Ep 0111 – Embracing the Slog!

Laurie smiles in a red hiking scarf against the green hills and a very cloudy day
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I’m happy to be back on the mountain – even if a storm IS brewing!

Podcast Recap

Risking some stormy weather I’m back up the mountain letting go of assuming things need to come easily to be part of my path, i.e., I learn to embrace the slog! Welcome new BC Rosemary from New York. Fionna’s Brave Companion Song is now available as a standalone. A brand new feature where you call in with tips and tricks about food, fun or life. I start this feature with a tip I’ve learned recently from Michelle, a great blogger, who writes as the ‘Fat Nutritionist’. BC Dave goes on the Bravery Report twice. Once for calling the bravery hotline and again for sharing his story on the Who Are the Brave Companions? page. A comment conversation with Happy, Carol from Detroit, Dawny and me about the list of areas where we deal with our perceived eating issues. Audio comments from Dawny celebrating María from Spain’s bravery last show and Nola makes my day by sending in HER version of Foolish Fun.

Storm clouds over the mountain from the stairs at the bottom of the trail

The storm clouds are gathering as I start my climb.

Storm clouds over the valley seen from the top of the mountain

The stormy view I faced recording ALL of day 111.


The show where I was SO happy about iHeart Radio

My Blog post about jury duty and freedom

Coffee Tip from Michelle, aka the Fat Nutritionist

The Brave Companion Standalone Song featured on Show 100 by Fionna Lane

Who are the Brave Companions? Where you can congratulate Dave and/or post your own story.

Day 110 Where we had the comment conversation about the 4 parts of dealing with eating issues. Join in!

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6 thoughts on “Ep 0111 – Embracing the Slog!

  1. Mark

    Dave, Nice to hear a guy’s voice on the show for a change. I too have struggled with a weight problem for many years and little steps go a long way. I started walking one block and in a few weeks I could do four blocks and in a few months I could do two miles. And then I went to buy a bicycle and the guy told me I was too big to ride a bicycle. So I went to another shop and they sold me a bicycle that was heavy duty for my size. Now, I still struggle with my weight, but the exercise allows me to do a lot of things and feel better. So little steps create big improvements. I have been riding bikes for about 10 years now and find it helps me to deal with stress. Never give up, seize the day and it seems like you cut other people plenty of slack, if you do the same for yourself things will turn out ok.

    1. Dave

      Mark thanks for the tips. One of my biggest weaknesses is I hate the “progression curve” and I tend to be an all or nothing kind of guy. If I can’t walk 10 miles a day I find it hard to even get started. But due to the pain I’m just going to have to overcome that. I have to keep reminding myself that a “journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”. Thanks for the encouragement. I read somewhere recently that I should go for one mini walk for every hour I sit at my work desk. So starting Monday I will do that and record it on Map My Walk and see how far I walk in a day.

      1. Dave

        Update. Today is Thursday 5-14. In the last 3 days I have been on 7 min walks, my goal was 24, do I feel about about not making 24 no not really. 7 is more walks than I have done in a long time. My legs are screaming at me for it, I’m hoping its just worn out shoes I get new ones this week.

        I did receive some bad news at the Dr. office. I am up 10 lbs in 45 days. This puts me at 396 and that scares the holy heck out of me………

        I have been overeating, to numb the stress caused by reliving the memories brought out by my therapy. I have only been 3 times and I know this is a long journey….I really need to practice more Letting Go and more Prayer, instead of reaching for the chips.

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Dear Dave, Hugs for you today. Please try to remember it isn’t a race and that we all took years to be wherever we are. Good relationships don’t happen overnight, and that includes the one with ourselves. Food has been your main comfort mechanism for quite awhile – and, in my opinion is tougher than cigarettes, drugs, or booze to quit, since you really CAN’T quite quit it all together. You may discover that for you, some foods will still taste great and comfort but not be as calorie dense. Yesterday I had sliced apples instead of fries at our writing group with my veggie burger. Not because it was less calories, but I was in the mood for crunchy and apples are MORE crunchy than fries. As a side note, I NEVER eat anything I don’t love. I never eat anything purely from the calorie POV. Though at this point, I do make some food choices from a nutritional POV. I commend and celebrate your bravery in sharing your true feelings. That is HUGE! And I tell you 7 minute walks that build up your tolerance bit by bit are WAY better in the long run than rushed 24 minutes walks that send you back to the couch for long recovery. I think the new shoes may help. I just had to replace fairly new New Balance walking shoes for Asics running shoes, because the New Balance caused shin splints for me. They USED to work well, but my body must have changed. I got the Asics recommendation at a walking/running store where they measured my stride and how I pronate etc. And it makes a big difference. Again, small steps that you can sustain will beat out big moves in the long run. My friend, maybe going to your list that you sent in for things that add joy and value will help move your focus away from fear? If you can immerse yourself in joy, I find it more powerful than denying yourself comfort. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Dave


    Thank you for your encouragement, you are right small steps that build you up are much better than big ones that knock you out of actions for days at a time.

    I used to buy New Balance and they usually lasted me about 9 months, I tried Propit but they wore out in under 6 months. Being as heavy as I’m am shoes don’t last and I have really wide (read fat) feet, so it is hard to find shoes that fit and last. I now buy Drew Force shoes which are $$$$ but last a year or more.

    I never count calories, and need to work on only eating what I love, but really need to get my emotions under control. I have recently discovered Calm-Meditation Music on Pandora and that seems to help.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hmm, I think the calm music is a great idea! I use Native American Flute sleep music and a sleep mask to help me fall back asleep at night and it works pretty well. Even last night when I was pretty nervous for my long, long, class today. This will be the longest I’ve had to use my voice since I’ve been studying. I really loved my NB shoes too, but I think my foot shape changed. I am wide in one part, but my toes are long too. So it is hard to get a shoe to fit that doesn’t leave room for my foot to slide also. Have a great Sunday! Off to class. xoxoxox


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