Ep 0117 – Lists Aint No Boss of Me!

Laurie on the trail holding her straw hat brim down with one hand
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I’m impressed with myself that I got up the mountain so early!

Podcast Recap

It’s been more weeks then usual since I hiked up the mountain to my next to upper Zen spot and recorded a show for you. It’s partly because I’m learning to let things go a little more, partly my busy life and partly the dang heat that’s been knocking me for a loop here in Southern CA. A BIG thank you to all of the active Amazon shoppers in all three countries where I have links that support the show. I ask for prayers and positive thoughts for Mark’s special relative. I let go of mindless, automatic eating. We hear from a couple of BCs we haven’t heard from in a while, Helen from the UK and Jo, who is originally from the UK, but who now lives and works in Asia. I read a blog post I wrote about letting things go called ‘Baby Steps out of a List Slump’. We hear Dawny’s reaction to our last show in her own words via Speakpipe. More comment reactions from Fionna, our talented songwriter, Stéfanie from Quebec and Dave, who asks Mark a question. We initiate a brand new feature called the BC Bravery Sports Report. Dawny tells what wogging her half marathon felt like. Mark answers BC Dave’s question. A sound sample from my new big girl mic in my newly completed recording space. It’s a poem I wrote titled, ‘I thought I was hungry’. I list ways I know if I’m hungry or not.

Blue sky beyond the trail going down the hills

Few clouds in this sky! It’s only 8 a.m.

stack of prayer rocks with white flowers on top

Prayer rocks for Mark’s special relative


Fionna’s blog post about her album

The How to Send Audio page where you can see a list of all of our special features and directions to send YOUR VOICE to the show.

Day 116 where you can read responses from Dave, Dawny, Stéfanie from Quebec and Fionna

The List Rant blog post

My surprising poem about being hungry

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
BC Bravery Sports Report Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
BC Bravery Sports Reporter: Dawny
Speakpipe comments: Dawny

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

Sounds Used in BC Bravery Sports Report

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    Sports crowd

Other Sounds

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18 thoughts on “Ep 0117 – Lists Aint No Boss of Me!

  1. ♡eM

    Hello Laurie & the BC’s!

    Thanks for keeping me company via the podcast during my early-morning and already-stinkin’-hot dog day of summer hike up the hill. I even made the choice to head up the steep part since the podcast was still playing. I don’t think I could have made it without you. 🙂

    In fact, it was during your list rant that I was huffin’ and puffin’ my way up, giggling and gasping for air as you read (’cause I list rant too!), and appreciating your wise responses.

    I find it interesting that we rant about the things we actually like to do. Perhaps it’s because we’re slightly overwhelmed by both the chores and the choices, since there are indeed many. I think I still sort of have a recurring thought lurking somewhere in the dark, shadowy depths of my being, a thought that rises up at times, that thinks, “I want to do so many things, yet there simply aren’t enough life minutes” [sigh]. I know it’s foolish. I know I’ll do everything that I’ll do in the time that I’m here. I suppose this is just another existential concern. So thanks for sharing such wisdom today.


      1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

        Ahhh, thanks. BTW, I’m working on your piece, Whole Being Eating, with my new mic for the next episode. Love what you wrote, and I’m practicing good mic technique and placement as I transition into regular voice acting auditions. Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing and giving me an awesome opportunity to practice. xoxoxo

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi eM, I’m SO glad the show was company for you on your hike. I love to listen to podcasts on my way up the hill also. I love your point about the potential sadness that may be under the overwhelmed feelings when trying to figure out how to accomplish even those items that I WANT to do. That is an angle I hadn’t considered. I do struggle quite a bit with the feeling that I’ve wasted time and opportunities and I can see my life clock ticking ever faster. So this gives me a new tool in the “heart priority” toolkit for making the rest of my life meaningful and filled with gratitude for what I have and what I still may accomplish with what talents and time I possess. Love existential puzzles to ponder. Hugs for bringing this awesome thought forward. xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Dawny

    hi friends…

    Soo hot here, and so many wild-fires, ugh….
    a lot of busy-ness going on around me in/with/part of my life… tis surely summer time I guess..

    Not sure if I updated that there was nothing ‘wrong’ with my foot, and knocking on wood the last half of this last week has been quite mild in regards to my foot/ankle.. So thats a great thing

    I too enjoy podcast listening ala wog-a-bout, tho havent made it to this episode, today, for the first time in so long I don’t remember I over-slept, and in an extreme way.. *sigh* so glad that Im an OCD’d human who tends to pre-prepare the preparing the night/day before because today it really saved my sanity in getting ready for work in 15 minutes, when I usually take 70 minutes.. #wycwyc right? (what you can when you can)

    Im feeling pretty good really all things in life considered..
    not sure from where/why/how etc. suddenly, but tho shalt not question it my life feels as tho it is resurecting, and my marital affairs are improving, ive not wanted to do much with anyone but spend time with my husband, not just intimately either.. interesting for sure, as I said I will not question it by any means, things are going wel, and athough I know most people try to hide zits, not me they get me excited as I lost all signs of life as a woman due to diet prison hell…
    I have felt kind of ‘free’ if you will, Im not feeling so ‘obsessed’ in diet-y, and controlled by my food/eating/thoughts, I mean it’s all still ‘there’ and always will be, but I don’t feel confined by it maybe?

