Ep 0077 – Limiting a Food as a Choice vs. Diet Mentality

Laurie in bike gear on her bike
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I’m wired for sound and ready for fun on the LA River Bike Trail.

Podcast Recap

When might limiting some kind of food become a free choice rather than an event that triggers diet mentality? Mark and I go bike riding on the LA River Bike Path. Mark gives his monthly unbiased report on my progress. I’m excited by my voice acting teacher’s comments on my last take. Marquita and Stéfanie have their comments featured.

Mark and Laurie in bike helmets

Mark and me halfway through our ride.

Laurie in her check in outfit

My size 18W pants are a tad bit tighter than last month, but I’m still feeling good about my progress.

dry river bed

I took this as I hiked down the dry river bed at the bottom of my usual hiking trail looking for a place to record.


Alen’s Interview on Motivation with Cookie Rosenblum – Thanks for the shout-out little Bro!

My voice acting teacher, Marc Cashman’s website

The episode where Dawny and I Skype

Marquita’s supportive comment on Day 75

Stéfanie’s fantastic list of things to consider if you are feeling suddenly blue on Day 76

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Laurie’s No-Diet Report Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver

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I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

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8 thoughts on “Ep 0077 – Limiting a Food as a Choice vs. Diet Mentality

  1. Jenny C.

    Hi Laurie,

    I really enjoyed the podcast today. I have been refreshing my podcast link all week waiting for a new episode. It is great timing. I am in a good place right now. For the previous 10-15 days or so I was a little out of sorts pushing myself to exercise while eating whatever I wanted and having a little too much red wine. I hate to blame it on peri-menapause but I swear it just grabs hold of me sometimes. When I get in that cycle it can be so overwhelming. You can’t talk yourself out of it or read yourself out of it. I have been just trying to get thru it. Last I checked, I gained about 5 lbs. Looking at that number just destroys any positive work I have done on myself this last year. I wish it wouldn’t. I keep telling my friends who I’m coaching all the right things to get them thru their ups and downs, I wish it would work on me too. Anyway, putting the scale away for a while. I know I won’t be able to lose that weight in a week so I’m just gonna focus on me, the progress that I have made, eating healthy and getting my workouts in. I def needs some of those workout endorphins.

    Hope it cools down in So Cal. It is supposed to rain here tomorrow in Sacramento. Fingers crossed.

    Take Care Laurie ! Thanks for listening.


    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Jenny, I’m so THRILLED you stopped by! That little too much red wine scenario is one I’ve had just a few…hundred times myself. Love the stuff! (HATE that is one of the foods I need to limit for singing. Darn list of foods to avoid for singing is like a who’s who of my FAVs!) Peri-menapause is a very challenging time for some of us. Those who are men, or women who were lucky to have mild symptoms from it, have NOT ONE F-ING IDEA of the crazy rage devil that takes hold of your body while it whirls your emotions around like Linda Blair! Whew THAT feels better 😉 It’s looking cooler thank Goodness. That heat was making me a tasmanian devil, and we won’t talk about the AC bill we just paid. Ouch! Dear Jenny, just know that you deserve to have the life you would like. And it takes baby steps to figure out exactly what this is. Hugs Hugs and a Big Bad Whomping Stick for those times you just need to whomp on something (other than your dear self).

  2. Stéfanie

    Bonjour Laurie et les BC, I shed a tear when you red my comment. Fascinating how my own words resonated in a different way when told by someone else. The way you red it just touched a soft spot. Reading us out loud gives your good voice over practice too 🙂 Thanks for giving me more to think about. I think I’m on to something with this and need to dig a little more.
    As for Mark’s report, hang in there gal. Your relashionship with food is getting better and that’s wonderful. Can you recall your last binge? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? You are doing GREAT. Xx

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Awww, Stéfanie. Thank you so much for saying that! Sometimes I worry that when I read your thoughts I’m just tripping over them and not giving them the respect they deserve. Yours this time were so powerful, I read your words many times to myself and they really impacted my thinking. So thanks again for sharing them with us. Also, as you will hear in Day 78, a bonus episode I’m editing, that I’m WEARING the size 18Ws and they fit fine today. No change in diet either. So maybe Mark was right and the heat caused me to retain water. So I’m encouraged again and ready to keep on seeing where this strange journey takes me. But wherever that may be, I’m so glad to have you by my side.


  3. Amy from WI

    Thanks for this great episode, Laurie! I’m glad to hear that the pants are feeling better after the cool down, but I’m more glad that noticing the tightness did not send you back into diet mentality! Heat truly does cause your body to retain water and swell a bit, so I’m sure that is exactly what it was. I continue to enjoy hearing about your journey. Mine has been an interesting roller-coaster! I find that some days I’m just fine and able to eat normally without too much thought, and other days I get a lot of food cravings and really struggle. I am noticing when those cravings are emotion based (usually). Some days I’ve been able to find another strategy, other days I have eaten emotionally. I’ve been dealing with knee pain for moths, but it has gotten much worse in the last month, and the doctor isn’t sure what is causing it. I know the pain and frustration is a big source of my emotions, as well as the lack of sleep due to the pain waking me up. I think just putting this down in writing to you may help me! I feel sure that I will eventually heal, I just need to be patient and not let me get this down….thanks for being there!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Amy, it is GREAT to hear from you. I featured your comment on Day 79 (I’m busy editing it right now). Hang in there gal, as you know, I KNOW what a pain PAIN can be! It will pass and you will feel better. So sorry it’s your lot at the moment. Glad that your intuitive eating journey is still moving forward. For me it’s two days forward, one day back, one day forward, two days back, but overall my forward days are greater than the back days and it’s all a great learning experience. Hugs and healthy knee vibes for you!

  4. Cheryl

    Finally starting to catch up here after being off the computer. I LOVED hearing the voice lesson. And everything he said to you made perfect sense from a listener pov. How very fascinating. Did anyone ever tell you to suck on a lemon for a few minutes before you have to sing (or talk, in this case)? When I was in the musicals in school they always had us do that just before the show. The singing teacher said it cut the phlegm in your throat. May just be an old wives’ tale.

    I gotta say I found Stefanie’s list on last podcast’s comments fascinating. I am the same way. Not just about food, but about every “victory” in my life. She certainly left a lot of food for thought there. Sometimes I think I start my descent the first time I realize after one of those victories that I’m still just human and fallible.

    Something happened this week for me that hasn’t happened in a long time. I finished up a big project I was working on and I was sort of lost. Went to book club Monday night with only about two bites of dinner since I was late. Was so hungry on the way home. Stopped to get milk and ended up buying a bag of popcorn with 7 servings, 140 cals per serving, and 17 carbs. His lordship was watching TV. I offered him some, he declined, and I proceeded to eat the whole stinkin’ bag! I can’t remember the last time I did that, and I’m pretty sure I was just trying to fill a vacant space. It might not have happened, however, if I hadn’t honestly been hungry. Still I was so disappointed in myself…

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Welcome back my friend! No lemons as that dries out the mouth 🙂 Hmm, as to your project is “over popcorn” kinda sounds like that lull mixed in with physical hunger. I can relate to that feeling of disappointment, but I’m betting you learned something from the experience. Hugs and really glad to see you back. You’ve been missed!


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