Ep 0139 – Everything Is a Miracle

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I’m smiling because I appreciate the miracle of shade on such a bright and sunny day.

Podcast Recap

I let go of life on autopilot and learn to see the miracles all around. We celebrate a HUGE bravery report moment for BC Petra. Welcome to New BCs Stephanie from West Virginia who reached out on FB and Theresa who posted on Day 9. We get a sample of comments from Mary S., BC Laura R (soon to be S), Dawny and Amy from WI. Thanks again to Amazon shoppers. Big thanks also to Kindred Spirit, Josephine who left a kind review on USA iTunes, and a big, big smooch to BC Mary S. who sent me a heart-touching gift in the mail. I read a snippet of the blog post I wrote about what Mary’s gift meant to me. We meet my friend and new BC JoJo from CA who stopped by the blog to comment.

Sturdy wooden bench under a tree - you can see the tall, waving grass surrounds it.

The famous Next To Top Zen Bench – where I record most of the shows from the mountain.

Pink blossoms on a skinny, low growing cactus along the rocks of the path

Caught these small delicate flowers growing up from a cactus-like plant in rocky dry conditions. This inspired me.

New BCs

BC Theresa who commented on Day 9
BC Stephanie from West Virginia who reached out on Facebook
BC JoJo from CA who commented on the blog post about Mary S.’s gift.


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New BC Theresa’s comment on Day 9

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Day 136 – Where Mark and I talked about our marriage and BC Mary S. commented about it.

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10 thoughts on “Ep 0139 – Everything Is a Miracle

  1. Petra

    Hi lovely lady, again thank you so very much for mentioning me. I have to say it over and over again, your openness was the start, when I truly addressed that I have an eating disorder, and that the problem was the way I learned to cope with strong emotions, and since than I’ve come such a long way, which makes me wanting to share as well, for others to feel some comfort as well, but mainly to make myself aware of my journey and my progress, despite the relapses.
    I have to admit it was a tad awkward, when my boss told me that he had a look into my Instagram…, but he was very complementary. 🙂
    Have a lovely day

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Petra, I’m amazed! Even your boss respects your bravery! Isn’t it funny the baggage we put on ourselves to carry? For the longest time, in my voice acting pursuits, I kept mum about COD – fearing that I wouldn’t project a good “brand image” being a face of eating disorders and generalized non-professional ranting LOL. But then I realized, unless I wanted to perform under an alias (and I’m at the age where it is too dang hard to remember white lies), than anyone who searches for Laurie Weaver on the internet finds this show. And I am PROUD of this show. I’m proud of all of you and me that we are stand-up, brave and creative types who are willing to face our challenges and move ahead with life and business. I decided that anyone who didn’t like that was simply not the right voice client for me. And those who understand what we’ve built here, are. And since I’ve started admitting that I do this show, I’ve gotten many more connections and most of the pros really respect it. Wow! I always thought I was just ranting with friends. The pros say, it’s a real, live show and a credit. See how we don’t give ourselves props often enough? I’ve often said to my friends who voice on this one or Stories and Voice, that THEY have a voice-over credit, but I did not – since I made up the show myself, I wasn’t hired or selected – so it wasn’t a true credit. Now I understand that creating, producing, writing and hosting a long running podcast IS a credit, though I think I will have to meditate a few more months for that to sink into my brain. I am so very proud of you! I hope you print out enough bravery report certificates to paper anywhere you might doubt yourself – because you may have been inspired by the show, but YOU, dear Petra took the brave step to show yourself, and I know you will feel a lightness in your spirit that will help in all aspects of your life. (And if ANYONE gives you grief for expressing your truth on your personal Instagram, then like the VO clients who aren’t comfortable with what I do, those people are better left or minimized from your life.)xoxoxoxox

      1. Petra

        Hi Laurie,
        I’m so sorry, I must seem so ignorant. But I didn’t get a notice of a following comment!

        You can be very proud. Our obstacles are absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. And as it looks the professionals find it easier to connect to you as well, because people connect to REAL people. I can imagine that that especially goes in voice acting as well. You sound believable, when you dig into your own real emotions, instead of trying to sound, how someone with this feeling might sound like. Showing vulnerability can be a big asset, I can imagine.

        And letting go of the shame and feeling inadequate feels soooo good. And when it comes to the binging, there’s no need to numb my feelings and fears with stupid amounts of biscuits, chocolate or other rubbish, when I let go of them. Such a wonderful, freeing feeling! And I feel this is just the beginning! I let my fear and my feeling of unworthy stop me for far too long.

        This 46 year old, slightly podgy woman is going to be a fitness professional! And again, you also have been a great influence there, because you are pursuing your dream, and are believing in yourself that you will find your place.

        And I believe the same. There will be clients who want exactly someone like me, someone they can open up to, when they truly struggle.

        I love that you’re meditating. Something I want to give a bigger part in my life as well.

        Your’re one amazing lady


        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Petra, please don’t worry about missing the email. There has been something really screwy going on with the email notifications – I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it, but all sides of my technical equation want to say it’s the other one. Even I (as admin of the site) am not getting all of the notifications when new comments are posted. So I have to stop by here a few times per day to check out the comments area. Hopefully, some day soon, it can be sorted.

