Brave Eeyore

Stuffed Eeyore donkey toy wearing a tiara with the word BRAVE worked into it
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My 50 year old Eeyore wears my BRAVE tiara which was a birthday gift from Suz. It is symbolic.

In Case You Aren’t Familiar With Eeyore

Here’s a link about him from the Disney site.
About Eeyore

My mom used to call me “Laurie-ore” as a riff on the gloomy donkey from Winnie the Pooh. So, as you might infer, I wasn’t the most cheerful child, nor one with the most positive expectations. Which is kind of ironic, since, I AM at my core, someone who never gives up and sees the good in many situations. HOWEVER, I never DID see any good about myself, or things RELATING to me. Any positive mask I slapped on from ages 5 – 55 was just that, a mask. Partially, this was my chemical make up, as I have been prone to clinical depression since about age 8, and partially this was the view of myself life taught me from all of the snubs, bullying, and exasperated tones and looks I got if I tried to get help from several adults in my life. And being a good learner, I carried this warped view of who and what I was forward throughout my life.

UNTIL we move ahead to all of the experiences I uncovered in my 55th year.

My decision to create and then carry through with Compulsive Overeating Diary has opened a new view into myself. I still have an inner Eeyore. But I realize that Eeyore, though a gloomy character, is a donkey who longs for love and acceptance. He does his best with what he has. He’s a loyal friend. He’s grateful when he DOES receive some love or positive attention.

And I am a BRAVE Eeyore.

  • Eeyore thought:
    I thought people would run from the real me

    Brave Eeyore action:
    I told my truth for over a year and while some left, many BCs are STILL here and more are coming every day

  • Eeyore thought:
    I thought my dreams were over at my age

    Brave Eeyore action:
    I became a singer, a writer and a voice actor

  • Eeyore thought:
    I thought I could not change at my age

    Brave Eeyore action:
    I reduced my compulsive bingeing by 95%, I made new friends, I CLEANED my house

purple toned guest room with NO clutter

Miracle! If you were a guest in my home – guess what? You could SLEEP in the bed! Hooray!

As you can see, inner change can produce a change in your outer world too. I’m happy that because I HAVE changed, BRAVE Eeyore can survey a welcoming, clean world from his view from the top.


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5 thoughts on “Brave Eeyore

  1. dawny

    shivering with goosebumps here… OH EM GEE!

    and wiping some tears.. of compassion, understanding, sympathy and over-all feelings

    Your an awesome lady miss Laurie,

    thankful for/to you every day friend! for being YOU
    for having YOU a part of me and my life

    you’ve given to me sooo much, and continue to motivate, as well as inspire me EVERY day! you learn me things thru your own life experiences and living
    im soooo thankful you share them

    HUGS to you gal pal friend

  2. Cheryl

    Lovely room there, Ms. Laurie. I am an Eeyore fan as well. In fact, I have an Eeyore purse! Cute as can be. And your Eeyore looks VERY attractive in Suz’s crown.

    Just think, you’ve probably had more adventures in this past year than at any time in your life. How cool is that?

    Have a good day tomorrow, GF!


    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hey Miss Cheryl, thanks! I do love my guest room when it’s not covered in junk. These are all of my favorite family things in here, and it’s painted in my favorite colors. And like all lighting, in my redecorated home, the overhead fan has a tiffany inspired globe. The crystal lamps on the dressing table are real and were my grandma’s. My home looks A LOT like grandma lives here, but I have always LOVED that style. We have glass knobs on all of the doors, and craftsman touches here and there. Which is weird that our house works that way, since it is basically a spanish modern architecture. But despite Mark and my differences in taste, we both REALLY love our home and how it looks (despite my complaints how ALL of the dern designer touches are HARD to clean).

      1. Cheryl

        I get it. I was into Victorian for decades. Then when we moved our bedroom upstairs when Stef got married in 2006, I kind of got into Buddhist decorating, very minimal and natural. I think as we start to redo the house to get ready for retirement now, that’s going to be our trend. In the process we can get rid of lots of stuff. But I’m still so drawn to that comfy, takes-you-back-to-grandma’s style. Loved the color and the way the bedspread puddles on the floor.


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