Ep 0130.s10 – Bonus – My Big Fat Update Show!

Laurie with cheek in hand on the mountain looking quizzical
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I’m back up the mountain waxing philosophical.

Podcast Recap

Today is about voices – voices we share, voices we miss, voices that bring our stories to life. And sometimes, Life forces you to let go and face up to how fear of failure can rob you of opportunities. I ponder my own lifelong fear of failure through an emotional tale about my mom’s passing and how that impacted my progress with voice-acting. You will hear a story my mom wrote when I was a kid that I voiced right after she passed to help with my grief and an interview we did together for an episode of Daily Adventure Tales – just so I could hear her voice once more. I’ll share how my voice-acting journey is at present and a snippet from my first professional commercial demo. We will also hear the voices and stories of five BCs, Mary, Susie, Kevin from NY, Jodi from the South, and a BC who is anonymous, who used Speakpipe or called the Bravery Hotline. We’ll wrap up with exciting news from our singer-songwriter in residence Fionna Lane and hear the title track from her new alum, Like a Babe.
Beautiful bright blue sky filled with puffy white clouds above the foothills.

This is the stunning view from the next-to-top Zen place on the day I recorded 130.



Laurie next to a tree with a rainbow encircling her at the hatline

If you look at the top of my hat, you will see the rainbow circling me.

Laurie and her Mom wearing sunglasses and smiling

Photo of Mom and me the day we recorded the picnic interview for Daily Adventure Tales

Episode 12 of Daily Adventure Tales which had our interview at the picnic grounds

See and hear “We Were Tired of Eating at Home” by my mom, Margie Bunge, illustrated by me, Laurie Bunge (Weaver), and Voiced by me

My Voice-over Career

TAG-Talent Logo

My First Professional Voice-over Agent, The Atherton Group

My Voice-Over page where you can hear my demos – If you, or your company needs a voice for your phone system, internal or external video, eLearning or other project, this is the page you want to visit or refer.

My Voice Coaches

BC Calls

  • Mary

Tells how she’s progressing in her quest to live a life free of the scale and qualification. Recommends the book, Eating Less by Gillian Riley

  • Susie

Describes my voice in a flattering way. And being near the age I was when I started COD, feels our show resonates with her.

  • Kevin from NY

Young 24 year old man who relates to my story though I am more then twice his age, yikes! Read his brave story on the bravery report.

  • Jodi from the South

Called to celebrate our shared Bravery.

  • Anonymous BC

Self-proclaimed foodie who stumbled onto the show and enjoyed sharing our truths together about people pleasing and other topics.
Episode 5 that was in the background and inspired the call


Copy of Fionna Lane's CD, Like a Babe

Fionna sent me an autographed copy of her CD, Like a Babe – and it’s awesome!

See Fionna’s Album on Amazon

Fionna’s FB page where you can catch more about her songwriting.

Usual Suspects

The Start of the main show – Day 1

The finale of the main show – Day 120

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
Calls: BCs Mary, Susie, Kevin from NY, Jodi from the South and one more.

Featured Song

Like a Babe
Music and Lyrics by Fionna Lane. Used by permission of Fionna Lane with all rights reserved.
Hear More of Fionna’s music on Soundcloud or find out more on FB.

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

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13 thoughts on “Ep 0130.s10 – Bonus – My Big Fat Update Show!

  1. Dawny

    So happy to hear you!!!! Love ❤️ you Laurie. Glad for your successes and for your adventure share update
    So proud of you
    I’ve missed your adventures!!!!

  2. Sue Gordon

    Lovely to hear another podcast. I have so missed you Laurie. Huge congratulations with the voice acting – I am so proud of you.

    I too lost a parent recently. My Dad died mid September and I can relate to much of what you have shared. Unfortunately for us, but not for him, this was a very sudden heart attack before a concert he was due to attend with my Mum. They loved their season tickets to listen to classical concerts. I did get to speak to him the night before as my daughter and husband were visiting whilst I was at work. I was able to share the news with them that she had got a 1st class honours degree despite a real struggle with depression and needing time out mid course. He got to share her good news and had a happy final day. However we are still reeling from the shock at times.

    I was excited to hear about our new brave companions and will write something more substantial in the way of a greeting soon.

    Fiona, I loved your song. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Xxxxx

    Love from, Sue from UK

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Ah Sue, I have missed all of you too. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about some story I want to tell the BCs 🙂 It felt good to hike up that mountain and let it all go again. I am sorry for your loss, but very happy you got to share that happy news with your dad. It makes things sting just a bit less, I think, to have some good memory at the last. But still, a very hard loss to process. And hooray for your daughter! Wow! What an accomplishment to get such a wonderful degree while having such a challenge. Inspiring. I’m glad you two are having some fun together too. Please give her my congratulations and best wishes. And I would LOVE to have a duet to play on a future update 😉 xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Northern Illinois BC

