Ep 0065 – Gratitude, Stories and Bravery Day – Featuring Laurie’s Story with Paul Gilmartin

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Here I am with Paul Gilmartin following our interview for his very successful podcast, “The Mental Illness Happy Hour.”

Podcast Recap

Thanks to Brave Companion Jenny, I was interviewed by comedian, Paul Gilmartin for his very successful podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour. I spill how it all went down and have a special gratitude surprise for Jenny. Thanks too to Garden Girl KP who kindly reviewed this show on her weight maintenance blog and who gave the show a 5 star review on iTunes. I ponder letting go of assumptions, welcome new listener Sofia from Sweden who reaches out via FB, and place new listener Amy on the Bravery Report for not only contacting me via the contact form, but for stepping up and calling the bravery hotline immediately after a compulsive eating experience to talk it through with us vs. beating herself up. Brava Amy! Last, but not least, Brave Companion, Dawny makes show history by being the FIRST BC to call for Foolish Fun. Thanks too to more brave companions who have shown their support to the show financially.

Laurie sideways in her bathroom mirror, hand on hip, wearing tank top and shorts

Just like we can have days where we feel fat, the day I recorded episode 65 I felt like my middle was feeling more fit so I snapped this selfie of it. Not so much to say my body looks good, but to remember *I* FELT it looked good. We can be so picky and down on ourselves. I’m happy to record moments of self-kindness.

Parkland grass and trees

I recorded here, at the park, following our bike ride on Monday. It was SO bright and hot. My podcast rock is located beyond the group of trees to the left.


Garden Girl’s review of Compulsive Overeating Diary on her Weight Maintenance blog, please stop by and leave your comments for Karen

Paul Gilmartin’s Wikipedia article

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Dawny and my comment conversation about Foolish Fun

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Resource of the day

I’ve Gained Weight. Now What Am I Gonna Do?
A wonderful article by RD and Intuitive Eating practitioner, Lori F. Lieberman about how to achieve balance in the face of this all too usual situation. Highly recommended!
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6 thoughts on “Ep 0065 – Gratitude, Stories and Bravery Day – Featuring Laurie’s Story with Paul Gilmartin

  1. Karen P

    Awww… thanks for the great shout out , Laurie! So important to find what works. You really own your own stuff, and your podcast makes me think. Kudos on that high profile interview. I love his conditions. You know what to expect from that podcaster. And you, too! Have a great week! Karen P

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thank you Karen for ALL of your support and for taking the time to pop in to share your thoughts and feelings.

      You really own your own stuff, and your podcast makes me think.

      This sentence of yours makes me so happy! It is exactly what I’m striving for every day. To keep my stuff on me, and to share from my heart, and to demonstrate and encourage open-minded and respectful support for all of us on this journey. Thanks again so much!

  2. RI Listener

    Welcome Amy! I’m sorry that you’ve felt ‘crumb-y’ lately but I am so glad that you called shared your story with us! I have definitely been there and your story really resonates with me. Sometimes, when I go out to dinner, usually thai food, I will be very mindful in the restaurant and only eat half my entree. I’ll take the rest home with me and hope that I’ll eat it for lunch tomorrow, but the little voice in the back of my mind tells me that it probably won’t be the case. Usually, I end up with obsessive thoughts about the pad thai in the refrigerator and end up eating the rest of it that night, only an hour or so later, in secret. Even though I know that’s my pattern, I still do it! I always hope that next time I’ll be able to have more self-control. I wanted to share that because I want you to know you’re not alone. I know how bad it can feel the moment the food is gone and I hope you’re not being too hard on yourself. Your worth does not have ANYTHING to do with what you eat. I think all we can do is accept ourselves, our mistakes, that we will make mistakes again, and forgive ourselves for now and in the future. Easier said than done, I know, but I will continue working on being kinder to myself and I hope that you do too!
    -RI listener

  3. Cheryl

    Hey, Laurie! Wanted to say I appreciated your comments about the shrimp and that sometimes we have to honor the fact that there are certain things we can’t or shouldn’t eat for various reason that have nothing to do with denying yourself foods you think you can’t have when you’re trying to lose weight. I’ve been reading through Intuitive Eating, as you know, and while I’ve found TONS of helpful suggestions and mindsets in the book, the fact that as a diabetic the “rules of my eating game” (for lack of a better way to put it) are a bit different has followed me throughout the book. As much as I would love to sit down and eat a big bowl of ice chocolate mint cream because I crave it and am really hungry, for example, just don’t work for me as my sugar would be totally over the top. So I think what you had to say about your experience with the soup was very important.

    Am so thrilled that you got to interview with Paul Gilmartin. I’m going to have to give his podcast a listen. I honestly had never heard of him. Way to go in putting yourself out there. You never know what kind of networking will come from that kind of exposure. Great!

    And finally a big hello and welcome to the clan to Amy and Ms, Rode Island. It’s just so amazing how many of us feel the same way about so many things, not just with this issue in particular, but with life in general. Hope to hear lots more from you guys!

    1. RI

      Thanks Cheryl! It’s nice to have found a group that is so open and supportive, and yet keeps it so real. Laurie, your podcasts are so thoughtful and totally on point with everything going on with me. I feel like every time I put in my ear phones, I have an understanding and comforting friend and it’s helping me bounce back each time I find myself in an unpleasant place.

  4. Diane

    Hi Amy! I just listened to this episode and wanted to congratulate you on calling the bravery hotline while you were IN an eating episode. I want to be able to reach out when I am in the middle of a binge, but can’t seem to do it. When I am in “binge-mode” as I call it, I consciously want to stop, but alien robots just want to scarf food as fast as possible!

    Anyway….. Great Job Amy!


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