Ep 0109 – Bonus – First Podcast Duet With Sandy

Laurie and Sandy in the grove of oak trees by the podcast rock
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Sandy is the FIRST person ever to share the podcast rock with me. It was FUN to podcast with a friend. xoxoxox

Podcast Recap

For the first time ever, I record LIVE with a BC! Sandy and I walk down to the podcast rock at the local park and have a wonderful bonus discussion. We each let go of something different. I let go of being the ONLY one to do tasks and Sandy lets go having to feel productive every second of the day. We also discuss my F-word habit, feeling good enough as we are, what loss, grief and forgiveness can teach us and what other lessons our lives have been teaching us lately. I’m on call for jury duty next week, so I may not be able to blog or record. I’ll keep you posted on CompulsiveOvereatingDiary.com Happy Birthday Sandy!

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Special Guest: BC Sandy
Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

Sandy’s Birthday Song: birthday birthday by E. J. Greenberg from The Free Music Archive Birthday Song contest Used by permission under a Creative Commons License

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9 thoughts on “Ep 0109 – Bonus – First Podcast Duet With Sandy

  1. Cheryl

    Wow! You two make a wonderful team on a podcast. There’s something so cool about hearing the spontaneous conversation and sharing. The discussion about being in the present moment and also making connections with the people in our lives is so important for all of us, whether we know it or not.

    I just enjoyed the whole show. I hope you guys get to do it again in the not too distant future.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I so enjoyed my duet with Sandy. It was such a blessing! And as a bonus to the bonus, our voices were so similar in the technical qualities that impact the audio, that I did not need to edit us separately on two tracks, but was able to edit the show in the same way as when I record alone. BIG time saver, so Sandy, gal, ANY time, come on over! It was really fun. Thinking of dropping by Los Angles Cheryl? You might like to visit the podcast rock yourself! xoxoxox

  2. Dawny

    Lovely Bonus episode…

    I am one of them Jealous ones Sandy spoke of LOL.. you gals rock.

    I KNEW.. I am not sure how.. but some-how I KNEW you had a potty mouth too Laurie.. hee hee.. Im an F bomber myself.. oooops.. LOL..

    You gals make me happy, Loved ‘wog-a-bout-ing’ with you this a.m…..

    I had a rough night, not sure what happened, or what was going on, and I ended up on the couch because my darned f-bomb husband how dare he didn’t want the light on in his face any longer so I could try to read myself to sleep.. geeze, like he needed to sleep!!? Im up, EVERYONE should be?? ha.. that being said, I did sleep in until 5a.. WOWSA world record.. go me.. LOL>.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Oh honey, how F-ing AWFUL! Mark would be TOAST for sure 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed our bonus duet, I loved making it. One of these days you might find yourself in Los Angeles and we can make one too. I think it would be FOOLISH FUN all day! hahahaha xoxoxoxox

  3. Amy from WI

    Loved the bonus episode! It is really fun to hear you chatting with your friend, and I also admit to being a little jealous. I also need to let go of being the only one to do things….but I really do them best 😉

    Thanks for the great show…

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I also need to let go of being the only one to do things….but I really do them best

      HaHaHa – for ALL of my ‘letting go’ I STILL secretly feel this way – why it’s so BLASTED hard! xoxoxoxoxox
      PS, maybe some day you’ll take a jaunt here to the sun and we can podcast rock it as well. 🙂


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