          Thanks for your comments about my voice acting. It absolutely echos what ALL of my coaches say. When I “try” I’m not believeable, when I’m “me” I’m great! That’s the trick. So hard to be me saying the stuff you say in commercials. But that’s why they call it voice ACTING! LOL But good reminder to just do things. Back to Yoda in Star Wars. Do or do not do, there is no try. I have to find a way to consistently just do it (aka getting out of my head). Such a challenge. The meditation really is helping with that – focusing on the physical breathing etc. Also, I am soooo proud of you for following your fitness goal. AND your ‘slightly podgy’ body would be my DREAM body! It’s all point of view. These days I’m THRILLED with being able to touch my toes or to get up out of the chair using my own steam. LOL. But life is an adventure and adventures are never boring! Thanks too for all of the fun photos on Instagram you post with #CODBCs – I’m really getting a kick out of it. xoxoxoxox

          1. Petra

            It’s my pleasure 🙂

            Getting out of our heads is soooooo hard. But at least we don’t let these stupid feelings and thoughts get away with it, but face these buggers to put them, where they belong!! It just takes a bit of work


    2. Jo

      BC Petra, what amazing bravery – BRAVO and lots of cheering from here in the UK! Onwards and upwards from now on – once you are authentic and you allow the mask to be dropped you can achieve anything you set your focus on
      See Laurie what amazingness you help create in the world – you should feel very proud of your part in Petra’s awesome bravery!

      Thank you for creating the podcast and for enabling a safe place for the BCs to grow
      Jo xx

      1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

        You are very welcome.

        Thank you for creating the podcast and for enabling a safe place for the BCs to grow

        I might have created the place, but Petra’s bravery is so amazing, she inspires me to go do brave things too. I appreciate that about all of our interactions – that you never know what comment, thought or even photo might help another BC. xoxoxox

  2. Dawny

    Hello my dear Laurie. So exciting to hear the happiness in your voice. You sound so light and free energetic and spiritual. It was nice you turned my “meh “into ” I feel light and happy and spirits of myself”. Definitely put some pep in my step. Another reason today to be thankful for you. You never fail to disappoint
    I always get excited when I hear you’re coming to Washington with the mere thought of gosh I would love to meet up with her, I know it’s not Washington where I live but it’s fun to think about maybe someday.
    I love your new “selling “tagline” you do have a very friendly voice easy to listen to.

    I start a new old job on Monday. Quite confusing I know, when I transition into this new company after leaving my career of 13 years that I took on the position and I worked and I did a very fine job however it was kind of stressful at times the pay wasn’t all that great and another opportunity arose so I took it. New experience a new job field very nice raise that I wasn’t anticipating when I accepted the position, but there is truth in the old saying “the grass is not always greener on the other side” 10 months later to the day ( quite ironic ), the position that I was formally reopened and I pursued it. Was hired. Only this time I will be compensated for what I believe the position worth. I aimed high with my requested salary with hopes of something realistic for what the position is my wish was granted more than I anticipated, aiming high is sometimes a good idea. I’m excited for the new adventure. Every job has pros and cons. Although I’ve done this job before it’s different now different responsibilities different dynamics. The position I’m leaving comes with a lot of crabbiness and a supervisor/boss who where is your job description daily based on how she feels, always says my doors open always ask questions but yet when you do you get stared at like your five heads it’s just not a healthy situation for me and it drains my spirit every day. When you go to work and you dread it, Or when you wake up in the morning if you start trying to strategically think of ideas of reasons that you can justify not going to work you know it’s time. Hoping the best for myself.

    Petra, amazing and brave. I’m all inspired by your bravery and the fact that you just put all that out there for everyone including people that you see & interact with. I’m quite humbled that you felt brave enough to share it with us because often we’re living it and we think we are alone but come to find out are not. I admire you for your strength And confidence , and I
    also anticipate you’re putting all that information out there will help you greatly. For one getting it out of your head and for two facing the reality. Again thank you so much for sharing with us

    Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for new friends welcome Stephanie and Teresa.this is a really fun place and we’re really fun peeps.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Whoo Hoo Dawny for asking for more and getting what you are worth! That is so exciting. I would love to meet up one day. This trip is pretty somber and family, but if we come up again, I’ll give you notice in case we can meet for a walk somewhere. I usually stay in Tacoma near Point Defiance and like to walk along the water on Ruston Way (restaurant row), because I can look across to where I grew up and remember the good times on my family’s old ramshackle boat. Also, if you folks ever come to SoCal for Disney or other pursuits, let me know and I might be able to catch up with you. Thanks again for all of the support you’ve been to me and this show. You really are a mainstay and I appreciate it. xoxoxoxox

    2. Petra

      Dawnyyy!! Thank you!!! Again, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t notified of the reply. Please don’t think I’m ignorant. I heard about this in the new episode.

      I’m not gonna lie, it was very daunting. But now in hindsight, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Just because I’m freeing myself from the fears, what people might or might not think about me. I used to be crippled by that. I could go into a room, examining every single face, if they might think something bad about me, and of course they had every reason to! Totally unreasonable of course, as if people don’t have better things to do, lol! And I’m not better or worse than anybody else.

      Binging was an outlet for all this ridiculous pressure I put on myself. To start with I had to prepare myself not to care what people might or might not think. That of course is still ongoing ;-), but I’ve come a very long way. But most of all I realised that I’m OK just the way I am, and that I’m not more perfect or imperfect like anybody else. We all struggle with something. We all got our skeletons. Life is so freaking short. If I let this unreasonable shame, guilt or fear keep stopping me and cripple me, my time will run out, and I never stepped out of my cage. (God this sounds deep, but I hope you know, what I mean).

      Thank you again for your lovely kind words. We’re all BC’s 🙂



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