Ep 0155 – Hope and Acceptance

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Mark expresses his appreciation as he listens to the kind things you said about him last show.

Podcast Recap

I hope to develop more acceptance. After Thoughts and focus words for the year with Josephine and Mark, who also responds to your kind words from last show. How to send your After Thoughts in. Welcome new BCs Martha from the UK and Patty. Comment conversation between Hayley and Josephine about perfectionism and depression. Dawny shares her thoughts. Inspirational quotes read by BCs Dave and Kat from South Jersey. I have fun with music. Hear the Brave Companion Song Fionna wrote for the 100th episode. How to participate in a new version for the show’s 4 year anniversary.

Lacy grove of oaks with bright blue sky showing through the leaves.

I loved the sky peeking out of the leaves down at the park today. It almost looked like the oaks were covered in sky blue flowers!

Laurie in a straw hat looking up

I’m excited to snap the lacy oak photo!

New BCs


The Last Show and comments (and the photo of my hair Josephine liked)

The Robot Aliens!

How to send audio and the directions for sending in audio for the Brave Companion Song

Fionna’s stand alone song and lyrics

Day 100 – the COD one year celebration show where you can hear Fionna’s song and other special treats.

Read our Inspirational Quotes from today – and Find an Available Quote to send

Women, Food, and Desire: Embrace Your Cravings, Make Peace with Food, Reclaim Your Body by Alexandra Jamieson (2015-01-06)

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
After Thoughts Announcer: Mark Weaver
After Thoughts Commentator: Laurie Weaver
After Thoughts Commentator: Josephine
After Thoughts Commentator: Mark
Quote by Roy T. Bennett Voiced by: BC Kat
Quote by Tim Fargo Voiced by: BC Dave

The Brave Companions’ Song: Written and Sung by Fionna Lane
The Brave Companions’ Song participants: Amy from Wisconsin, Cheryl, Dawny, Fionna, Maria from a Spanish speaking country, Patt, Sandy, Stéfanie from Quebec, Sue from the UK, Suz, Mark, and Laurie

Circle by Hartley used with permission by agreement with SHUTTERSTOCK MUSIC CANADA ULC

Other Sounds and Music used with permission from AudioBlocks and IBAudio

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16 thoughts on “Ep 0155 – Hope and Acceptance

  1. Dawny

    Thanks for the giggles Laurie
    At a Time when my life is really hard giggling is good. Sometimes the challenges seem like they just keep coming and keep coming. For some reason I’m being tested. I’m working on withstanding these tests and keeping my sanity.

    I love all the little clips throughout the show

    The quote id like to include is my email signature line which is to face your stuff not stuff your face. I’m working really hard on this right now truthfully.

    I hope healthy wealthy wise happiness to all the bc’s.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Big hugs Dawny. I’m facing some blankety blank challenges with my feet right now that are making ME scream – so I relate to how debilitating these constant drip, drip, drip endless challenges can feel. Quote away! If you know who originated the quote, note that as well. Otherwise, just say this is a saying that is meaningful to you and why. Hang in there GF, this too shall pass. xoxoxox

      1. Josephine

        Dear Laurie,
        I hope your feet get better very soon! You are so BRAVE to be riding your bike even with foot problems…not to mention 20 miles at a time. Yay for you!! (And Mark!) I know you guys ride together and he mentioned on the last show that he had hurt his foot, too. I hope you both feel better SOON!

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Thank you! Mark’s stubbed toe is better. I just had an MRI to confirm what mine might be. Fingers crossed and waiting. (Not my long suit). We are SUPER excited that we have been able to get our bike training back on track for our 50 miles in March at Solvang. Between fires, mudslides, health issues and how dang hot it’s been around here, we felt so behind, we doubted we could complete our race – now we have more confidence that at the very least, we can give it a great shot xoxox.

    2. Josephine

      Hi Dawny,
      You are BRAVE for hanging in there! Remember, we aren’t defeated as long as we don’t give up. I hope this time of testing passes soon. XOXO
      PS: I love your quote.

  2. Dave

    Feel free to read this on air.

    Welcome to the show !!! The shame and guilt you feel from COE is real, your emotions valid, however please know we will never judge you for your binges, their triggers and your size. I too am a COE, and even after listening to this show for years? (really !?!?! I think it has been 1 or 2 years for me), I still binge when I don’t want to deal with negative emotions, and beat myself up for overeating and then do it some more. This is truly a safe place to be and the BC’s are safe shoulders to cry on.

    Thank you for the compliment. Its the BC’s who inspire me, I am grateful I can return the favor.

    Welcome to the BC’s, I too am hooked on Diet Coke and Rockstars (energy drinks). I know how difficult 3 weeks without can be. You are showing great strength and determination. Rock on !!! We believe in you, and are here for you if you slip or fall.

    I think you were the one who commented on Grace. You helped me this day to remember to be gentle with my self and reminded me of these two talks:

    1) One of the members of my ward (LDS congregation) told this story:
    When I was in 3rd grade (grade 3) my teacher assigned me a 3 page paper on Holly Berry Bushes. I went to the library to look for a book or other information. There was very little. So I wrote my paper and it was only a couple of paragraphs long. I was distraught and had no clue what to do next. I then came up with the idea of double spacing and I made it to just over 1 page. While still struggling with how to handle this, I decided to put more space between the words. Finally I reached 3 pages, and I handed it in thinking my teacher would never notice. I received a passing grade. I have often thought about my walk with God, and it occurred to me that we try and do our best, but often fall short, and His Grace fills in the spaces. We need to remember when we don’t feel good enough or we can do enough that God/Karma/The Universe (which ever you believe in) will accept our efforts as they are and fill in the rest.

