Ep 0017 – Birthday Trip Results, Listener Questions, Sneak Eating and those darn Girl Scout Cookies!

Podcasting during a windstorm (Santa Anas).
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Trying to keep my hat on while Podcasting during the Santa Anas (windstorm).

Podcast Recap

I share the final results and details of my successful birthday in Vegas where I tried out Plan “Be”. New listener, Rafael, posts some questions about what might be behind his overeating. A brave listener writes me about her troubles with sneak eating and bingeing with Girl Scout cookies.


Episode 12 “Plan Be”

Episode 13 – the episode where Rafael bravely posts his questions. Please stop by and offer your thoughts and encouragement.

Bravery Hotline

Leave your comments, questions, feelings and stories on Laurie’s podcast voicemail hotline – 206-350-6445.


Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voices: Amy and Jason

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

Resource of the day

Do you sneak eat? A thought provoking post by Martha Ross on Crazy in Suburbia. It features a critique of the story, The Fat Girl, that is sad and familiar if you’ve ever been prone to eating in private. Interesting to know that this behavior is wide enough that it makes it into art.
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9 thoughts on “Ep 0017 – Birthday Trip Results, Listener Questions, Sneak Eating and those darn Girl Scout Cookies!

  1. Helen

    What a shame there is no responses to the listener bravely saying about her problems with cookies.
    Mine is a strange case as the job where I should have been more prone to eating problems was where I was nicely loosening weight and before any of my binging started, my job now is a care giver where I help elderly people in there own homes.
    It is such a rewarding job and I like it very much, the problem is u might not get a proper breakfast so u will eat on the run also u can pop to shops in between clients.
    I had a binge the other day (was at home at the time) and what started that of was:
    the couple I was visiting I had cooked their lunch for them as per normal but the gentleman was not hungry at all so they said it will just get thrown away if I don’t eat it, but then I am on way home thinking right u have had lunch now, then the little voice is saying 1 slice of toast and a bit of fruit wont hurt, but deep down u know it wont be just a slice of toast, but at the time the little voice is winning.
    It’s so hard because u do eat with clients sometimes but then u want your own food as well.
    It is strange I’m in a job I like but it’s like I’m looking for something to be unhappy and upset about. Well that’s just an example of a binge for me, other times nothing can seem to set it off but I still do it, hope that u are managing ok listener and just letting u know that u are not alone at all we are all here for u x

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Helen, you know, I remember feeling pretty sad at the time about the lack of response, especially as the lady with the cookie issue was none other than the wonderful Crystal, who so inspired my birthday success. She revealed that just lately in her story on the “Who are the brave companions” page. So you have something in common! She shared her issue and not her name, and then decided to step out of the shadows and own her story. Thank you for responding to her now. 🙂 But, back when the show was starting, there were just a handful of brave companions who actually felt ok to comment, so it was always scary for me to ask for comments on behalf of others since I felt so responsible if they didn’t happen. And it might depend on who was around, who was caught up with the show etc. We were all learning together, as we are now, how to best support one another. I so get why you might be tempted to eat twice. You are obviously a caring person and so you eat to please the clients. BUT you wish you could have WHAT YOU WANT! (caps are me shouting, because that is how *I* would be.) Food that isn’t your choice is often not pleasing, and your compulsive mind can get all in a knot about that. Keep listening and reading the stories of the other brave companions, because that will often trigger ideas to help you understand yourself.

  2. Happy With My Body

    So that was Crystal with the cookies? Her story touched me deeply as well. I have listened to your podcast this far now, episode 17, and I must tell you Laurie, I don’t know where to begin thanking you for putting yourself out there and sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings with us. It means a lot to me and my journey, as I am sure it does to a lot of other people as well. I will continue to listen all the way through to your podcast and hopefully I too can become one in your group of companions. Hugs to you

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Happy! Yep, that was Crystal who gave me great birthday advice who had the cookie issue. She stops by now and again, and is one of my few followers on IG. You caught me up early getting ready to prep day 98 before I head up the mountain to record it. I’ll say hello to you and read part of your comment today. Because my dear, the MINUTE you decided to listen and consider your own reactions and behaviors around food, you became one of the brave companions. To be a BC is just having the courage to pay attention to yourself. You are even a PARTICIPATING BC since you comment. And a BC who is already on the bravery report for how you handled your phone session that day. So Miss Happy, you are a BC in every way. Welcome to our community! Some day if you are up to it, call the bravery hotline or send some audio so we can hear your voice. You can just say, Hi This is Happy, and either tell a joke you found on the internet for Foolish Fun (a segment we do just for fun), or tell a little about your story. Nobody would know who you are, and it might help you feel more connected. But no worries, some BCs lend their voices, some write public comments like you did, some only contact me privately, some only listen. But you are ALL BCs. Hugs! xoxoxoxox

      1. Happy With My Body

        Thanks Laurie! I feel honored to be considered a part of your group. Sooner or later I will catch up with the current episode of your podcast, but for now I will keep listening through them in order. for some reason, that feels like the right way to do it

          1. Happy With My Body

            Ahlright, so I couldn’t wait – I had to listen to episode 98! Thank you so much for the warm welcome-greeting and also for linking to my instagram account here. I have been looking for a support group – one that is not judgemental and rigid – and I realise your group of BC:s might just fit into that description. I will go back to listening to the episodes in order now and look forward to joining you on your journey – at the same time as I set out on mine. Thanks for being out there. Thanks for being you. ❤️

          2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

            You are so very welcome BC Happy! We are glad to meet you too and to have you join our group of brave companions. We try not to be judgmental and all are welcome as long as they respect the rights of themselves and others to be as they are in the moment. Many have listened in order, and that is fine. But feel free to jump as you like and you can comment on those days as you go along too, because the BCs will see those comments and it may trigger more discussion. Also, I feature comments from any of the days as they come in. Listen and participate as helps you and makes you feel comfortable. Hugs, xoxoxoxoxo

        1. Suz

          Welcome, Happy! So glad you are here. I hope you will feel comfy and supported here, as so many of us have. We definitely understand the struggle! I just finished re-listening to all the Episodes! It was great. I feel like I absorbed more, and feel my outlook changing. It really helps to hear a fellow traveler like Laurie, and to reflect with her on the thoughts so many of us seem to have. I hope you wI’ll enjoy your progress through thr episodes. Good to have you here.


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