Ep 0141 – Mommy Would You Love Me?

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It’s emotional as I ponder the complex and tender relationship between my mom and me.

Podcast Recap

I’m back down to my local park recording from the trusty old podcast rock. Mark and I are busy getting ready to go back home to Washington to lay my mother’s ashes to rest. It’s emotional letting go as I remember my complex feelings around my relationship with Mom. Comments from Petra, Dawny and Mark. Dawny brings some fresh summer-time Foolish Fun. We greet New BCs Rebecca and Kelly from Michigan. The Coffee Klatch is reopened for show supporters. How to switch the country of the iTunes store. BC Jo from the UK’s kind review on iTunes UK. A poem I wrote many years ago – originally, called, ‘Daddy would you love me?’, changed to honor my Mother.

Cute little girl from 1935

My mom at two years old.

Laurie at two in pony tails with red ribbons in a sailer dress

Me as a two-year-old rockin’ my sailor dress that Mom, a talented seamstress, made for me.

Young lady Laurie with a braid over one shoulder and Mom in a formal looking over at a lit birthday cake

Mom wishes me happy 22nd birthday in my apartment with a cake she’d made me. Mom was also a talented baker.

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Day 139 and comments – where Petra responds to Dawny and me.

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Mommy Would you Love Me?
by Laurie Weaver
Link to the original version on ToonaCat.com

Carla colored in her great big book
And took it to Mommy for a look.

Mommy would you love me if I colored rainbows in the sky?
Oh Carla dear, I’d miss you if you went away so high.

Carla pulled her shoes on,
The new ones nice and white

And Mommy tied them up,
Not too loose, or tight.

Mommy would you love me if I marched a Zillion miles?

Carla Dear, if you marched ALL that way, how could I see your pretty smiles?

Carla dug the dirt, with her little hoe.
While Mommy planted flowers in a nice, neat, pretty row.

Mommy would you love me if I dug the biggest hole of all?
Oh Carla Dear, it would scare me silly to think that you might fall!

Carla splashed while Mommy Scrubbed, Giggling silly in the tub.

Mommy would you love me if I blew bubbles across the sea?

Oh Carla dear, how could I get your ears all squeaky clean if you were so far from me?

Carla snuggled onto Mommy’s lap, eye still sleepy from her nap.

Mommy, won’t you love me for ANYTHING I do?

No Carla Dear, my Dearest Dear,
I’ll only ever love you just because you’re you.


Host: Laurie Weaver
Foolish Fun Announcer: Mark Weaver
Foolish Funner: Dawny

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

Sounds used in Laurie’s Foolish Fun Intro

  • Slide Whistle sounds
  • Background Tune/Beat
  • Girl’s Laughter
  • Phone Ring
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11 thoughts on “Ep 0141 – Mommy Would You Love Me?

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Dear Josephine, it was a little bit hard to let myself release that show, but I feel that Mom would understand and hope it might help others build and appreciate their relationships a little better. She really did support my writing and poetry and cartooning and all manner of my creative pursuits. I miss her so much, and am happy that I have friends like you to support me in the good and bad right now. xoxoxoxox

  1. Dawny

    You my friend are a sincerely strong woman. I admire you in all sorts. Tender thoughts with you during this challenge in your life. I know it’ll help you be stronger than you already are. Life’s lessons make us who we are. Stay strong & true to you. 💚💚😘

  2. Jo

    Laurie – I truly hope that your trip to Washington went as well as it could, the final stagings of the formal aspects of saying goodbye can be lovingly received and also disruptive to your emotions.

    Oh no – sadness that I have caught up with the podcasts – and you are on a 2 weekly release cycle 🙁 but joy that I got to hear my mention and subsequent review mention in the last 2 and I can now contribute as a caught up person!

    Apologies to anyone who has commented on my comments in previous episodes and blog posts – I had inadvertently typed my e-mail address incorrectly and had just accepted the cached version for each subsequent comment! I will try and make the time to revisit just in case 🙂

    Las Vegas was OK food wise, I allowed myself to experience ice cream (my “delicious” taste requirements) and the rest of the trip was beige food as I was with not very food-appreciating company. I am looking forward to a trip to Wales this afternoon which is with a true intuitive eater (she leaves cake on her plate for goodness sake)

    Healthwise I have had positive news this week that I am making good progress on getting over severe iron deficiency anaemia and that tests have not revealed any sinister reason for it to have happened in the first place. Just a few more months on strong strong strong iron tablets and hopefully I will be in a great place – brought on a bit of a relief binge on ice cream sticks (Magnums) but why the devil not!

    So counting down to your next podcast and in the meantime sending you hugs and smooches for being you xoxoxo

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Congrats Jo for I think, having the speed record for listening to the entire show! (How long did it take you?) I’m so glad to hear that your health news is good and things are looking better. I’m going to try to get a show out today and tomorrow, and maybe another next week just before we head out for Mark’s birthday trip. I’ve been beset it seems these days – my stubbed toe, turned out to be a broken toe and has clipped my hiking wings. I might be able to get to the park today, if not, then I will have to break tradition and record from my home studio.

      Have so much fun in Wales! I so remember it and the people I met there fondly. I hope it recharges your batteries after Vegas and look forward to our shared adventures as the show moves on.


      1. Jo


        Podcast speed record will do me, I do not recall exactly how long it took me but I think my record for listening in one day was 8 of your earlier shorter episodes. Walking and commuting to work, and earlier on I even pumped through car stereo!
        Wales is so far very Welsh, throwing down some serious weather all day yesterday. Cleared up enough to venture out for a stretching of the legs yesterday evening along the very swollen River Taff.
        The friend I am with is a shining example of intuitive eating. She has never dieted and her control around food blows my compulsive eating mind 🙂 If only I could get to this place It feels so alien (RA) to me
        Take care of yourself and only chat to us if it makes you feel good


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