I began to feel so much frustration. Last week I ended up in the ER.

The ER for tummy trouble?

Well, you don’t want to mess around with these kinds of symptoms. Also, I found it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get in to see my regular Dr. Everything is automated these days. Phone hold times are very long and do not guarantee that you will get to whom might be able to point you in the right direction. I miss the days of people. I am feeling old.

Heck, I was a database developer and had a hand in many automation systems for efficiency. But no efficiency can cover 100% of cases, and it is frustrating in the extreme to feel cut off from where you need to go.

So finally I said F it, and went to the local ER.

Great to Get Some Answers

I give kudos to the ER department. Efficient, kind and caring. Not too long of a wait and actual X-rays ensued. Different methods tried and discussed, and bottom line, I need to see a GI specialist within the week for follow-up and more tests.

(One funny side story, a nurse there seemed to recognize me violently in the way once recognizes a TV actor in person. I didn’t know this person and said, no you don’t know me. Then I thought later on, this COULD have been a BC! But if so, didn’t want to pursue it half naked on a gurney.)

The Frustration

Great as I felt feeling that I was getting somewhere health wise, trying to get access to see one of these said specialists was another matter. Dr. after Dr. was either not accepting new patients or could only book me an appointment in a month or two. One recommended specialist wasn’t even seeing new people until January!

I spent two whole days researching and calling Drs.

The Hope

Finally, at the end of my rope, I found a local Dr. who was very highly recommended. I felt this probably boded ill for seeing me very soon. But if you ever give up, you NEVER get ahead. I called, spoke to a very professional and nice receptionist (could do an ENTIRE blog post on the others I spoke with) who broke it to me. This Dr. wasn’t accepting new patients at all. I must have sighed deeply because the nice receptionist asked for my story. She then mused that the Dr. sometimes made an exception for patients referred by certain colleagues. My hopes were again dashed. I had no such Dr. in my pocket. My regular Dr. is based in a different town from this and was currently unreachable on vacation. The other Dr. is an ER doc. The receptionist was kind, but didn’t seem hopeful, but suggested I fax my insurance card just in case.

I asked if I could drive it over instead.

She agreed. And off I went. At least it would be a nice drive to get my mind off of things.

The Gratitude

The angel, er receptionist, had already called the Dr. and got his blessing to book me before I arrived. She took my card and assured me that my insurance was accepted. So I get to see this really great Dr. next week. I know for a fact it was the receptionist who made my case. I am so very, very grateful. It made such a difference for me

Walking in the Park

I’ve been getting up early and walking in the park before it gets too hot. Nothing to be gained sitting around waiting. I actually feel better after a gentle walk. I drink my water and muse.

Laurie in sunhat holding a water bottle in the park

Another blurry photo from today’s walk. I didn’t want to risk another ant invasion by standing still to selfie snap!

Dang! COD is a great show!

I’ve been listening to old shows of mine at random. Today was Day 79. Wow! That was an awesome show. I loved my letting go segment. It was about being true and listening to your heart. The episode also had the first messages from María from Spain and Rachel as well as TWO count ’em TWO bravery hotline calls. Wow, I’d forgotten that happened. I had forgotten much of that day of my life. I enjoyed it and learned from it. I felt very happy and proud of all of us as I trudged up the hill home.

A New BC calls the Bravery Hotline

Once I got there, I had my morning java and caught up on email. Lo and Behold, Baily from Alabama, a new BC called the Bravery Hotline to encourage me after hearing Day 15. (It must have been one of my whiny days where I wanted more comments). Baily said I’d asked rhetorically,

If 100 listeners called and/or posted comments, would I feel any better?

And her take on it was no. She said I was worth so much more than the sum of the listeners’ comments, or something like that. Wow! I was so happy to hear that today. And to also know the show was still doing good. It also made me nostalgic for hiking up the mountain and talking about what Baily had to say.

Every Moment is a New Opportunity

And I realized that just because the scheduled show was over, at least for now, there was nothing at all keeping me from recording an episode if I felt like it. And Baily’s call made me feel like it more than I have for months.

So BCs, when I’m feeling better, don’t be surprised to see a bonus Day 121 coming your way.

Thank you Baily, I think you were another angel for me today. Thank YOU BCs for all that you do and have done to encourage me. I’ll keep you posted one way or another about how I’m doing. Right now, off to voice acting class. Not feeling the best, but not the worst, and if doing this show and blog has taught me anything, NEVER GIVE UP!


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13 thoughts on “Angels Never Give Up

  1. Amy from WI

    Oh, Laurie!
    I’m so sorry to hear that your tummy troubles continue. I’m so glad that you were able to get in to the specialist. Enjoy your voice acting and keep being gentle with yourself!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Amy! Home from my coaching session and was encouraged that I did well despite my tummy struggles. I was surprised! I’m also relieved to be on the books of a specialist so soon. Fingers crossed for some answers. How’s the start of the school year treating you? xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. dawny

    ugh, your recent adventures don’t sound much fun, but I appreciate your positive out-look and dealing with it at any rate,

    We too have had some marvelous weather =-) thankful for it too

    i landed an awesome job offer yesterday, and I accepted, good pay, nice benefits, and pension retirement etc.. so awesome.. and benefits take effect 31 days after employment, that’s fantastic and exciting.
    I left my written resignation to them Friday, they won’t get it until Monday, and I dread what’s going to ensue, but.. if it gets too messy, i’ll head out prior to my 2 week notice, I know that my new job needed me to start a couple weeks ago ha….

    I hope you find some resolve to your issues and I excitedly await a bonus episode.. wahooooooo go us!!!! you can’t stay away.. YES!!!!!!!
    but in the mean-time wishing you better healthy, and appreciate the update as well as musings allowing us to connect =

  3. Sue

    Oh Laurie, I do hope you get to the bottom of these issues (I couldn’t resist the pun). I’m so pleased you enjoyed your voice acting session despite the health issues. It is good that you are so body aware to know when to get medical assistance. I hope that the specialist can provide some insight and solutions. Xxx

  4. How To Overcome Bulimia

    Very inspiring blog. You are big help for people who are suffering from eating disorder. Your message of never giving up is a great motivation to pursue and continue the road recovery no matter how difficult it is. Thanks for being a boost of morale to all people who are taking the road to recovery.

  5. Dawny

    Happy Good Monday Laurie, and fellow BC’s
    Ive had a great weekend vacation, some fun, some seriousness (as in a 10K race) lots of food, some silliness, some relaxation.. whoop just what I truly needed..

    Tomorrow i embark on my new adventure, I start my new job full-time.. pretty excited, and motivated.. for it really.. yay

    I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, doing good and holding up in this life adventure =-)


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