Ep 0066 – Do you know what you want? Recover from insecurity

Laurie holds her hat brim up away from her face.
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I flip my brim to get a enough light for a shot of my face in the shade. It’s blazing hot and I’m recording from about 1-4 in the afternoon. Yikes!

Podcast Recap

Insecurity seems to be another excuse to give yourself permission to fail. I ponder this and ways to gain clarity on what we actually want for ourselves. Thanks to the 5 dollar senders, aka my new Coffee Klatch and to the Amazon shoppers for supporting the show. Welcome to new Sparkpeople team members. Thanks also to Melb4564 whose 5-star iTunes review causes me to ponder on the nature of cross-addiction and overspending when dieting. New brave companion Cathi from Connecticut is on the bravery report twice! Once for her comment and once for her brave call to the bravery hotline. I tell the harrowing story of my latest bike incident. Welcome Maggie who kindly posted on day 4. Learn the details of my next possible adventure and how the brave companions helped me to prepare for it. Also, due to Kendra’s great advice, I create and share my own personal mission statement and reveal my biggest life dream. Cheryl supports our listener from Rhode Island and then we have a great comment conversation about money and self-worth. Dawny bravely shares her less than happy feelings on the bravery hotline and new listener, Brave Companion Isabel helps me discover what’s really under my feeling fat.

Rocks under a tree and sunburnt grass beyond

See my podcasting rocks? I’m sitting on one under the shady tree, but it’s STILL hot as blazes as you can tell from the view outside of the shadow.

Laurie's Misson Statement on paper

My Mission Statement in black and white – notice how BIG I make my font so I can read my mission statement without my glasses.


New listener and brave companion Cathi’s first comment

My bike accident blog post

New listener and brave companion Maggie’s kind comment on Day 4

The Facebook post and comments where I ask for help prepping for my meeting

The Facebook post and comments about the RESULTS of my meeting

My Mission statement on the About page

Cheryl’s comment conversation on day 64

Day 64 – please support our private listener from RI

Day 65 – please support Amy and Dawny

Isabel from Canada’s first comment conversation that teaches me about bravery

Brave Companion Isabel’s next comment that helps me learn just why I feel fat

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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

Resource of the day

is a free service where you can find local groups that have similar interests to yours. That’s how I found the voice actor’s social group and the writing group I went to last night. It’s fun! You can even start up a group if you don’t see one that meets your needs. Though to own a group involves a small fee – if you haven’t searched through Meetup before, spend a few minutes. It’s cool to see the diversity of groups out there.
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9 thoughts on “Ep 0066 – Do you know what you want? Recover from insecurity

  1. Dawny

    Thank you soooo much for caring laurie.. I just caught the pod-cast today.. it’s of course as always AWESOME.. your awesome.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mission statement!! I too did this some-time ago, and re-reading over and over is of great help and benefit.. this is one of the ‘take-away’s’ that I VALUE greatly from the beck diet solution book, not quite like you’ve named it a ‘mission statement’ but very similar..

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Dawny, I’m glad you enjoyed. I think it was very helpful for me to put it all down in black and white. It really lets me gage my thoughts and worries AND my goals from a more external place. The only difference is that the external guide CAME from me 🙂

  2. Helen

    Hi Laurie, I have also skipped ahead to your latest podcast to listen to and it was also like you was talking about me, where you talk about Insecurity and it seeming to be another excuse to give yourself permission to fail.
    I am a very insecure and lack of confidence person and I feel I need to be constantly reassured that I’m doing something right, or I just let the fear take control by talking myself out of a job or task, telling myself I can’t do it. The little voice is there in my head telling me I can’t do something, don’t even try because you will fail.
    Big well done on your personal mission statement and I’m sure it will be of great value and support to yourself.
    Also your life dream sounds amazing, I would so love to have somewhere to actually go to in the UK (not sure if I have ever said that’s where I’m from) and have people there who feel the same way as I do, that we could help support and comfort each over in real life.
    A big hello to all the new brave companions that have joined since I last posted, I’m here and listening, but am a bit of a backseat person at the moment.
    Take care everyone x

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Well done Helen! Boy, I hope my big dreams come true and I can come visit the UK too – I’d love to meet you and Sue and Shirl and the other brave companions from the UK who may not yet be brave enough to come post as you have done. If not, I have hope that someday, there will be groups that are for support and encouragement around these food issues in every area. I think just being heard and feeling safe about sharing are BIG helps in dealing. Not only with food, but with life. Therapy for sure helps me in this way, but there is something magical in being part of a group. Different points of view. Different people who show support in different ways. BTW, you comments here, and on FB, really helped me when I was feeling low. (Insomnia ALWAYS is tough for me). I’ve had a rest, and was just heading off to make the guest room bed, when I saw that you had written here. What a lift to my heart! See, dear Helen, you make a difference!

