Ep 0092 – Assuming Along the Shore and Stéfanie’s Secret Topic 5

Laurie holds her recorder up by her face on a stormy day on the beach
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Here I am praying for a break in the rain with my trusty Roland 05 getting ready to record during the storm in Ventura.

Podcast Recap

Taking a chance I grab my umbrella and record from the beach of Ventura in the lull of a rainstorm. I explore how assumptions can derail us from our dreams and goals. We welcome three new brave companions who step forward to share their stories. First is Fernando from Brazil who has just realized emotions play a part in his eating issues, despite feeling too skinny his entire life. Next up is Shell from Wales, who has visual as well as eating challenges and is delighted to find companions via the show. Then comes Vena from Texas who goes on the bravery report for posting her story for all to see on Day 91. Featured too are supportive welcoming comments to Vena’s original post by Cheryl and Stéfanie from Quebec. Chelsea is another new BC who contacted me on Facebook and shares her blog, Random Thoughts. Finally it’s time for another of Stéfanie’s Secret Topics of the Day – In this, the fifth in the series where Stéfanie surprises me, she comes up with a pertinent topic about schedules and social life getting in the way of our goals.

Seagull on the sand looks out to sea on an overcast day

A lone gull contemplates the sea.

A rock jetty sticks out into the waves by a sandy shore

Waves break gently against a rock jetty. Is it the calm before more storm?


My rainy day blog post

Alen’s episode on Progress, Not Perfection with Andrew Walen about his book, Man Up to Eating Disorders that I recommended to Fernando from Brazil

The Past Lives Episode

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Vena’s original comment on day 91 and the welcomes by Stêfanie, Cberyl and me

Chelsea’s blog, Random Thoughts

Episode where Diane the Champion calls the bravery hotline directly following a binge

Episode where Amy from WI calls the bravery hotline about stumbles with Intuitive Eating and how she refocuses

Episode based on Crystal’s Advice I call Plan Bitch, Binge or Be

The first episode I did on People Pleasing

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Stéfanie’s Secret Topic Intro Announcer: Mark Weaver
Stéfanie’s Secret Topic concept, content and voice by: Stéfanie Lepage

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

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Resource of the day

4 Ways Making Assumptions Can Ruin Your Life
by Steve Bloom, on the blog, Dumb Little Man Tips for Life. An easy to read pondering about the dangers of assumptions. Don’t assume you should give this one a miss!
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19 thoughts on “Ep 0092 – Assuming Along the Shore and Stéfanie’s Secret Topic 5

  1. Dawny

    YAY welcome Fernando, and Shell, and Vena.. LOVE us some new BC’s to our group.. SUPER awesome, and SOOOO brave for sharing your stories so we can get to know you as well..

    Great episode as always Laurie, not only do I eagerly anticipate and look forward to each and everyone, today it helped my frumpy feeling self get thru the strength snippet I did. =-)

    YAY Im so glad it’s friday…

    Im feeling behind in life LOL

    I ended up on-call this week, unexpectedly, I wasn’t scheduled for that until next week, tho one was ill, and take one for the team.. the last 3 times ive had my ‘rotation’ I always think, maybe this will be my last rotation, I’ll get a new job soon =-)

    Im hopeful on the last interview, they said by the end of next week they anticipated due to some vacation days etc. in the mids of the interviewing process. more hurry up and wait,
    She said they call either way, that’s a good thing, tho I told her many places have told me that and only 1 has when they said, and another that adamantly insisted they call sent a letter a month later LOL, maybe that little ‘tid-bit’ will encourage her to keep her word if they opt out of selecting me for the position.

    The weather turned precipatory, and snow and ice and slop and brrr yuck.. Ended up cancelling the skate night school fun for my 7yo besty, as it wasn’t in our safest interest…
    and not looking forward to my adventures today, but work we must, gotta pay the bills

    no weekend adventures for me, well, unless you call on-call an adventure as I do, I don’t make plans, becuase well that thing can de-rail them quite quickly.

    Feeling a bit ‘frumpy’ and ‘pitty-pot-ish’ this a.m. not sure what that’s about, did about 25 mins of strength, there’s that.. =-)

    I hope a HAPPY friday/weekend to everyone

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Dawny gal, I surely don’t know what is in store for you work-wise, but I’m hoping it is as great as you are. It is SO TOUGH to have to go through all of the waiting BS. You’d think with technology, it wouldn’t be hard to at the very least implement an email response to let candidates know what’s up. I’m also sorry about the skate night cancel – though it sounds like that was the wise course. Phooey. Anyway, You are doing SO GREAT DAWNY posting about these trials and your feelings here. I give you so much credit, and hope you are giving yourself some awesome brownie points too for your courage and fortitude and your kindness in greeting the new BCs. Hugs Hugs Hugs xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      1. Dawny

        thank you Laurie

        We just have to keep on keeping on, that’s all there is to it

        I do a lot of ‘thinking’ and ‘pondering’ and over-think stuff and change my mind a lot too, but its what makes me me I guess LOL

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Well Dawny Dear, I NEVER, EVER OVERTHINK anything….except…er…now I think of it… isn’t that what my whole show is? An excuse for me to talk as much as I want and think as much as I want….hmm, I guess we both just have a talent for expressing our inner viewpoints. Hugs and Hugs and more hugs. We love you just as you are around here my gal. xoxoxoxoxox

          1. Dawny

            im glad because I haven’t had a place to go to over-think and it’s so encouraging and supportive here, and i feel like I belong.. and I never feel judged, and after I stopped ‘holding back’ for fear of steering some-one wrong, or making some-one feel like they may be on the wrong path, I feel so much better

  2. Shell

    I hope I am writing in the right place here. This is my practice run.
    I just wanted to say what a nice day I am having today and I enjoyed the podcast so much. It is so interesting to hear everyone’s different stories and as you say, we all have different issues but have all ended up here with a common problem to share. I am still catching up with the back issues but if this comment ends up in the right place, then I’ll be able to join in once I get caught up. Thanks Laurie for such a nice episode and have a lovely weekend everyone. What a lovely accent the lady from Canada has with her surprise questions, she sounds like a film star.

