Ep 0131 – How to Remove Power from Negative Thinking and How IS Voice Acting Like Dieting?

Laurie holds up her Roland Recorder and smiles into the camera while hiking
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Back on the Mountain with my Trusty Roland05 – What will I let go of today?

Podcast Recap

Back on the mountain I ponder the amount of power I give to negative thinking and brainstorm ways to let that go. I read a recent blog post asking if you, the BCs, would like COD to continue on as a weekly show, and if you would participate. Some comments about that from Sue from the U.K., BC Petra, Dawny, New BC Rabbit (Love that name!), BC Sharlene, BC Jackie and Stéfanie from Quebec. My pursuit of voice acting triggers some familiar feelings and I give a shout out to the special people in Richard Horvitz’ voice acting B class.
Laurie's hiking poles and pack sitting on the shady bench under a tree

I am SO happy to have a shady bench at the next to upper Zen spot today.

Photo on the music stand by the mic

Here’s a peek into my studio. I often speak to photos when I read copy at home to help me feel connected. This one is of my Mom when she first got engaged to my dad.


Blog post where I ask if you want participate and hear more from Compulsive Overeating Diary – also comments

FB post where I ask the same, and those comments

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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

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12 thoughts on “Ep 0131 – How to Remove Power from Negative Thinking and How IS Voice Acting Like Dieting?

      1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

        Hi Sandy, it’s great to see you popping in here too! I’m just getting ready to head up the mountain for day 132, so it’s working to get me back to hiking as well. Maybe one day we can do an encore co-host show at the next to top Zen Place. xoxoxoxoxox,

  1. Stéfanie

    Hi Laurie, hi bcs,
    I couldn’t resist. I jumped right into this episode instead of going back to the bonus. It was good to hear your voice and thoughts. You really are a great podcaster. Must go! Xx

  2. Mary S

    Hi there! I’m on episide 83, but comments were closed. Wanted to pop over here and say… I’m creative, too! Do many of us brave companions have a creative side? I think this is very interesting! I wonder if there is a link? 🙂

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Mary, Thanks for letting me know about the comments being closed. I discovered there was a setting in word press that automatically did that! (Who knew?) I think I have it undone so you should be able to comment again where ever you want on the site now. Also, I too believe the BCs are creative. A great question to ponder. Think I’ll ask it today when I record Day 132 xoxoxoxox. Please do let me know if comments close anywhere else and I’ll try to stay on top of that.

    2. Sue Gordon

      Hi Mary
      I tend to reject the idea that I am creative as I tend not to produce anything totally original, but I love making things. I knit, do cross stitch and tapestry, and more recently have started to experiment with Irish crochet lace. Until my Dad died I did a lot of quilting, but am struggling to find the motivation again. I do find that I am obsessive about a craft for ages then suddenly move on to a different one. I wonder if that happens to others to?


      1. Mary S

        I crochet a ton and FYI… Just because you follow a pattern doesn’t mean you’re not creative 🙂 yay meeting a fellow crocheter!

  3. Amy Laura

    Hi Laurie,
    I’ve been catching up on some audio books, and thus am behind on my podcasts. I wanted to throw in my thoughts on critical voice and perfectionism. I struggle with this so much! As a teacher, I am constantly asking my students to put forth their best effort, try hard, learn more, do better….and yet, I don’t want them to turn into adults that are never happy when they aren’t perfect (something I certainly struggle with). I think we all need to find a balance between bettering ourselves and doing well, without falling into the perfectionist trap. I’ve gotten better over the last few years, but I still struggle to quiet the perfectionist voice as I strive for improvement.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Amy! Wow, what a wonderful point. What you say is absolutely true. Now, our society seems to value and reinforce perfection – even in the schools. I remember being floored to hear that there was higher than 4.0 grade point average. And I remember parents being devastated at conferences when their kid received an 83% C in any subject (enforced grading in my district). And I always laugh about people saying they are giving 110%. How is that even possible? I bet you are wonderful showing your students that it’s ok being who they are and doing what is the best for them – but I bet you have a harder time giving that same gift to yourself. (I sure struggle with that still) It would be awesome if part of education was teaching us to embrace balance as well as achievement. Recess is important. The Arts are important. Even having time and space to hear the kids about their concerns is important. For us, maybe we should just stick a big A+ on our mirrors 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxo PS, later on you will hear a request for good books. Please share any great audio books you loved! (Plus I’m listening to audio books now, for pleasure and to learn from the great narrators as I audition for them)


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