      1. Helen

        Thank you so much for your reply, it’s so nice that we can all be there for each over and to know that none of us are alone.
        I do hope you manage to get a good night sleep later it is horrible when you can’t sleep.
        I seem to have it the other way round at the moment where I feel I need match sticks to keep my eyes open, and as soon as my head hits the pillows, I’m out like a light which does not go down well with my husband especially when it’s every night lol (see to much sleep can be just as damaging) thanks again Laurie and take care x

  3. Cheryl

    I normally make notes when I listen to the podcast, but I was busy boiling water to do dishes today as we’ve had to deal with an e-coli issue with our city water the last three days! His lordship is down draining our hot water heater now and hopefully before the evening is over things will be back on track here with our city (at least that’s what they’re telling us…).

    So I can’t remember what you said, Laurie, at the first that brought up the many times people have said to me, “Well just quite eating so much!” I could feel the hackles rise on the back of my neck whatever it was. I wish I had one good retort I could sling back at folks like that because it’s just like Dawny said (I think it was Dawny, pardon if I’m wrong), you can get away from alcohol and even from cigarettes, but you can ‘t quit eating. People can be so insensitive with remarks like that. Grrrr….. Someday I’ll come up with the perfect response to that comment.

    The other thing I wanted to mention was Dawny’s comment about sugar being addictive. Amen, sista! Laurie will tell you that I have had an ongoing battle with our fellowship time after church for years. I can walk in there determined as can be to have just one cookie but will walk away with a plateful of sweets. It’s as if I don’t even know I’m doing it. I sit down at the table and think, “Oh crap! I did it again.” You can’t put them back once you’ve touched them, right? And wouldn’t the ones who brought them be upset if they saw you throw them in the garbage? So I feel quite justified in finishing off the whole plate. It would be nice if people would bring fresh veggies, dip, and fruit, but the awful truth is, healthy snacks are expensive; sugar/fat-laden snacks are cheap. It’s the sugar that gets me every time. If I can stay away from it for a good ten days, I stop craving it. But one cotton pickin’ cookie and the battle begins all over again. So know you’re not in a boat by yourself, Dawny. Sugar truly is addictive.

    And Laur, I know you’re feeling a bit nervous about beginning this support group, afraid it won’t work out, that you’ll talk too much, etc., but those are the very same concerns you had just before you started COD. And look what’s blossomed out of your podcast! You can walk in there with all the confidence in the world because you’ve already proven how great you are at connecting with people about this very important subject. So go get ’em, girl!!!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Oh Cheryl, as I posted to our Sparkpeople group, I am SO sorry to hear about your water troubles. What a pain! I am nervous about the support group for sure, and am still waiting for the actual paperwork green light. So part of me is nervous it will go forward, and part is nervous that it won’t. If it does move forward, I will try my best to remember your words and hold my head up high. The worst that can happen is we discover that this isn’t the format for this audience, and it isn’t a reflection on me, per se. This is true of almost any creative endeavor. Btw, I sent your question about starting and not finishing creative projects to Alen, and he loved it, and we will be recording a new interview for his show in a couple of weeks. We had to delay because of my latest bike adventures. Hugs and Thanks again for your comments and support.

  4. Diane

    Hi Dawny! I can sooooooo relate to the “sugar is crack” thing! I am trying not to LIMIT, but not ELIMINATE my added sugar too! Sometimes one bite can lead to a 5000 calorie binge! Ugh! Anyway, just wanted you to know that I understand!,

    XO ♥

  5. Jo

    Hi Laurie and brave companions, still cruising through and oh my it is like you have mapped out my life in front of me (being over a decade younger 😏
    I also quit smoking and my compulsion was then full on food, then I restricted the food to lose the weight, then over shopped big time, books, clothes and anything. Then restricted the shopping and the food and over exercised …. I just want to be able to do normal things in normal moderation. So hoping that at some point this comes natural to me …. sending love into the future Take care because you are my special walking companion I care about xxx


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