Ep 0062 – Bonus – My Reaction to Hearing Alen’s Interview and My Scale Blind Spot

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Yep, I STILL listen to podcasts with my iPod. Here I am listening to the end of Alen’s show where he interviewed me. Right after this, I record my reaction.

Podcast Recap

When Alen Standish emailed me that our interview was live, I couldn’t wait to grab my hiking boots and give his show a listen. At the top of the mountain I record my reactions and then ponder the power the scale still has over me!
A bench with Laurie's pack, water bottle and hiking poles laid on it.

Here’s the bench where I sit and record at my next to upper Zen spot


Alen Standish Interviews Me for Episode 42 of Progress, Not Perfection. Take a listen, and if you like it, please post your thoughts to Alen on his blog as well as here, if you’ve a mind to comment 🙂

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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

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Resource of the day

Why The Scale Lies…
a great article from Health Discovery. I should read it daily for about a week and see if it helps! Recommended
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10 thoughts on “Ep 0062 – Bonus – My Reaction to Hearing Alen’s Interview and My Scale Blind Spot

  1. Stephanie

    Hey Laurie! Just finished listening to your and Alen’s latest podcasts and really enjoyed them. Laughed when you said some listeners think your life is a reality show, in fact I think maybe I am one of them;) I wasn’t sure whether to congratulate Alen for getting Laurie Weaver on his show or whether to congratulate you for having made it there. I guess both of you are turning out to become some sort of “binge eating celebrities” – take that, Hollywood! I think it’s awesome how you guys are putting yourselves out there to help people. Weiter so! (German= keep going)

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hallo Stephanie! I’m glad you liked our podcasts, and thanks for posting this comment.

      I wasn’t sure whether to congratulate Alen for getting Laurie Weaver on his show or whether to congratulate you for having made it there.

      LOL, but I lean toward the gratitude that an experienced and well thought of podcaster, like Alen would take the time to feature me side. This show is bigger now, than when we recorded. And even so, not as popular as Alen’s is — yet 😉 But I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience it was. Alen is so genuine, caring, humble. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. And our collaboration was one of the best I’ve known in work or private life. 🙂

  2. Cheryl

    This is going to sound like an off-the-wall question in light of all the books recommending we put the scales away, but something stirred in me when you made the comment about the scales being a security blanket. Here’s the question: Is it so wrong to use the scales as a security blanket (read that “guide”) when you are working on managing your weight? Granted there are a lot of people that allow those numbers to define them and the success or failure of their efforts; but what if what we really need is to change the character of our “relationship” with the scales and stop telling ourselves it’s a bad thing that we weigh every day. The more we tell ourselves that we shouldn’t be doing that, the more we’re likely to need to do it. Isn’t that just a human reaction?

    I think I may be an exception to the rule, but I don’t think I let the scales affect my moods. I know before I step on that thing pretty much whether I’m going to be up or down. I can tell by the way my body feels, and I’m guessing most of us can. But I have the advantage of needing to use the scales as a tool to help in regulating my diabetes. So I don’t think I’ve internalized my feelings about the scales in the way most people have.

    So do you think it’s possible to make “peace” with the scales and have them be a part of your daily routine?

    I LOVED your interview with Alen Standish, btw. Hearing the two of you together kind of gave substance to the whole podcasting world. That was really cool.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks for giving me another side to consider, Cheryl.

      question: Is it so wrong to use the scales as a security blanket (read that “guide”) when you are working on managing your weight?

      Everything you pose here I agree with. I think the struggle I’m having is that, technically, I’m not trying to manage my weight. Giving up what you weigh on a day to day basis is part of letting go of the dieting mentality. That is the true sticking point. I can see how this idea, that my weight/body size is unimportant compared to learning to deal with my life in more healthy ways than I have with my disordered eating behaviors. However, the desire to be smaller/thinner is SO ingrained in me. I’m making progress, but I’m really having a tough time feeling it’s ok to either stay the same or go up a few more pounds. This is my tough, tough, psychological dilemma. I think the scale and my dependence on it are keeping me stuck in-between worlds. When I was dieting, I could weigh myself without too much pain, as I do understand how the scale sucks as any indicator of fat loss or short term progress. I keep a pretty even keel there. It is a security blankie for me. I don’t want to go to school! (says the scared 5 year old inside). But, the good news is I’ll most likely be ready when I’m ready and all of the discussion around the scale issue is REALLY helping me clarify what’s important to me. I’ll keep pondering. Hugs and thanks again for all of your support and caring. xxoxoxoxox


      I LOVED your interview with Alen Standish, btw. Hearing the two of you together kind of gave substance to the whole podcasting world. That was really cool.

      I emailed this and Stephanie’s comment to Alen 🙂

      1. Suz

        Hi there,
        I’m all the way up to episode 62! Nearly caught up and in the present.
        I think your heading for the scale is pretty similar to your checking all your stats and looking for comments. It’s validation, feedback, reassurance, statsitics. It’s running a check on your program. Everything functioning? Going in the right direction? How well am I doing? Are the techniques I’m trying really working? The scale is only one component of the feedback. You seem to be really good at *noticing* when you have a new feeling, or a new behavior. That is extremely valuable. I think the scale somehow maybe feels more like concrete, verifiable, quantifiable feedback that reinforces your other progress. And you do have kind of a goal number in your mind, and maybe it’s like you’re wanting to watch and document your progress towards it. Just my thoughts of the moment.
        See you soon in the present!

          1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

            Goodness me, I won’t erase it as ALL of your thoughts are helpful. I appreciated the point of view, and BCs following behind may find comfort and a new way to look at this issue from your having taken the time to comment. Please, dear Suz, never on my account, apologize for giving your thoughts.


        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Hi Suz, thanks for this thoughtful comment. I think you nailed my thinking at that time pretty well. I work all the time on learning how to be self validating, but the scale was my security blanket. AND there is nothing wrong with that. Cheryl told me as long as I wasn’t controlled by the outcome, it was all data to learn from. One thing I believe is important for us all is that we accept ourselves and our feelings as we are. If we aren’t ready for a change that’s ok. We can think about that. Maybe the change isn’t really what we want, or maybe there are issues we need to work out first. I really got tired of trying to force myself to do anything, and this was all part of learning how to cut myself a lot of slack.

  3. Diane

    I loved your interview on Alen’s podcast! I found his podcast channeel on Stitcher and I am going to listen to his once I get caught up with yours! I think I am up to Day 64. I am almost there!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I’m so glad, I think you will REALLY love where Alen is heading with his new format. Pretty interesting. We’ll record again late this month, but I’m not sure when it will make his schedule. I hope you won’t be sorry once you are caught up, some of the “binge listeners” have really missed listening all at once. I say, go back and re-listen. I do, from time to time, and I have forgotten MUCH of what I said, and so it’s like a new show for me too!


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