Ep 0058– Insomnia’s Effect on Intuitive Eating and Updates on Old and New Brave Companions!

Laurie in shorts
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It was so hot, and I feel SO much more comfortable in my body, even at its current size, I wore shorts to the park in front of God and everybody!

Podcast Recap

That darn scale, I still can’t keep myself off of it every morning! How can I get over this bad habit? The truth about my former weight maintenance methods and how intuitive eating differs. Shout-outs to Alen Standish for his kindness in providing me a quick way to get ALL countries’ iTunes reviews and to Cheryl for giving Alen’s show a try and for posting a comment to him. Why I so appreciate how you brave companions support me and each other. Hello from new brave companion Helen, brava to brave companion Monica from Australia for stepping up to say hi to us, and we hear from one of the original brave companions, Crystal, who gets back in touch and highly deserves her place on today’s bravery report! More about money and my adventures with Amazon. Finally, Insomnia drives a wedge in my progress and we do an experiment to identify fullness in our tummies and guts.
Laurie in shorts shot from overhead

It’s hard to take a flattering selfie to show your bravery wearing shorts to the park on a hot day. BUT I feel really good here, tummy and all. I wore my shorts and nobody passed out in horror. In fact, NOBODY noticed at all. Great step for me.


Newest Brave Companion Helen’s Hello on Day Day. Please stop by to welcome her!

Brave Companion Monica’s Hello to us, Please stop by to read it and to welcome her if you haven’t already.

Michelle McK’s supportive comment about intuitive eating on Day 57

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My comment to Cheryl on Day 57 telling the psychological conclusions I’ve come to after listening to myself on day 57

Crystal’s AMAZING post on Who are the Brave Companions?

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Intuitive Eating

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Host: Laurie Weaver

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Older Ladies by Donnalou Stevens.
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16 thoughts on “Ep 0058– Insomnia’s Effect on Intuitive Eating and Updates on Old and New Brave Companions!

  1. Stéfanie

    I weigh myself at least one time a day. Two times is usually more like it. After listening to this podcast, I am giving myself a 10 days challenge without the scale and see what comes out of that. Any BC’s want to join me? No pressure 🙂 I’ll be reporting on my progress on July 9th.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Brava Stéfanie you are on the bravery report for sure! I’m afraid *I* just can’t commit yet to no scale at all, but I want to. So, my dear, you will be the brave leader and I will be so interested on hearing your thoughts and emotions about how it goes. I hope some other BCs will be able to join in, because I DO think it is a very important step. 🙂

    1. Stéfanie

      Hello Ladies,
      Hi Sue,

      I went on the scale today as I was really obsessed and also because I binged (moderately) twice since I gave myself the challenge. I am not mad nor sad and pretty calm about this. I guess this tells me I am not ready yet and that, to me, is great knowledge too and I am really proud I tried it.

      One very good hypothesis is that this is not a good timing. I just sold part of my house to my BF and in the process we did our wills plus are managing a major renovation site here at home and, as predicted, surprises are slowly coming in and I must let go of things I had originally planned. I guess this lack of control is this area makes me want to control my weight.

      On the other hand I ran my best 5k to date yesterday so that compensates also.

      Sue I hope your challenge is going well. I can’t wait to hear your insight on your journey.

  2. Stéfanie

    Hi Crystal!!! I read your BC Story. Very touching. Thanks for sharing. Welcome back to the community!!!
    Stéfanie 🙂

  3. Sue

    I must be a rebel at heart! I have gone longer than this without weighing myself before, but because I have said that I won’t for a few days the desire to do so increases! I have resisted so far. I am so new to the Intuitive Eating that I am not good at recognising when I have eaten enough without overshooting. My upbringing means that I have an inbuilt resistance to leaving food on my plate; I am more comfortable with taking less to start with. However I find myself asking how hungry I am at various times of the day, and unless I am heading towards 3 I can avoid searching for food. It is harder to resist if there are tempting things like mini sandwiches or mini cakes on show about 3 hours after my last meal. Maybe that is the point and that after 3 hours my body needs a little something and it is better than trying to last at least 2 hours more till the next meal.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      For me if I think I’m hungry at all between meals, I do better to eat a little and see what happens. If I was really hungry, the eating increases my knowledge I either feel some level of fullness change or more hunger. If there is no change, then I know it was emotional. If I AM hungry I eat. I have been known to eat lunch at 10:30 AM if really hungry! Right now I’m eating a small breakfast, sometimes a small snack (especially if I’ve been hiking or biking), large lunch with some kind of sweet at the end, sometimes very small snack, and then small dinner. That’s how my hunger has been. I’m lucky that I’m not much of a night eater. I start getting tired by 7 or 8 because I wake up so early. I’m impressed you’ve stayed off the scale! I’m thinking it may be time to at least try for a week. I’m working up my courage. I too think that asking myself for my hunger number has slowed me down at times. It at least lets me know I was eating for other reasons, and sometimes that’s what I want to do! (Can we say Hello Robot Aliens?) Also, I’m just now starting to know hungry without thinking about it. I’m hopeful!