    2) In another talk at church, I heard about mistakes, repentance, the atonement and forgiveness. We need to remember when giving the gift forgiveness we not only need to give it freely, but also give it to ourselves and we also need to receive forgiveness from God, from others, and from ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing .

    Laurie, Mark and Tiger keep up the great work.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks for all of these awesome thoughts Dave! I think it was Kat from South Jersey who was speaking about grace this show, but Dawny has in the past. It’s all good! I am struggling right now myself, because it seems I have an endless supply of picky, stupid, health issues. But I am grateful that for the most part, I am mobile, well and able to live the majority of my life. My main lesson is to focus on what I DO have vs. what I don’t. That is tough for me. So you thoughts about forgiveness are especially values right now. xoxoxoxo

      1. Dave

        I apologize to Kat and Dawny , for getting them confused.

        Health issues can weigh us down as much as any emotional and or mental issues (another real and valid struggle). The only thing we can do is find ways to improve our health and wait for our bodies to adjust.

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Thanks my friend. It can be hard to stay focused on the positive, but there is not much I can do about what plagues my feet. If it is what my podiatrist suspects, it is genetic and nothing much to be done. Just got an MRI to confirm, and will find out in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’m just trying to do what I can (like riding) and hope to see the mountain again one day. xoxoxox

          PS, no worries about mixing up BCs – with such a long show and thankfully, so many who participated it, is amazing you are able to highlight so many by name!

          1. Josephine

            Oh, Laurie…how sad. I’ll be praying for a good report from the doctor and that you will be back on the mountain soon! Extra XOXOs for you today.

    2. Josephine

      Hi Dave,
      It makes me feel special when you direct a comment to me so I’m quite sure that the other BCs love it, as well. Thank you so much for taking the time for each of us and also for your stories of grace and forgiveness.

  3. Jo

    Laurie and the mighty BCs,

    Well that was a challenging end to 2017 and start to 2018, illness to finish and dental complications to start – plus getting a year older!!

    I signed up to do Yoga with Adriene (YouTube) 30 days in a row and missed a week due to recovering. The old me would say stuff it, no point now I am week behind and I have failed. The new kinder and compassionate to myself me, started where I left off once I was able to and continued as if nothing had interrupted the flow. The same with exercising everyday commitment, I recognised I could not have exercised at all for those days and cut myself some slack!
    I have the same attitude to food at the moment. Last year I lost an unhealthy amount of weight while on a diet, I was however quite ill and this had contributed to the weight loss to some level . This messed with my mind, I saw skinny but this actually was unhealthy and ill. So I came off my diet, undemonised all the foods and ate some weird stuff whilst figuring out what worked and what didn’t for me. I definitely put on weight, I needed to, and I am not dieting at all. It feels alien, but I know this is what I need to do to get my mind and body back into a healthy place.
    Thanks to podcasts like these I am hearing that there is a healthy alternative

    1. Josephine

      Hi Jo,
      I hope your health continues to improve. And I want to say ‘well done!’ to not giving up when you missed some days working out. I know how hard that is from personal experience. One thing about most all of the BCs that I have noticed is that we all want, desire, and crave perfection but it’s just not going to happen. I don’t know what caused our brains to be wired this way but they are and it’s hard to turn it off. I think what you are doing is absolutely right….just get on with it rather than giving up and waiting to start again ‘when I can do it perfectly.’

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hooray Jo! What an awesome victory to ignore the perfectionist voices and to wring every drop of progress and satisfactions from your Yoga program. Wonderful inspiration and I’m sending you healthy, kind vibes for your progress as you have done for me. xoxox

  4. Josephine

    Hi Laurie,
    Thank you for another wonderful show. I love hearing your thoughts and feelings and I also love the Afterthoughts segment. And since your word of the year is ‘self-confidence’, let me say that you sounded very self-confident when you said you’d “pretty much nailed this one”. And my heartfelt ‘thank you’ for responding so kindly to what I shared. It means so much! Also, I loved the music ‘Deep Thoughts’ that you picked just for me. It was perfect!

    Also, I loved your interview with Mark and learning his word for this year is ‘Appreciation’. After hearing him explain why that’s his word, I decided I would make it my second word of the year. (I hope there’s not a rule that you can only have one – Dawny?) MARK: I APPRECIATE you, too! Loved your comments!

    I APPRECIATE that you take the time to make this podcast, Laurie, and that you make it a world-class show every time – even going so far to choose special music for each BC.

    I also loved hearing Fionna’s song again with all the BCs voices included. I can see why you love, love, loved it! It was wonderful to hear all the ways the BCs are brave. I felt like a big chicken listening to some of them. Wow, there are some BRAVE BCs out there! You guys give me courage. And Fionna….how brave to not only write a song but to sing it for all of us. Thank YOU!!!

    Till next time,

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      LOL Oh Dear Josephine, what delight you bring us. Mark so enjoyed your appreciation of his appreciation! I say, no rules about words that help your life! Thanks too for all of your support for me and our fellow BCs. You are a light in the world. xoxox


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