Ep 0072 – Yin and Yang of Stress and Fun

Laurie in a straw boater hat
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Looking Good! I adjust my new straw hat and head out the door to the park.

Podcast Recap

Totally stressed out from a podcast technological disaster, I head off to the park to blow off steam. I’m encouraged by a call from Sarah from Wisconsin on the bravery hotline. Kendra asks our opinion on what replaces food and do we mourn our old relationship with food? Helen is a knock out during Foolish Fun. Diane the champion is on the bravery report for calling directly following a binge and for her great plan to deal with it. Brave Companion Suz shares inspiring songs on Facebook.
Stretch of park with trees overhead and a busy street at the border.

You can see the street that borders the park. Between the dogs, cars and helicopters, it’s a challenge today to beat the noise.


Kendra’s question on Day 70

Suz’s song link on FB

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If I Were Brave
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10 thoughts on “Ep 0072 – Yin and Yang of Stress and Fun

  1. Cheryl

    Kendra, what a fascinating question… It makes such sense that somehow we would have to grieve the loss of one of our best coping mechanisms. Gotta do some thinking about that. I DO know that as long as I keep my hands busy I don’t use them to put things in my mouth. But I’ve never paid attention to what I’m feeling, if anything, when I substitute cross stitch (for example) for food. Am going to start observing my behavior.

    Important question!

  2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

    Helen, here I am posting on my own show, just because I wanted to say again how much I enjoyed hearing your voice and how much I appreciated getting that joke, So perfect for me (with my love of cleaning and all 😉 ) And it was such good timing. I got your speakpipe message just as I was going through my stressful time and it really did make me LOL. Thanks again for bravely sending that in to Foolish Fun. You are on the bravery report!

    1. Helen

      Hi Laurie, and all B/C’S, thanks for above message (Laurie) and thank you so much for your SpeakPipe message back will use again shortly.
      I could relate to Diane who bravely shared with us after her binge and I can so relate to peanut butter on toast.
      I am still at the stage where I’m not really following any one particular thing, still trying different methods, and then once I don’t get the instant fix I’m hoping for, I instantly start looking or trying something else and not giving any one thing time to work.
      In relation to Amy’s question regarding Intuitive Eating, this is where I am at the moment.
      I am very interested to Intuitive Eating but at the moment I don’t know what I want or how to communicate with my body to learn what it needs and when.
      I need to try and learn that instant fixes are not possible and I need to decide on a method and work with it giving it time and not dismissing it the second I have a binge.

      1. Amy from WI

        Hi Helen, I just wanted to share that I have had the same experience of jumping around from program to program. In order to prevent that with intuitive eating, I committed to giving it an honest try for 1 year. I started as I went back to work for teacher workshops, so I know I’m going to stay with it at least until workshops next year. I hope that by then I’ve really got a hang of it and there will be no need to try any other “program”. I keep telling myself that I’ve been bingeing for 24 years, so I need to give myself time to unlearn that behavior. Good luck!

        1. Helen

          Hi Amy, was so nice of you to reply to me, sounds good advice to give yourself a time frame and stick to it, rather than going from one method to another as soon as I feel that I have failed, thank you so much for your thoughts, will give it a try when I feel ready to commit without giving myself excuses and good luck to you too.

      2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

        Hi Helen, you are SO welcome. And Intuitive Eating is really a very long process of learning about yourself, so please don’t feel badly if it takes some time. It isn’t a diet plan at all. But it isn’t a “What the heck eat what isn’t nailed down” plan either. And for those of us who have spent years ignoring our body’s signals it can be challenging and confusing. Throw in that some of us also have hormonal or other issues that can confuse things further. What’s helped me most so far is in figuring out that hunger for me is really sensing a lowering of energy. I assumed that it was all stomach based. And for me, if I get to the empty tummy, I’m WAY past eating for energy and on to raiding the fridge and attacking the cupboards. It’s subtle. But now I can feel my energy dip early enough that my meals are usually no longer frantic. This has been eye-opening. And I think Amy is wise to give herself a long timeframe so as not to have anxiety. This process really takes time.
        PS, looking forward to hearing more of your lovely voice!

  3. Dawny

    I have started a ‘list’ of things to do when there’s nothing to do (aka: not eating your feelings) and it’s the inundane tasks, that well they don’t NEED done RIGHT now, but could use to be done, like cleaning the oven. or the fridge, or I have a HUGE fish tank that needs some attention, organizing a drawer, just a list so that if the time hits, and I just can’t find the ability to surf the ‘urge’ to feed my emotions, or maybe I cannot pinpoint the emotion, loney, bored, tired, angry etc. I can just engage in one of these activities.. =-) not sure if this can/could/would help anyone else, but it’s sure been good for me.

  4. Suz (Suzanne)

    Hi Laurie,
    I never really thought of myself as obsessive or compulsive that much, but you’ve mentioned two things you do that I also do, and you attribute it to your compulsive mind, so I think I need to rethink my thoughts!
    When you thought you lost your mic, that became all-consuming. When you thought you lost access to your episodes, all your energy and anxiety went into that.
    I am SO like that. I can’t stand it if I am missing something I think is important. I get right online and see if I can replace it, or I turn the house and my car practically upside down. If I have the feeling that all my stuff isn’t where I have control of it, I am so uncomfortable. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. If it’s something I feel is important, it practically creates a panic attack. I simply find it impossible to sit with the discomfort and wait until I find it, or wait for an answer. I have this crazy energy that takes over and I get so irritable and compulsive I can’t even begin to figure out how to calm down, and the idea of having to calm down just makes me madder! I don’t know if you get that bad, but sometimes I do.
    So, even though I haven’t made any steps towards any kind of dietary change, I feel like I should start practicing deep breathing techniques or something. I’m working myself up just thinking of losing something important and having to find it! I even have dreams about losing my wallet or something else important. Or other people move into my old house and a bunch of my stuff is still in there.
    Maybe it’s loss itself that I can’t deal with. Maybe that’s why I keep too much stuff.
    Something for me to think about.

  5. Suz

    Also about Kendra’s question. I get that. I think I’m afraid to let go of food as a comfort and reward. Even when I’ve had a prescription for Phentermine, there were days that I avoided taking it. I couldn’t articulate why. I wanted not to be plagued by appetite and cravings, but there must have been a part of me that wanted the pleasure and comfort of food more than I wanted relief from an over active appetite.

  6. Amy from WI

    I have recently started trying Intuitive Eating, and I’m reading the suggested book. The book may cover this, but I haven’t gotten there yet. Right now, if I eat to a feeling of satisfaction, I am hungry again in 2-3 hours. If I eat enough to stay full 4-5 hours, I feel stuffed and uncomfortable. Because I’m a teacher, I can’t just eat when I get hungry. I’m wondering if this is a stage, or if anyone has any thoughts to offer.



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