    I dont feel ‘stressed’ about my ‘activitiy’ or lack there of, and just do what i can when I can, and have FINALLY really realized it’s more the food than ANYTHING else, exercise is good, and helps, but it’s not the ‘end all be all make or break’ life.. kind of thing?
    I wish I could explain this better..

    #wycwyc is helping me in a lot of aspects….

    as is accepting ME for ME and WHO I AM right now, and also knowing that just because Im accepting it doesn’t mean it is have to stay this way, but I love me for me and who I am right now.. ??!??! my scale is up, but I REALLY REALLY feel like im doing well with my food and eating.

    I also know I am suffering from extreme edema as well

    I just am learning so much about myself, and taking a new path right now maybe.. wooohooo

    okay, ramble done.. (for now.. hee hee)

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      HI Dawny, I’m glad your foot turned out to not be as serious as feared. I checked out #wycwyc and it seems to be right in line with what I’ve been doing lately too. I’m also glad to hear you are feeling good about yourself and the direction of your life. It’s critical that we DO feel good about how we are right now, changes or no changes on the horizon. I’m also glad to see a voice here in the land of crickets. I’ve been super busy rehearsing and auditioning, and figuring out my market as a voice actor. Good thing too, or I’d be in a slump with everyone being so busy or away with other things. But BCs will do what BCs do, and I’m actually doing pretty well. Hugs and thanks again for stopping by! xoxoxoxox

      1. dawny

        sorry to hear all the BC’s are out running amuck and not being so active my dear, don’t take it personal..

        I know for me i miss you when ive been away too long, and i really fight hard to keep a moderate balance when life gets crazy and not ‘obsess’ about feeling overwhelmed and like a ‘have’ to come and read/listen/post (because of my OCD that happens) but i don’t like to feel stressed out either, so ive REALLY REALLY taken a liking to the #wycwyc mantra, and just take things one at a time.. so I do find moderation and balance are helping me

        life is become kinda crazy and chaotic for me, busy is more like it since I started actually ‘living life again’ as opposed to being so focussed, obsessed and lost in diet hell prison =-) imagine that.. wooohooo…

        happy day friend, and the best of success to you with your voicing… =-) i know you find great pleasure in that =-)

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          sorry to hear all the BC’s are out running amuck and not being so active my dear, don’t take it personal..

          No worries there, my friend. I’m glad when people are out living! I’m sorry when some BCs feel too isolated or down and don’t see COD as an outlet during those times too. Bigger picture for me is priority when BCs only listen vs. participate. What is is, and I don’t kick against it, I just admit that it brings the show lower on my own list. I’m doing well, and if there isn’t discussion, harder to whip up topics! Off to a lesson, hugs!

  3. dawny

    Happpy Wednesday BC friend peeps and Dearest Laurie..

    any big holiday weekend plans?

    Im working more on my minimalist approach, and decluttering, okay, lets be REAL ridding my house of a BUNCH OF WORTHLESS junk! ha.. one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, I hope, as I call the donation truck to come pick it all up! yep! weeeeeeeeeeeeee

    might find myself upon a large body of water at some point, after-all it is 100 degrees in my neighborhood.
    Im thankful tho, the nights are at least cooling off FINALLY so there is sleep to be had.. weeeeeeeee

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Sleep, oh that that eludes me…Hotter than BLAZES AC or no ac, and need to conserve power to avoid outages, so hanging in my tank top and shorts 24/7 and praying the doorbell don’t ring! Good luck with the de-clutter, ALWAYS a great thing. Hugs!

  4. dawny

    hiya friends..

    Grabbed up the episode yesterday finally! yahoooo.. I got whip-lash from nodding in agreement with your first segment, on the eating/food situation! oh me oh my describes me to a ‘T’!
    I think I’ll take practice as you are in being mindfully aware of this activity of habituality…. hmmmmmm

    I meant to speak-pipe my reply but lost track of time, and desire, and meant to.. coulda shoulda woulda but now it’s today and im at work! phew!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode =-) as always.. you never fail to represent to us rock star!!

    Thank you SOOOOO much truly

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hiya Dawny, am sure having my eyes opened as I try to notice and eliminate this auto-pre-eating behavior! yikes half the time the item is down my gullet before I even notice I’m at the cupboard. Goodness, I need to practice noticing I’m hungry. I’m hypnotized and thinking of other things as my body marches me to the kitchen. I’m finding it helps to eat a meal instead of a snack. I have been waiting too long to eat I think, and then all bets are off!

      Thanks again for sticking with me through this whiny period. I appreciate it, and I feel I’m coming out the other side. xoxoxoxoxo

      1. Dawny

        I’m here n living it with you ma lady! Just last night. Argh. I eat sooooooo compulsively. Just because. Wtf! I’ll get thru this as will you madam gal friend

        I’m thankful to have you & your show, your wisdom, support & encouragement

  5. Dave

    What an awesome episode, well worth the wait.

