Ep 0048 – Lessons in Gliding Over Life’s Speed Bumps

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I’m wired for sound as Alen Standish and I do a phone and recorder sound test for my remote interview on Thursday for his podcast, Quit Binge Eating

Podcast Recap

My day starts out fantastically then dives down into challenges, that in the past, would have sent me headfirst into a bag of chips. Discover how I finally learn to deal with frustration and start to take events outside of my control in stride. Hear new listener and brave companion, Brandi, tell her story and current feelings on the bravery hotline. Shout-outs to new listener Millie and to Michelle Mc and Cheryl for their comments about people pleasing and to Jenny for being instrumental in my getting a new opportunity. Taste a sample of an upcoming feature by brave companion Stéfanie, Mark and me, as we work out our technical difficulties.
Palm trees by a lava rock structure

My tropical Zen place.

Male mallard duck on a stone wall

A great surprise was coming upon this Mallard during my travels from Zen place to Zen place. Quack!


Michelle Mc’s touching comment on Day 47

Cheryl’s equally touching reply

Alen’s blog and podcast, Quit Binge Eating

Two Years Before The Mast

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Host: Laurie Weaver
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Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

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Resource of the day

Kathrine’s flexible freedom discovery
A truly inspired and wonderful interview with Kathrine Vigdel on the blog, The Art of Simple. Read this, and it will change your life! (Well it did mine). Highly recommended!
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6 thoughts on “Ep 0048 – Lessons in Gliding Over Life’s Speed Bumps

  1. Stéfanie

    Hi Brandi! A warm welcome to you! I just loved the way you used the bravery hotline and how funny you are too, even if you’re talking about difficult stuff! I hope it worked out well for you and send you support.

    Hey Laurie! Loved the episode and I’m very impressed by your editing job which turned out absolutely perfect! Talk about synchronicity, since your subject of the day WAS about dealing with the unexpected stuff! I am so impressed as I witness your ability to see the good side of things. As the asian saying goes, a crisis is an opportunity and you proved it with this podcast.

    As for your comments about Michelle and Cheryl’s conversation, on the fear of not being accepted as we are, here is my little gift to all of you brave companions, which is my zen song I listen when I need to be self-accepting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnIQyAEe7is

    Can’t wait to hear day 49 🙂 I wish I didn’t have this (very boring) condo assembly to go to right now… 😉

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I agree with Stéfanie, Brandi. I LOVED your way of putting things. Really a lively hoot! I’m so proud of you for letting us hear your feelings.
      Thanks Stéfanie, once I got the audio bits laid out, it wasn’t as bad to edit as it had seemed during the recording sessions. I actually quite like episode 48, because it was a bit of a challenge to put the pieces together and I loved that I had Brandi’s voice AND yours to spice things up. Thanks too for the link to Xtina’s song. I had never seen that before and was quite touched by the lyric and her delivery. A keeper link for sure!

  2. Cheryl

    Wow… Just listened to “I Am” for the very first time. Thank you SO much, Stefanie, for posting that link. What an amazingly honest song. It should be every woman’s (or men, too, for that matter) declaration of being. I have the most amazing friend in Perth, Australia who has been over to visit me twice now. The one thing she has said to me over and over again as I’ve struggled through some things the last ten years is, “Just know that I SEE you,” the words echoed in the song, “Just need you to see me.” Sometimes I think as long as I know that the people who are most important to me can really see me for who I am, I can work through anything. I really appreciated that song.

    And Laurie, I just left a message on the Bravery Hotline for Brandi and Stefanie. You’re welcome to use it as you see fit! If I screwed it up, let me know and I’ll give ya a call back. I think you did an amazing job today of hanging in there and not getting your feathers ruffled with all the ups and downs. SO proud of you!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I can so relate to loving people who actually “see you”, Cheryl. That is a very big deal. I’m so glad you’ve had your relationship with your friend from Perth, because that is true gold.

      Thanks too for calling the Bravery Hotline! You did great, the sound is great, and you’ll need hardly an edit when I use it on Day 50. I know Brandi will be glad to hear your response to her and Stefanie came out beautifully today in episode 49.

  3. Suz (Suzanne)

    Is Brandi still around? I just relistened to this episode and she was so endearing and so funny in her call to the Bravery Hotline. I really appreciated that, and could relate to how she was feeling.


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