Ep 0129.s9 – Bonus – Being Ourselves

Laurie in her straw hat in a ray of sunshine holding a bottle of water at the park.
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Back down to the park with my trusty Roland 05 recorder and a bottle of water where I’m actually chatting with you as I walk.

Podcast Recap

Walking around the park again! I ask BCs to stop by and post hellos. I let go the idea that I need to be different than myself. Thanks to Dawny for being such a supportive BC. Lessons from voice acting and my latest commercial clip. Appreciating Amy from Wisconsin and Sue from UK and their quilting talents. Why it’s good not to eat our feelings – thoughts after watching TLC’s My 600 lb. Life.


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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

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10 thoughts on “Ep 0129.s9 – Bonus – Being Ourselves

  1. Dawny

    SQUEAAAAAALLLLL. What a lovely treat to wake up to on a Monday morning!!!!! Yaaaaay and I giggled. Okay I laughed out loud!!! At my so true acknowledgement. Smooches back Laurie!!
    I miss you as well and all of our BC friends.

    You sound so happy!! I’m glad your still being you!!! That’s awesome. I think you’ve inspired me!! when I grow up I think I want to be me!!! Yaaaaaay I have a direction.

    Love you friend.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Xoxoxoxo! So glad you enjoyed the surprise! I am happy, just tired of this endless kitchen and bath upheaval. Been more than 5 weeks our house has been undone. Had to haul out my computer temporarily yesterday (the ONE day I know the workers won’t be here) to edit and post the bonus episode. Not the worst problem to have, so I thought a good walk and talk would trigger my gratitude vs. my fatitude gene. Thanks for posting and saying hello. That ALWAYS cheers me up. It is so weird that the downloads are almost as high as before, but the comments are crickets. Oh well, I’m hoping it’s a good sign that the BCs are off having a good, busy life.

  2. Amy from WI

    Hi Laurie!
    I enjoyed listening to your thoughts and musings as you hiked in the park. Thanks for the shout out! I, like you, and continuing to learn that I am good enough just as I am, and that it is ok to be me. I was listening to a podcast this week that was talking about a different approach to people with mental health challenges (more serious than mine or yours!), which was basically one of acceptance rather than treatment. They found that if the person could be in a place where they were just accepted for who they were (the guy who hits on every girl around and talks funny, but is otherwise just another human), they were far happier and more successful than people in traditional treatment programs that try to “fix” them. It made me think…maybe I should try to accept that sometimes, I’m just going to be the chick that eats a whole box of crackers because I’m feeling stress. Maybe, if I accepted that, it wouldn’t lead to days, weeks, and months of bingeing due to my guilt and frustration. Actually, I’m kind of there already, and it feels really good. I don’t WANT to overeat, but sometimes, I just will, and that’s ok. It’s a window into my mind that something is really bugging me, so I should look at what is bugging me and move on. Anyway, I’m still kind of mulling that over, but I thought it kind of fit with the theme of your show!

    Take care, because I care, too!

    1. Dawny

      Wow a knee. Thank you Ami. I can really resonate here with what you said. Definitely something for my brain to ponder. I don’t want over it. But sometimes I do sometimes I will OK I’m still me. And it creates an opportunity to learn something about myself. Totally awesome thank you

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Wahoo Amy!

      I don’t WANT to overeat, but sometimes, I just will, and that’s ok. It’s a window into my mind that something is really bugging me, so I should look at what is bugging me and move on.

      I think this is the start/continuation with dealing with the emotional component. As soon as we realize, truly, that we aren’t crazy, just coping, it helps take the focus off of how great it would be to binge our brains out and onto trying to deal situation by situation with the true cause of stress – if that makes sense. The more we berate ourselves or feel the tendency to binge is the actual problem, at least for me, and maybe you too, it covers up some issues we might feel better addressing. And they aren’t ALL huge big scary things either. Stress eating habit can be for little things as well. I might binge if I was pissed someone took my parking place instead of telling myself, it’s annoying that I have to park elsewhere, that person was rude, but it’s not the end of the world.

      I know there are fast ways to drop some weight, but since for me my eating habit was all tied to emotional eating, I’ve been working on the root causes. And it sounds like you are going there too. I’m also finding that it is becoming easier to eat less and to choose non-chip items as I go along. My weight is still stable, but my emotions and self esteem are much better.

      It is AWSOME to hear from you Amy, and Dawny and I will most likely be around to cheer with you or commiserate in future. Thanks again for letting us know how you’re doing, it is EXCITING to hear. And I was so happy to have someone really, really, really care today – as I’m living in a formerly chip-worthy mess of epic proportions. But instead, I’m going to go take my walk now. oxoxoxoxox

      PS, thanks for the link you posted for Dawny, I’ll check it out, sounds very interesting.

      1. Amy from WI

        I’m sorry to hear that you are having a chip-worthy day. Take that walk, enjoy the great outdoors, mull things over in your mind, and I hope that you feel better when you get back! I’m off to look for a faucet as we continue remodeling fun (or hell, depending on the day!)

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          xoxoxoxo. Yep, a very great deal of my chip worthy feeling stems from our current kitchen and bath remodel that has been delayed week after week for more than a month. This means my studio can’t be accessed, I can’t clean, I have to get up everyday and move cats and things “in case the workers show”, and basically have most of my life on hold and out of my control to fix it. So walking is at least one thing I can do. Dump cats with Mark, say ‘out the door’ and for one blessed hour I am me outside of this mess. Many knockings on wood that your remodel comes to fruition smoothly. 🙂

      2. Dawny

        I love this.. thanks for the link to the podcast, I’ll surely check it out

        I love this place, and have missed you gals
        what you wrote is awesome both of you, I see my voice to text note was butchered by auto-correct, and since I was walking I didn’t ‘edit’ it prior to pushing the submit button, thankfully your wise, and read thru the lines ha ha =-)

        So glad your working on the inner stuff Laurie, I aspire to, I mean, I do work on it, but haven’t found the success that you have, im working to take a ‘pause’ before diving in face first, AND staying mindful that whatever you do today, your likely to repeat tomorrow.. (habits)


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