    Hi Laurie,
    I came upon your podcast last year looking for something to soothe my hurt feelings. I have been very distracted and busy until recently. I have never written anything online before, I am very shy and self conscious. I’ve always had social anxiety I’m working hard on. I have a feeling alot of BC’s out there probably feel the same way I did, love to listen to you, too shy and self-conscious to comment. I am glad you are recording again! I am terribly sorry for the loss of your wonderful mother. Teachers have a special place in my heart. I had so many incredible teachers in school starting in the 90’s. You will have to excuse my awful grammer and punctuation (ironic since I’m talking about teaching 😉 ). Grade school is my favorite time in my life so far. If your mom was anything like my teachers, she was well loved by all her students. I believe you said it was third grade that she taught. I adored my third grade teacher Mrs.Fisher, I especially loved her reading to us every day. You two looked so happy in the attached picture of you and your mom. My mom and I too are very close and laugh and tease alot. I think laugher is the best medicine, not food. I too have been struggling with binge/compulsive overeating since age 6 or 7 I think. I never showed my disorder until 26 or 27. I was a normal looking 140 pound 5’8″ girl until I got up to 195 through a few years of illnesses/broken bones/several cancer diagnosis of my dear dad. He’s still chugging along doing the best he can. Taking care of him humbled me yet exposed slowly for the first time my secret. Nobody really made comments about my weight, but I knew it was obvious. I was a fit, flat and carefree string bikini wearer to black blousey clothes. Through alot of walking and self control i am down to 175. I would love to be down in the 150’s again someday. I have knee pain due to my active daily job, I know the extra weight is NOT helping my poor knees. I am going to have to keep walking and trying to eat good foods in GOOD amounts. Your podcast is an inspiration and I hope you continue. There is so much pressure on us this time in our history with all forms of media. I’ve been told by many older folks in their 70’s and 80’s how bad it is now compared to when they grew up. Your podcast takes me back down to earth where REAL people live, not where the glossy perfect airbrushed people on tv, internet,movies and magazines reside. Comparing myself to them gets ME nowhere. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but that’s life. I will take it one step at a time and one day at a time. Emotional/mental illnesses have run in our family for generations from anorexia, binge, schizophrenia, anxiety and bipolar disorder. I have read, and continue to ,over the years countless books on diet, mental illness, and healing. With your help I’m getting there. Thank you Laurie for your wisdom and candor. I don’t feel so alone out there anymore.
    -your friend

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hello new BC North 🙂

      Thank you for the gift of sharing your story and heart with us today. You are a very talented writer with a real way for words. I LOVE this sentence here – both the sentiment and the way you put things.

      Your podcast takes me back down to earth where REAL people live, not where the glossy perfect airbrushed people on tv, internet,movies and magazines reside. Comparing myself to them gets ME nowhere. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but that’s life.

      I also think it was valuable and helpful for me to hear your point about BCs who feel shy and anxious about sharing their comments or stories, but who benefit from the BC community by listening. That is such an important point. Sometimes, like all of us, I get lost in the ME-ness of things, where I attribute everyone’s actions to something I did or didn’t do. Usually, not the case. And I get anxious too. I think that is why I freak out when I don’t hear from BCs for awhile. I have all kinds of crazy thoughts about how I messed things up. This is part of my disordered thinking, and I have been working on this very much. Meditation has been helping me lately. I just did 100 days in a row! Yay! I’m very sorry for your struggles and I’m more proud of you than I can say, that you put yourself on the bravery report by stepping out of the shadows to share with us.

      PS, thanks too for the heartfelt sympathy over the loss of my mother. It still hurts and your kind words are balm to that heartache.

      1. Josephine

        Hi Laurie,
        It has been a super-busy month and I have not been able to reply until now. Rest assured, I think of you very often and miss you. You are a bright spot in my life and such a sweet blessing. Please say Hi to Mark for me. And no way can he be 65. You both look great and I love seeing you with your bikes. 😎 XOXOXO

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Hi Josephine! Very busy for us too – we live near the La Tuna fire that was burning last week. That along with record breaking heat and various bumps along our personal roads have left us exhausted and appreciating the little things in life. I can’t tell you just how hugely Mark grinned about your disbelief about his age. I find it SO unfair that he STILL has 100% natural blonde hair, whereas I spend way too much time and money trying to keep my hair looking naturally brown and I am 7 years younger Phooey LOL. I also really appreciate your taking time to stop in and say hello as I have been very tardy in getting the next show out. Mostly due to weather and fires etc. I’m hoping early next week I might get caught up. We are also hoping to get back on the bike next week too. These last weeks have just been a real challenge. So thanks again for being a bright spot for us. xoxoxoxox

    2. Josephine

      Dear BC North,
      I completely relate to what you wrote about being very shy and having social anxiety. Most people make me very nervous but I felt so at ease with Laurie. She is so sincere and kind and I found myself writing a few comments because she touches my heart in her special Laurie way. She is a treasure to all of us BCs and I’m so happy you shared about you. Welcome to a very special place.

      1. Northern Illinois BC

        Hi Josephine!
        Us fragile yet strong BC’s have to stick together. We are creative and sensitive with alot to offer the world. Thanks for your kind words. Have a wonderful day!

        1. Josephine

          Hello there, BC North,
          I’m so sorry that I am just now able to respond. I love the way you word your thoughts. It gives me a lot to think on. Thanks so much! I look forward to being your fellow BC and I’m so grateful to Laurie, for without her none of this would be happening. How wonderful is that? Happy first day of autumn. xoxo


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