    1. Amy from WI

      Congratulations on finding the right spot, Shell! Your name is my maiden name, and the nickname my husband has for me still, so I felt a special need to say hello to you. I’m so sorry that you are struggling. I’ve been there, and am still there sometimes. You mentioned in your letter to Laurie that you are having trouble even starting the day without overdoing. One thing my therapist worked with me on is planning a healthy, satisfying breakfast that I will eat as soon as I feel hungry, or have an urge to binge. I tell myself I can binge later if I still need to, but eat the healthy (but yummy) breakfast first. That has helped me so much! Some days I do still binge, but getting the day off on the right foot can do a lot to keep it going that way.


      1. Shell

        Thank you so much Amy. I must admit that I used not to have breakfast and just wait and see how far through the day I could get before starting to eat, because I felt that once I’d started to eat I couldn’t stop. Now I’m working a program of 3 meals and 3 snacks every day about 3 hours apart and I am really finding that having a nice big breakfast helps me get through the day, especially when I know I’ve got another planned snack at 10 O’Clock. I’ve had a couple of good days now and hoping to continue it through the weekend. I hope that you are doing well too and thank you for helping with such good tips. This is a hard time of year to stay on track.

        1. Amy from WI

          Good for you! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve got some good momentum going. It is often the first few days that feel the hardest!

        2. Vena

          Hi! Shell and welcome! Breakfast is hard for me too. My trainer has me on the app, My Fitness Pal, if your on that app too my user name is venabena140 I can add you as a friend. I haven’t been purge food lately just clutter. Trying to organize my closets and cabinets. I pulled out decorations for Christmas and just keep on going.

          1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

            Hooray Vena! I’ve been slowly working through the closets and other clutter areas too. It’s funny, but I can tell my stress level by how much crap I have in piles on my dining room table. If it has only placements I’m very Zen. If there are piles of mail, bags, keys, magazines, packages I haven’t gotten to, sweaters I’ve pulled off in a rush etc. then I KNOW I’ve not been taking enough time for myself. And Shell, I find that even if I’m not hungry within a few hours of waking, I still eat a small breakfast. Otherwise all bets are off by about 10 O’clock and thereafter. Hugs to you both xoxoxoxoxxo

          2. Shell

            Thank you Vena, I do have a MFP account from a long time ago, if I get it up and running again I will add you as a friend. I like that one because I can have it on my iphone to look up calories when I’m out and about. I’m also a big believer in clutter becoming a problem with overeating. I find the less I have control over clutter, the less I have control over eating. I think I also use eating to procrastinate when I don’t want to get stuck into it.

          3. Shell

            I managed to find My Fitness Pal log in details and my username is Greenhorn57, it would be nice to have friends on there from this comunity too.

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hooray Shell you found the right page for posting about Day 92, the show where your story was featured. Hooray for your bravery and grace in sharing with us on the show and I’m looking forward to reading and hearing more of your thoughts as we travel on together. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs. xoxoxoxox

      1. Shell

        Thank you Laurie, I will be all caught up before Christmas I think. I am going to take the rest of you on holiday with me next week, so I can listen at night.

  3. Stéfanie

    The lovely, star-like accent, that would be me lol 🙂 I read that a couple of times, no one never told me that! Although I do speak english quite freely, I am a little shy about my english speaking. I don’t mind my accent but sometimes feel I am a slow speaker looking for her words!!! SO hello to you Shell, and welcome to the community! I was humbled and touched by your wish to be autonomous on this blog and here you are. How fantastic.

    And welcome to Fernando and Vena too xxx

    This is my 1st weekend in a while with no specific plans. I wouldn’t call it routine – I have lots to do. But at least I can respect my own rythm and desires. If I further reflect on this ‘routine’ topic, I think I might have analysed it wrong – maybe it’s not the routine that I cherish – maybe it’s the possibility to choose as I wish. No obligations. Today I had to run many xmas errands (and I don’t like to shop most of the times) but I did only what I felt like and only until I wanted. Freedom to choose is a very key component here, I am realising.

    Thanks for reminding me of that binge bitch be combo. It’s such a great one. I wish it was easier to push food away and focus on people. It takes so much practice…. I wish I was better at it. You seem to master it well. I will be trying this trick of one bite, conversation, one bite, conversation etc

    Stef xx

    1. Shell

      Thank you for the welcome Stef, I hope you have a nice time shopping. I notice that my eating is much worse when I feel that I have to do something that I don’t want to do but feel that I have too. I’m glad you will be having a nice time.

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I have to agree Ms. Star – your voice is beautiful and your secret topics are a big hit! I can relate to the freedom of being plan free. Even though Mark and I are doing “fun trips” for the remainder of the year, in a way it feels like a job, or a series of work travel trips since we need to do so many nights in a short period of time. So even though I’m having FUN, sometimes I wish, ‘Can’t I JUST STAY HOME AND DO LAUNDRY?’ *Gasp* ME wanting to do laundry? I think it is all that balance thing. Bingeing on anything, be it cake, exercise, company or fun trips can still put us out of wack. Mark and I agree next year, despite finances, to try to work in small trips or overnights throughout the year so we don’t have THIS ADVENTURE again. xoxoxoxoxox


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