Ep 0015 – Uncomfortable Emotions Unmasked without Food Obsession

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Podcast Recap

Deeper issues are revealed as I experience life without the mask of food. Shout-outs to new listener, Michelle, and to my new online, buddy, Crystal for posting encouragement after I asked for help dealing with my upcoming birthday trip to Vegas. Also gratitude to Carrie, from the Bitesize Vitality Podcast who took time to email me after we both made New and Noteworthy on Itunes.


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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

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Resource of the day

How to Deal with Uncomfortable Emotions without Drowning an interesting article by Holly Woods, life coach. Not specific to eating issues, but very interesting take on discomfort in general and some of the reasons we may stuff emotions down.
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6 thoughts on “Ep 0015 – Uncomfortable Emotions Unmasked without Food Obsession

  1. Sue

    I found this podcast so moving. Well done for sharing at such a deep level.

    I have long suspected that my overeating is really to do with deeper issues. Sometimes I wonder if I do it so that it is a handy excuse for not feeling good about myself, rather than face the more fundamental issue that the not feeling good about myself is driving the over eating and other similar behaviours (like not dressing in a way that makes me look more attractive at times). I definitely know that the self control goes if I am tired, bored or feeling sorry for myself.

    I like the idea that you have been sharing about planning a strategy to deal with potentially damaging scenarios. This means that you can enjoy your meals out without over obsessing about the number of calories but safe in the knowledge that it won’t have much long term effect. It is a much better option than avoiding those occasions or setting yourself up to feel deprived.

    It reminds me of the time when I did lose the weight last year, and yes I did obsess a bit (well a lot) about recording everything I ate on MyFitnessPall, but it did help me to make better decisions. If I really wanted something I would have a small portion and savour every mouthful. I had to be sure I wanted it enough to pay the calorie cost. I also tended to be overly concerned about the scales. I know that I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself everyday but I did anyway. It was quite discouraging to see the normal fluctuations up and down even when I knew it could easily be to do with my monthly cycle and a host of other reasons. It was even worse if I recorded any fluctuations upwards. So I decided to only record the new weight when it went down. Providing that the overall trend was downwards over a longer period then I could handle the disappointment of not seeing the scales show a lower reading each time.

    I know you are eager for people to leave a voice message, but I am in the UK.

    Keep up the podcasts. It is really good to hear the thought processes and how you plan your strategies.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Sue,I’m glad to see you again! In fact your comment goes perfectly with what’s on my mind today. I wanted to talk a bit about the role of the scale in our lives. So, I think I will read part of this comment on episode 31 when I go hiking today. I’m also happy to meet another brave companion from the U.K. (Brave Companions is what I finally landed on to call my listeners and participators by episode 19, because even to listen to a podcast on this topic shows one is brave enough to explore the issue). One of my favorite Brave Companions, and an early communicator, Shirl, is also from the U.K. You can see some of her posts on the about page here.
      I thank you too for your comments. It was, and is hard, to share my true feelings on a deep level. I guess that goes with the food issue. But I do love to tell stories and that helps me to step outside of myself a bit, like a reporter, so I can begin to deal with what I’ve been covering up from myself for years. Each episode gets easier, though I still have my ups and downs. Like your idea to record the scale only on the down side helps you deal with the bumps of weight loss, the idea that my duty to my podcast show is to report it all, good and bad, gives me the permission to admit my feelings. This may, in fact, be the first time I’ve felt that permission, ever. As to the voice message, I understand about the phone call cost. I also have an online free voice-message service at http://speakpipe.com/laurieweaver where you can record a message if you have a mic on your computer. Also, if you have a smart phone with a voice memo app, or any means of recording a voice file, you can send it to my email address, LaurieATcompulsiveovereatingdiary.com Just switch out the AT for @. I have to list my email this way, otherwise the spambots flood my email address. But voice, or written, I think you have a valuable point of view and I appreciate your sharing with us.

      1. Sue

        Thanks for your prompt reply. I’m humbled if you find anything I have said to be of any use, but if it sparks something in you, then feel free to share. Fortunately my own overeating patterns are not as severe as others describe, but I know that there are times when it doesn’t stop at one or two biscuits or just a few sweets. It’s the mindless eating that poses the danger, isn’t it? I know I have a strong emotional drive to eat unwisely, but the last couple of years has been a roller coaster of a ride.

        I’m amazed at how much we have in common re work life. I have a strong IT background: database design, programming, IT training etc. My other obsessional behaviour shows in playing computer games/tablet/Nintendo/X box etc. Maybe it’s my way of avoiding thinking too much!

        I really appreciate your vulnerability. It is hearing how you deal with the struggles that gives your listeners hope for themselves as we all struggle and have rough days.

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Wow, what great timing, I’m just now putting the link to your comment on the show notes for Day 31. Getting ready to edit that one, and I did use your scale remarks as a jumping off point for a segment today. Yes, I spent time in IT roles, all because I made my web site for kids in the 1990s. Silly really. I learned tech because I couldn’t afford programmers and web masters to create my vision of a site that encouraged creativity for kids, so I just did it myself. I’m really a storyteller, teacher and coach at heart, but have spent long years in the database field. Once I retired, I chucked all of that, even though I made good money doing it. Love this much, much more.

    2. Shirley Rimmer

      Hi Sue, Im in the UK too. Southport to be precise. I found Laurie a few weeks ago. Her podcasts are great arent they 🙂
      I am 56 and have been struggling with my weight for years, more recently having lost 4st but I have since put half of it back on again. I know I am an emotional eater. Junk food shoves down or numbs feelings that I am scared to feel or the I think will overwhelm me if I dont do something quick! But its quite a task get over this emotional eating isnt it as I think that junk food is equivalent to drugs and certainly as hard to give up as smoking, if not harder.

      Anyway I will close here for now and continue this another time.

      1. Sue

        Hi Shirl

        Small world! I went to school in Ormskirk, not far from you. I am now in York.

        I’m working up to trying to lose the weight I put back on after losing 21 lbs last year in time for my son’s wedding. There has been so much going on in the last six months, including being ill. I’m encouraged by Laurie’s podcasts and everyone’s posting on here to take things one decision at a time. Even if it is only along the lines of “Do I need to eat that, or am I just bored or upset?”, “How about just one biscuit not several” etc

        There are some great tips on here for doing something else before just reaching for the junk food. It’s getting that extra thinking time that helps. Sometimes we also need to actually face the issues that are underlying the compulsive eating. It’s not wrong to feel the pain – I have been finding that out over the last two years, but I have had the assistance of a wise counselor. I hope you find the strength and support you need to face the past.



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