Ep 0049 – Stéfanie’s Secret Topic and other Surprises!

Laurie sits near a big boulder
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I enjoy the surprise of finding a new place to record at my local park.

Podcast Recap

I muse on the Yin-yang of surprises as I search for a new Zen Spot at my local park. Stéfanie’s Secret Topic is successfully launched! Shout-outs to my FB brave companions for their encouragement, to Jodi for her thoughtful comment about people pleasing, and to Alva from France who tells me a surprising reason she values my first podcast show, Daily Adventure Tales.
Boulders in a dry river bed

Here’s the new Zen spot I found at my local park.

Trees look mossy overhead above the sandy trail with bushes to each side

The view from my new Zen Rock


Jodi’s thoughtful comment about role modeling healthy behavior vs. people pleasing on day 47

Our FB conversation about my weird ‘go with the flow’ day on episode 48

Daily Adventure Tales episode where I have a melt-down almost, interviewing successful podcaster, Cliff Ravenscraft.

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Stéfanie’s Secret Topic Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Stéfanie’s Secret Topic concept, content and voice by: Stéfanie Lepage

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

Sounds used in Stéfanie’s Secret Topic Intro

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Resource of the day

by Joshua Fields Millburn on the blog, The Minimalists. Surprisingly wise and thoughtful article about why ‘cultivating your passion’ is more rewarding than ‘following’ it. Great read. Recommended!
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7 thoughts on “Ep 0049 – Stéfanie’s Secret Topic and other Surprises!

  1. Cheryl

    That was a TERRIFIC podcast cold turkey! It’s amazing how fluid you can be when you just let go and don’t think about your subject very much before commenting.

    I get where you’re coming from. Being passionate often goes with being compulsive in my life. It’s such a two-edged sword. When I was working at a copy shop some years ago I could spend hours making the most minute adjustments to someone’s wedding invitation. They would be thrilled with the results and I’d go home thinking, “If only I’d used a smaller border…” For me that’s the way that combination of passion/compulsion played out most often. I’d feel like I failed, I’d go home and eat.

    The thing that struck me as I was listening was that that particular behavior always seemed to come out when I was doing something for someone else — performing, maybe — to win their approval. Other times when I am passionate, like talking about literature, I don’t have the same feeling at all. (Hm… Not saying this well.) It may be that it’s a little like your two podcasts. With Daily Adventure Tales there was an external goal, albeit a passionate one, to create something that would be successful in the internet world. But with COD your passion is coming from your core for no one but you, irregardless of how many people are listening.

    I think perhaps when it comes to the whole changing my eating habits thing I’m always waiting for that driving passion that’s going to send me out exercising and weighing and measuring my food. But in all honesty, that’s not a passion that’s coming from deep within me. I mouth the words that I want to do those things, but only so that others will applaud my efforts. I think until I can find that passion that must be buried there somewhere inside me to take good care of myself, I will never be successful at this whole eating healthy thing.

    Well done, Laurie and Stefanie!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Cheryl, I have to admit I felt a bit uneasy afterwards, like I was rambling around and around, and never getting anywhere. But from your kind comment, it sounds like I’m just having a dreaded perfectionistic outbreak! Quick Call Dr. Josh 😉 I think you are absolutely spot on, that the passion that feels bad is when it is for the purpose of impressing or pleasing other people – no matter the good cause etc. If it isn’t in our hearts, then we are not being true to ourselves. I also related the eating habits. I have dieted successfully, unsuccessfully, started, stopped, got pissed, got sad sooooo many times. I know that it doesn’t work for me long term. Even so, it is hard not to go back when I get frustrated about my size. However, I’m hoping the changes I’m making by learning about myself with the help of the support of all of you, will stick because they are part of me. Still it is a struggle, because I am so used to the feast/famine roller coaster. It is tough to keep balance some times.

      PS, Thanks again Stefanie for a really cool opportunity 🙂

  2. Stéfanie

    Yé! The feature has launched and this first flight is really great!

    All or nothing… Exactly. Two-edged swords… exactly. Your job example Cheryl is an absolute perfect example of what I also experience on a daily basis, as I become overwhelmed and obsessed with many things, which in return triggers anxiety, binging, etc. I am also trying to become a little more zen and steady and trying to get out of the all or nothing loop, trying to sand off those peaks of emotion.

    Laurie, I heard no rambling? you did absolutely great. XX

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Stéfanie! I”m so glad you liked how your vision turned out. That makes me so joyful. See, your idea is very good for me! I began, as promised, speaking on your topic the moment I heard it, just as if we had a live show and you asked me an unexpected question. Scary, but very exciting. Maybe that is a good metaphor for living life. Try some new things on the spur of the moment. Planning is good and useful, but it can be a passion-killer, no? Being overwhelmed is so tough, and we try so hard to make sure EVERYTHING goes well, don’t we? That adds to the exhaustion I think. So scary exhilaration may be a great antidote 🙂

      1. Cheryl

        scary exhilaration… Makes me want to piddle down both legs! And I don’t even have a lot of control issues. See how well you handled it!

  3. Michelle Mckinney

    Hello Laurie, Stefanie and Cheryl,
    I’m just getting caught up now. Wow, this site has been very busy these days. I have fallen behind and I still have podcast 50 to listen to, just listened to 48, 49 today. Great stuff. It was wonderful to hear all the different voices and I really enjoyed learning more about adventure tales. I do like the topic of passion and pondering when is it a good thing and when can it be destructive. It’s wonderful Laurie how you so fully embrace your projects. It doesnt seem like you held anything back when you were creating adventure tales. I think sometimes I let fear get in the way. Well, I have so more comments to read and respond to so I can fully get caught up with you all on the site. To health,

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Michelle, I’m glad to see you! Thanks for taking the time, I know you are slammed between work and family. I too, super enjoy the mix of voices on the show and look forward to a time when more brave companions might feel more comfortable sending audio or calling the bravery hotline. I think it does feel more like “us” vs. just me. But I also appreciate all of the comments and stories that I’ve received here, and privately in email. One of my challenges is to NOT fall into work-a-holic thinking and to let Compulsive Overeating Diary itself take over from my food compulsion. If I think 24/7 about the show and the brave companions, I’m just cross-addicting to the podcast. But the good news is, at least, thanks to Stéfanie’s topic, I am aware of that danger. I will strive to have more balance and take time away as well as devote time to expressing myself this way. Wow, your comment was a GREAT trigger for me to think today. So thanks, thanks, thanks again! hugs to you 🙂


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