Ep 0089 – Life’s a Beach and Then You Fly…

Laurie holds up her recorder on the beach on an overcast day
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I took ‘Roland’ with me on my beach bike path ride. Here I am getting ready to record Day 89 from a beach podcast rock in Ventura, CA.

Podcast Recap

The waves crash as I podcast from the coast of Ventura, CA. How does our past impact us and how can we let that go? The body of the here and now is a wonderful and marvelous thing! Please call or send audio of what you are Thankful for in time for the holiday show. Thanks to María for her 5-star iTunes review in her country. I update my progress with legalizing the chips. What reasons might keep you from looking at deep emotional eating issues? Supportive comments about my chip legalizing from María, who’s earned a spot on the bravery report for posting her first public comment, and Fionna, who also writes a touching post about Intuitive Eating on her own blog, Fionna Sings. Cheryl’s comment is linked to from today’s show notes. Leora Fulvio, a well known eating disorders therapist, stops by to post a thank you. BC Rachel gets some input on her questions about procrastination and time changes that she posted on day 64 from Stéfanie from Quebec and Sue from the UK. Also featured is Rachel’s reaction to my request to refrain from giving me unasked for advice on Day 71 and my thoughts on what she brings up. I share about my latest blog post about how inspired I was by the latest musical Mark and I saw, Kinky Boots. I also thank the BCs who supported me on this emotional blog post, Diane the champion, Dawny, and Cheryl, along with Stéfanie from Quebec, whose comment I share because it sums up the various thoughts so well.

Laurie's bike helmut and podcast gear on a large sandy colored flat boulder on the beach

You can barely tell the rock from the beach, but THIS is the podcast rock from Day 89

Gentle waves break along a sandy shore on an overcast day

Here’s the view from the ‘Beach podcast rock’

Laurie in bike gear near the sea

Feeling great! Rode along the coastal beach path after recording Day 89 and stopped to ‘Smell the Roses – er Sea’


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Mark’s short video of me bike riding on the beach path

My Legalizing Chips episode

The episode on Day 79 where I first introduce María from a Spanish speaking country’s story.

María’s first public comment on Day 88

Fionna’s supportive comment on Day 88

Fionna’s blog post about Intuitive Eating on Fionna Sings

Cheryl’s supportive comment on Day 88

Leora Fulvio’s comment on Day 88

Rachel’s question about procrastination on Day 64

Stéfanie from Quebec’s reply to Rachel on Day 64

Sue from the UK’s reply to Rachel on Day 64

The episode about non-asked for advice on Day 71

Rachel’s comment reacting to day 71

My Kinky Boots Blog Post

Stéfanie from Quebec’s supportive comment on the Kinky Boots blog post

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Host: Laurie Weaver

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

Resource of the day

How to Let Go: 5 Essential Tips.
By HENRIK EDBERG on the blog, the Positivity Blog. Really good read with reasons why you might be hanging on to the past and ways to let it go. Recommended.
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10 thoughts on “Ep 0089 – Life’s a Beach and Then You Fly…

  1. Sue

    Your thoughts on letting go of our past selves struck a chord with me. I think i also need to let go of comparing myself with my peers as it inevitably makes me feel as if I have achieved little in comparison. I suspect these sort of thoughts hit many at this time of life. Great podcast!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hugs Sue! I’m glad you got where I was coming from on that topic. I agree that maybe it IS age talking a little bit, but I also think it would have been a grand skill to have developed earlier in life. I too compare myself constantly, and that has never worked out to my benefit. I have a different body type, a different way of expressing myself, a different everything – just as every person ever born has. Even identical twins have different experiences and points of view. I have more blessings than many people do, and still I find room for disatisfaction if I let myself. I have a life full of regrets. But when Mark and I actually take time to take stock in what we have that is positive, it makes such a difference in our lives. Yes, it is very hard to admit we aren’t spring chickens. It’s hard to think some of our adventures are no more. But it is wonderful to still have different adventures to try, and a shared history to remember. Sue, you are a wonderful caring person, and are a wonderful caring parent. I bet you have plenty of other successes as well, but after those two, from my perspective, they are but gravy. Hugs Hugs Hugs!

  2. Cheryl

    The whole idea of having “past lives” within our lives is something his lordship and I have been talking about lately. Being at that age where you tend naturally to “look back” at how things used to be makes it pretty plain that — just like mountains with their different layers of strata or trees with their concentric rings — life is made up of different seasons (or past lives). We’ve been thinking about this because we’re very aware (with our adult son living with us) that we’ve never lived that “empty nest” ring. (And we’re wandering what the heck that would feel like!) But I’ve never stopped to look at my life as regards to my yo-yo dieting that way. It makes me wonder if it’s a cycle I am absolutely DOOMED to repeat over and over again. There’s some great food for thought in your comments.

    There’s a quote that kept coming to mind as I was listening to you talk. “Do you know who you WERE before the world told you who you SHOULD be?” Do we get so caught up listening to all the “instruction” from life and people along our path that we fail to listen to our own mind and heart? I would certainly say that intuitive eating is an effort to get back to that primal state of mind. That’s worth considering, too. For those of us who either can’t for some reason or are afraid to try that path, it’s still worthwhile, I think to see what adjustments we might be able to make to find our way back to that initial path when food wasn’t the enemy and appetites didn’t rule our food world.

    I had to smile when you were talking about the chips again. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever been brave enough to NOT be intimidated by food, but I DID get there with dirty dishes! When I was working, a sink full of dirty dishes totally overwhelmed me. Well somewhere along the line I forgot to be afraid of them, and now I just dive right in without stressing over them for hours. Here’s to hoping someday I’ll get there with food!

    Very thought provoking podcast this week!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      On point as usual with great ideas, GF.

      There’s a quote that kept coming to mind as I was listening to you talk. “Do you know who you WERE before the world told you who you SHOULD be?” Do we get so caught up listening to all the “instruction” from life and people along our path that we fail to listen to our own mind and heart?

      I think you have captured here the essence of the whole episode. When we watch very young kids at play, they aren’t scared yet. They just feel and explore and get hungry when they are hungry. Depending on our family experience, nature and how life plays out, we bit by bit learn what society and our families expect. I believe that returning to “how were made” as best we can, helps to bring us in alignment with joy and purpose. While we must align with society vs anarchy for laws and common good, I don’t think we need to buy into every social norm as Gospel. I think we need to search our own hearts and conscious for many of these. I find, I don’t buy in at all anymore that one body type is best or what we should strive for. Too narrow for evolution OR creation. No matter your belief, diversity is in our world to make us strong. Mutts are healthier overall than purebreds, and I think, we as people are stronger embracing our differences as various strengths to complement one another.

  3. Mary S

    Oh I listened to you talking about the changing seasons of life and it made me cry. I’m entering a part of my life, too, where I am starting to realize I can’t do everything I once did when I was young. Mainly physically. And although I embrace getting older, I still cry at the loss of being young.

    Also, I’m a bible journaler, and gen 3:3… Who told you that your were naked… Stuck w me on the above comments. Who is telling me I’m worthless when I’m heavier than normal? Who am I listening to that’s keeping me down? I have to keep that in mind … Especially when it’s ME saying it to myself. 🙂

      1. Mary S

        That the moment we are in. Wow!!! Love that!!! Going to repeat that over and over. That’s a good one!!!


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