    Thanks to all the BC for their love, support, strength and uplifting words.

    Prayers going out for Mark’s relative and all the BC. May you have peace and healing and may those supporting you have strength and comfort.

    I love to cook and I too have to learn to STOP EATING BEFORE I EAT.

    Dawny, I’m so excited for you, I understand that the half marathon was not a fun as you wanted, but the fact that you completed it despite wanting to stop, is awesome.

    I have run, jogged and walked Bloomsday twice (12K or 7.46miles) I was a lot healthier than I am now, and while it was hard work, crossing that finish line is always wonderful. Cresting Doomsday hill and high fiveing the buzzard are rewarding too.

    Male – BC’s I have been bingeing my way through the past episodes and I have heard comment and emails from other men…….it would be awesome if you would consider Letting go of shame and fear of seeming less manly and shared with all us whats going on in your journey

    I too am a list maker and a master procrastinator, I find that if I just write the list down it takes some of the pressure off, not that I get more done, but at lease I don’t worry about forgetting something.

    Heat, now I know in Cali it gets a lot hotter than up here in the PNW (just south of Seattle), but it has been up in the low 90’s to mid 80’s and I am melting (I get home from work where there is AC and go home and roast), I really really really wish heat melted fat, but it just seems to fry my brain.

    Just a word for those BC’s that keep in touch with Laurie privately or anonymously, welcome and know that this is a very very safe place to share and I pray for you too.

    Mark, thanks for sharing, I used to like hiking and biking, but I have allowed myself to get to far out of shape. I can barely walk .8 miles unless I’m highly medicated. I was inspired to get into shape to go riding again, so I tried to get on a stationary bike and the seat got way to personal and my knees hurt so bad I had to give up, then I tried the combatant stationary bike and my fat thighs got in the way and it was to awkward, talk about a binge trigger. I also love geology, I am a notorious rock hound, when we moved from a house into our apartment I threw away a lot of junk but kept my rocks. I even collected a 20 lbs rock from Sherman Creek in the Colville national forest, unfortunately I left it behind when we moved. 🙁 I took a geology class at Eastern Washington University (Go Eagles) and we had a field trip into the palouse and we learned all kinds of cool things. Like how the Missoula floods made the ripples in the palouse look like the ripples on the beach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27BP4CL66Tk There are some awesome glacial erratics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glacial_erratic….Sorry I am getting al goe-geeky. I also play games online. like WOW and LOL, however I did not play with others online. My wife and I play Diablo 2 and I like the GTA games, but don’t do those online. I used to be a big table top gamers. D&D , Gurps, Cyberpunk, Warhammer and the like.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Dave, thanks for sharing all of these thoughts! I am having mixed progress with stopping my automatic eating before eating. I am astounded by how ingrained all of these bites and tastes are. This is SUCH a difference between mindfully tasting a sauce to see if it needs salt and popping crackers in your mouth on the way to the plate. Goodness, what an eye-opener! In therapy I discovered it is kind of feeling like I need to grab what I want as I won’t get it any other way. It’s a trust issue! Isn’t that interesting? Cracker stuffing is due to my lack of trust. I guess I need to really take in and appreciate when others give to me, such as you have here with your comments, time and thoughts. It is a gift you give me and the other BCs. I need to pay more attention to all I receive and less to what I perceive as lack. It’s a hard one for me. Layers upon layers.

      Mark enjoyed reading about your geology. You cannot bore him with THAT! He also sends regards for your fitness struggles. He has been at a higher weight than now. He began just walking around the block one time, then two and building from there. Start where you are, and add slowly. It begins to be exponential, the progress you will make. I get the thigh thing on the recumbent bike. Do you have access to an elliptical? That was one of the machines I could do at my heavier weight until I built more of a fitness level. I also began with water aerobics. If you can tolerate being in swim attire, it is a very good way to build muscle and flexibility without hurting joints. I SO wish we had room in our yard for a lap pool, but I do jump into any water I can when I can. Also, I feel for you in hot Washington! My first summer in Burbank was over 100 degrees for several months. What a horrible adjustment. Have you ever gone to Tacoma and walked along the Ruston Way path? It may be cooler along the water, and lots of places to sit. I love it there. Sending virtual coolness your way, and hugs for you and Kathy. xoxoxoxox

      1. Dave

        Yes we have walked on Ruston Way, very nice and they have updated it.

        Yes there is a difference between tasting while cooking and eating before I eat, usually when I’m done cooking and getting ready to serve I can eat almost another whole meal some times or just take 2 or 3 large bites, and I never even really think about it, but from now on I will watch for it.

        I love to swim but the water aerobics classes are at inconvenient times, there is a small gym at the community center that is rarely used I will try its elliptical machine.

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Ohh, I just now discovered ANOTHER automatic eating behavior. Licking the serving spoon after I dish something up for myself. Doh! Oh well, onwards! I hope you like the elliptical, it really was a good one for me. Easier on the joints, but you can still get a good work out with it. xoxoxoxox


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