Ep 0110 – Sicky Sick Sick – Or When Your BODY Wants Control!

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Hooray! Out of the house and under the podcast tree. It’s great to be outside after being so sick this week.

Podcast Recap

After a terrible case of food poisoning or stomach flu, I let go of knowing what to expect from my body and assuming I know what it needs. I’ll be on call again for jury duty next week (postponed due to my illness) and may not be online. Thank you to a new Coffee Klatcher for supporting the show with virtual coffee and to BC Sandy for recording our shared bonus show last week. We hear some of the comment reactions to that show from Cheryl, Dawny, Amy from WI and Sandy. Foolish Fun from Dawny. Participate in the show with different audio possibilities. We greet new BCs Allie from FB and Dave’s wife, Kathleen. An awesome new song recommendation for the Latin bilingual band, Moona Luna sent by BC Dave. María from a Spanish Speaking country goes on the bravery report for revealing just WHICH Spanish Speaking country she’s from. BC Happy reveals how she’s doing and what she thinks of Kathryn Hansen’s book, Brain Over Binge. My riff about hunger, binges, self awareness and all of the different attributes we juggle when finding tools and methods to help US find our own unique ways.


My sick blog post

The Bonus show with Sandy on Day 109

The Moona Luna Bio I slaughtered with my mispronunciation on Free Music Archive.org

The YouTube Link BC Dave Sent to Don’t Ever Give Up by Moona Luna

Show 100 where you can hear María as part of Fionna’s Brave Companion Song

Day 105 where we wished Happy Well and where you can see her comments

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10 thoughts on “Ep 0110 – Sicky Sick Sick – Or When Your BODY Wants Control!

  1. Happy (with my body)

    Hi Laurie! Thanks for yet another interesting episode. I liked your “list” at the end of the show. The list of four different reasons we might be on this journey of dealing with food- and weight issues. Like you, I have a little bit of each “piece of the pie”. Right now, however, I am mainly working with the techniques from Kathryns book. My number one priority is to become/stay bingefree. I beleive that would render me a sense of pride, dignity, self worth and peace of mind. And those things go a long way, at least for me. Now, do I think being bingefree will automatically solve my problems with perfectionism, people-pleasing and low self esteem? No! But truth be told, those are things I might have to work on throughout my entire life. And I don’t want to have to wait that long to quit bingeing. So: one step at a time. That is how I have decided to play this one out. Different ideas work for different people. As the show continues, I am curious to learn more about the different paths of you and the other brave companions. No matter what, I wish all of you the best in your individual pursuits.

    1. Carol

      I agree with Happy, the list at the end of the show was very helpful. I think my little mix is mostly the ED right now.

      1) Health – 20%
      2) Changing shape or body size – 20%
      3) Develop good life coping skills – 20%
      4) Removing the disrupting eating disordered parts – binge behavior, obsessive thoughts – 40%

      This was a very thought provoking topic you brought to the table. The obsessive thoughts are really really bothersome to me. Laurie – I did start a personal blog for myself online (not quite ready to share that yet) but one of my ah-ha moments was when I wrote the following:

      “Food is my drug of choice and every day it is a challenge for me. There isn’t a single day where I’m not thinking about food, making food, eating food, playing with food, using food for comfort, watching food on TV, looking up new recipes, Pinteresting about food, planning my food, counting my food… it’s literally on my mind ALL-THE-TIME! It haunts me.”

      Yup, that sums it up. I’m completely obsessed. Maybe my #4 should be more like 50% or something but regardless, again Laurie, great show!!

      1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

        Hi Carol, this struck me.

        Yup, that sums it up. I’m completely obsessed. Maybe my #4 should be more like 50% or something but regardless, again

        My little list (and most likely not complete) is a moving target as WE change as time and chance moves on. One thing I was trying to get across is that the priorities of our ‘problem’ issues can and do change. I think that is one reason why approaches can stop feeling like a good fit, even if they worked at one time.

        For example, the first time I did WW, I got to goal in about a year. I felt my ENTIRE problem was body size/shape. So I did what it took (restrictive diet and exercise) to get thin. Being under 30, the weight came off pretty well – I think it was 54 to 55 pounds that time. BUT that entire year I avoided any and all social occasions, I damaged my main relationship with my food compulsion – ranting and tossing out food that ‘didn’t fit my plan’ and acting, pretty much, like a self-involved bitch. I then went nutso with fashion and spending once I fit into size 6. Then since my goal was to hit a number on the scale and get thin, not to change my life at all, the weight came back within two years and then a few years after that flew up to the 300 range that was my highest.


        That’s why I think now about my priorities when I want to immediately change my shape. Which I do. Especially when stressed. But mostly, for me right now, I have zero interest in quick fixes. I do not want to ride that roller coaster any longer – even if the price is to stay this larger size. I truly do value the people in my life now more than food, and more than what I weigh. I also value my ability to focus on things other than food and weight. HUGE change. For me, it’s also part of my age. Cheryl said it, I think, that we learn to accept better at our age as we enter or get close to our senior years. Time is the coin of life, and we can never get it back. So I ponder now on just HOW I want to spend that time. And for me, it’s not on making menus and counting points or calories or forgoing ‘forever’ foods I love and enjoy – and hence obsessing about them and resenting the people who do ‘get’ to eat them. Nor exercising when I don’t feel well, nor giving up plans with friends so I can run or lift or get my planned work outs in. If I were a fitness competitor, those things would align with my goals. BUT Since I am a semi-retired, 50 something lady who wants other things, my approach reflects that. Everybody IS different. And I think we benefit when we check in with ourselves about what we want and then find ways to fit in with those dreams. xoxoxoxoxxo

        1. Dawny

          WOWSA!! Laurie, I so could’ve.. okay.. I have written this same story.! you brought the tears out of me with this one.. SCARAZY!

          1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

            Hugs Dawny! I know we have some similarities, but you have an important difference from this one, I think. This story was my first round with WW and I gained it all back and more, because I hadn’t a clue about my emotional eating triggers and causes. I also thought being thin would fix all that was not working that life (it didn’t). YOUR story is playing out with awareness right now. You are taking care of YOU and building a life as you go. But I AM glad that you understand me, and I can view that experience as a learning tool vs. complete and utter waste of my time. So much regret some days for my young foolishness, anguish and dashed hopes. I’ll never be a ballerina en pointe now, but I CAN be a voice actor 🙂 And if we hadn’t shared these challenges, I wouldn’t have met YOU dear Dawny, so I have to be happy that my life took the turns it did. xoxoxoxox

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Happy, I’m glad you enjoyed that segment inspired by you! It is exactly that thought of us all being different in our needs and wants that made me think about WHY is it some approaches fit some people better than others, and indeed, some approaches fit US at different times better than others? But honestly, I was SO tired and worn out by the time I got to recording it, I wondered if I shouldn’t just cut the entire segment as I felt inside as if I were babbling (English for talking on and on without real thought). However, non-perfectionist me, said “Let it go”, and other BCs have enjoyed that segment too. So thanks for the food for thought and keep us posted on what you learn! xoxoxoxox

  2. Dawny

    Another stellar episode! Thanks for the adventures Laurie! So glad that your reaping benefits towards the show $ from the bc’s!!! Also really cool we have more bc’s among us!

    Yay for gradually getting back to health Laurie!!! I’m not a HUGE mashed potato fan buuuuuut after listening to this I’m like hmmmm. Mashed potatoes don’t sound half bad. Ha!

    And…. For the record. I never have doubted the ‘reality’ of the show silly! Was just funning with you because you made it seem as if someone was questioning your truths lol


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