Ep 0114 – Joy and My Inner Fat Chick

Laurie wearing her P.J.s by the mic in front of a quilt hung over the window
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HaHaHa, I AM literally recording my story for Laurie’s Stories in my pajamas. Got to love voice work!

Podcast Recap

I meet some brand new friends, Jessie and Nicole, along with their cute dogs on top of the mountain. I let go of my Inner Fat Chick Identity as I ponder creativity and its place in our world. Thank you to Dawny for posting a 5 star review on USA iTunes. Thanks also to Amazon shoppers and to coffee klatchers who subscribe and donate to the show monthly. Stéfanie from Quebec weighs in with her thoughts on day 113. Two wonderful and touching stories from two new brave BCs – Shea and eM. Mark and I launch another new feature – Laurie’s Stories. I read a story of my own from last week’s wild and wooly writing group that was inspired by the current fad, Cards Against Humanity. Triggered by a comment conversation with BC Dave on one of my status reports, I explore the idea of what it means to find joy.

Laurie's face in foreground with Jessie and Nicole and puppies behind her on the hiking trail

I noticed when I got home, that I accidentally took a selfie that features Nicole and Jessie who I interview in this episode. How’s THAT for lucky? I’d been regretting not asking for a photo.

People on the hiking trail

This shows the unusually crowded trail conditions as I recorded on Memorial Day and people were out enjoying their day off.

Focusrite Solo Audio Interface box with headphones on it next to a pile of books with Laurie's mic perched on top

This little red box is my newest audio equipment. It’s a Focusrite Solo Audio Interface. It turns the signal from the mic into digital files better than going directly to the computer. I used it for recording my story and I think you will hear how it improves my sound. Now, I’m getting a mic stand next week as I hate recording with my mic balanced on stacks of books!


My blog post that I mention, How to Go with the Friggin’ Flow Without Flowing Over

The Show with BC Sandy

Day 113 where you can see Stéfanie from Quebec’s comments

My Voice Acting Coach, David Babich’s site

Day 99 – where I ponder about attributes

Check out Cards Against Humanity for yourself

Our fun writing group, Write it Up!

My status report on May 15 where you can see Gracie the cat and read Dave’s comment

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
Laurie’s Stories Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Laurie’s Stories Story written by: Laurie Weaver
Laurie’s Stories Reader: Laurie
Speakpipe Audio: Shea

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

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  • Pages Turning
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13 thoughts on “Ep 0114 – Joy and My Inner Fat Chick

  1. Dave

    Great podcast.

    Welcome to eM and Shea.

    Thunder Thighs is a essay.

    Stéfanie thank you for sharing your list.

    Laurie please let Mark know that I love his intros.

    I admit that I did not do any drawing (the fear is strong with this one) in Yoda’s voice this weekend, did lots of garden related stuff.

    I really need to find the joy in expressing my creative side, and forget being perfect.

    Have you heard of The Apple Seed” It is a radio show that specializes in storytelling (your new passion)

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Morning Dave (since it is now 6:00 AM-ish for me) Thanks for the links, there were fun to check out! I DID tell Mark what you said, and his usual response, was “What’s to like about that?” Sigh. But thanks for passing on those kind thoughts for him. *I* enjoy his announcer voice too. Well it’s hard to tell you to just enjoy yourself drawing, as my singing teacher has been telling ME lately to just enjoy myself, and I am struggling Sooo much that it is NOT a thing I enjoy. However, I DO enjoy the singing improvement. Sometimes I think the desired to get better takes the focus vs. the fun of the thing. With voice acting, I am past that critical killjoy. But singing, I’m still in the thick of it. So I DO understand. Let’s both of us try to sing and draw this week in a Zen way. Let’s just let it go and see what happens, Deal? Of course, I may not succeed, but I will try. Fretting about how hard singing is lately isn’t helping. Being mad at myself for NOT singing better isn’t helping. I sing WAY better than when I began, it’s just now I know more about it, so now I can be even MORE critical than when I plain thought, I can’t sing at all. Make sense? Sigh. Baby steps every day in every way. xoxoxoxoxox

      1. Dave


        Tell Mark it is not very gracious to not accept compliments, (He needs to love himself more).
        Tell him if he doesn’t love himself moreI will send the Alien Robots his way programmed to give him lots of slobbery kisses and awkwardly long hugs.

        His voice is perfect for the intros it reminds me of the old time radio shows. Plus he uses just the right amount of drops, he has creativity I admire.


        1. Mark

          Thanks for the compliment Dave. What perplexes me the most is how did you know my worst nightmare would be slobbery kisses from robot Aliens?


        2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Haha Dave, I DID tell Mark and he answered for himself. I think it is true for all of us, that we don’t believe in our talents. We are so much harder on ourselves than most folks would be. (Voice acting directors excluded 😉 )

    2. ♡eM

      Hello Dave,
      Thanks so much for the kind welcome and the storytelling links. I haven’t heard of The Apple Seed, but I’ll listen up soon. Have you ever listened to Snap Judgment? http://snapjudgment.org/

  2. dawny

    welcome eM & Shea!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO love us some more ‘new’ friends!!!

    This was a fun episode, I giggled thruout… I can’t say I ‘love’ my thighs, however, this certainly does offer a new perspective/light =-) ha! I do try to practice gratitude, as in thankful for my ability to ‘walk’ and that my legs carry me thru my crazy life etc.. it’s makes one happier and more appreciative/grateful

    Laurie, I love your voicing, and singing, and all that you have come to achieve.. and I think it’s so fun you share it, I’d love to tell you to be less critical of yourself, but I know it’s preaching to the choir (ha ha), your wonderful, just know that, and as much as you REALLY REALLY REALLLLY REEEEAAALLLLY care about us, we too REALLY care about you! lol

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      HaHaHa Dawny, when I saw the little indicator pop up that tells me there is a comment, I KNEW from the time of day it was you! I’m glad you liked the show, I liked that one too. Yes, self-criticism os a HARD one to let go. I will have to see if I can inspire myself to do that one 🙂 I loved recording my story with my new toy and today I’m setting up my studio mic stand so we can measure how much baffling material we need to order to get my closet/guest room set up as an actual recording space (without me having to drag ladders and blankets and foam out from the garage every time0. I’m glad too you REALLY, really ReaLLY care about me too! xoxoxoxoxox PS, my thighs are happy today as valued members of the body thank’s to eM’s cool essay.

    2. ♡eM

      Hello Dawny, and thanks for the wild WAHOOO! 🙂

      Yes, body acceptance and appreciation, whatever its image, helps me to be kinder with my body—and with all of me. Each kind thought, comment, or criticism (yes, criticism can be kind too, right?) helps me to take good care of my body. It’s a moment-to-moment daily practice.


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