  4. Cheryl

    Yep, that’s EXACTLY the way I feel when I haven’t slept. It’s as if my body is just demanding fuel. And it equates fuel with food. Trouble is, a couple of the meds I’m on make me feel the same way 24/7 — even if I HAD enough sleep at night. So most of the time my appetite is in that “feed me” mode. I’ve struggled and struggled with how to overcome the tiredness. It’s discouraging thinking I’m going to have to live with that the rest of my life. I’m having a B12 test done on the 16th to see if mine is low because two of the meds I’m on will cause your body not to process B12 properly. And that can make you tired.

    As to the scales, when I’ve tried going even a week at a time without weighing, I gain weight. It’s that simple. I have no clue why, except maybe I feel like I’m being sneaky and eat more? So I weigh every morning first thing.

    And wanted to say if you plan to give up caffeine, try Bigelow’s Mint Medley herbal tea. I swear I think I’m getting addicted to it! Even tried it cold. It was really yummy. This is a big thing for me because I abhor herbal teas!

    Hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

  5. Stéfanie

    Sleep is such a big factor. I am an early bird that gets up right on the clock at 5h45 every morning, whether I’ve stayed up or not the evening before.

    Making sure I get good sleep makes such a difference in my energy as when I’m rested, I am more calm and make better decisions.

    Afternoon naps are also very helpful in that way.

    Plus… an hour more in dreamland is an hour less of fridge temptation 🙂

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Yes, sleep is the elusive unicorn that brings all good things when you catch her 🙂 On days when I’ve slept well, I too feel energized and peaceful too. It is always a blessing. I can’t nap, because if I fall asleep in the day, I don’t fall asleep at night no matter how tired I am. But I have heard that for most people napping can help make up some of our sleep deficits and so would be well worth a try. I also listen to music that mimics our delta brainwaves and that helps me stay asleep a bit better than on the nights I don’t listen.

  6. Rachel

    Still listening and catching up gradually. Each episode is a gem of feeling and information. So many ‘yes me too moments’. Overeating and tiredness such a common occurrence for me, in fact I think it is the most common one. Have a few ideas when it started. Wondered if there may be a childhood link too far back to remember. Another one is linked to having a cake and a packet of crisps every day after school. As I got older I used to buy sweets on the way home on a Friday after a long school week and maths and French that afternoon urgh. In fact my default when I’m tired is to eat, especially chocolate and sugar. This used to mean as soon as I got in from work I would binge. This is rarer as I have worked on it, but find myself still overeating later in the evening rather than going to bed. How silly is that? My solution now is to capture the thought and try not to act upon it. Also the hormone Ghrelin is involved and apparently when we are sleep deprived more Ghrelin is released increasing our appetite. Interesting.
    Thank you for your honest and genuine podcasts I think that is the reason why people value them so much and can identify with the trials and tribulations of your journey.
    Would also like to say that you don’t need to apologise when you ask for feedback. According to Transactional Analysis we need positive strokes to help us ‘open the heart’. Stroke starvation can lead to physical, emotional and physical illness according to Claude Steiner.
    All the best
    Rachel x

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Rachel, I’m glad to see you are still working your way through, though I have to admit I needed to go review that show to remember what was going on with me that day. 🙂 I still struggle with insomnia at times, it is the number one thing that causes me to overeat these days. Tired and hungry are so mixed up for me. I also relate to the treat food as a way to unwind. I did it after school as a youngster and used to head right for the kitchen after work too. And I’ve heard many, many of us do the night-eating thing. In fact, that was Alen Standish’s big Waterloo issue. Oh, and I wanted to thank you for telling me about Dr. Nina, I emailed her and introduced myself to her, and she posted a link to the show on her Facebook group and I’m also doing a guest post on her blog next week. She is also in Los Angeles and so that was a great connection to make. Thanks so much! Thanks too for the comments about my not needing to apologize for wanting feedback and for being thrilled when people call or comment. Because I am always thrilled when they do and sometimes feel a bit lonely if everyone is busy for a few days. I must say I’m getting better though at tolerating the silence when brave companions disappear for a time, or for maybe forever, but I never, ever like it. It may be abandonment issues or as you say, a need for positive strokes. I notice when I’m happy and busy myself, it doesn’t sting as much as those times when I’m in a blue mood anyway. Today we went bike riding and I enjoyed being outside and seeing the birds on the river, and then we came home and I basically relaxed. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks so I think I needed some down time. I’m so happy to hear from you and to learn your thoughts on these episodes. It breathes new life into them for me,as I go back and listen again. xoxoxoxoxox

  7. Rachel

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Glad your bike ride went well. I too enjoy the nature aspect of being outdoors. Like you said it is so relaxing.
    That’s good about Dr Nina. Can’t take all the credit though because it was noted by a forum user I used to belong to by the authors of Beyond Chocolate and Beyond Temptation.
    Rachel x


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