Ep 0094 – Letting Go Unhealthy Fear and Having Fun!

Laurie with cheek in hand wearing glasses and a green fleece jacket by the podcast tree at the park
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I look weirdly relaxed in this selfie considering I have less than an hour of sunlight to record day 94 down on the podcast rock before the sun goes down.

Podcast Recap

Unhealthy fear blocks opportunities for adventures and fun in life. A HUGE SMOOCHEROO for my latest, generous coffee klatcher and Amazon holiday shoppers. Please help spread the word about our brave companion message by rating and reviewing the show where you listen. A special thank you to Stefanie from Quebec for giving Dawny feedback on the Advice wanted page. I request some holiday selfies and ask you to call the bravery hotline or use speakpipe to send holiday greetings. A snippet of the Brave Companions song Fionna is writing for us along with a volunteer demonstration by Mark of how you, the brave companions, can participate. Support for my latest blog post all about how I’m combating triggers for feeling fat and how I stood up for myself at the Dr.’s office. Comment conversations include moi, Cassie who goes on the bravery report AGAIN for her response to the blog post, Dawny, Sue from the UK, and Stefanie from Quebec. We’ll also have some comments about Fionna’s song, Brave and Free, shared with us last show. I do my first ever author requested book review of Dr. Marcia Sirota’s latest, Loving Heart, Quiet Mind, Healthy Body. Hear my latest adventure in nerdy character voice acting with my scene partner, Michael. Finish up with the FUN Stefanie from Quebec’s having with her account on Instagram.

Laurie puckering up to kiss a large wooden nutcracker's nose

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My blog post about combatting feeling fat

Sue’s supportive comment on my blog

Cassie’s brave comment supporting me on my feeling fat post and our comment conversation

Dawny’s support of Cassie

Episode containing Fionna’s song, Brave and Free

Stéfanie from Quebec’s welcome to Cassie and love of Fionna’s song, Brave and Free

Suz’s comments about catching up and her love of BCs and the musical direction of the show

Dawny’s love of Fionna’s song, Brave and Free

The Advice Wanted page if YOU want some advice from the BCs about a situation

Stéfanie from Quebec’s advice to Dawny on the Advice Wanted page.

Stéfanie from Quebec’s motivating and fun Instagram Page Weightloss_Stef

My blog post that contains one of my crash and burn stories about character voice acting

Dr. Marcia Sirota, is a Toronto-based
psychiatrist, author of Emotional Overeating, as well as the founder
and CEO of the Ruthless Compassion Institute. Dr. Sirota has just
launched the first in a new series of self-help books, entitled the
Short and Sweet Guides to Life. The magic of the first book in the
series, Loving Heart, Quiet Mind, Healthy Body, lies in its heartfelt
sincerity. Through straightforward affirmations and encouragement Dr.
Sirota show readers how to lose weight and heal themselves by
developing a greater feeling of self-love and appreciation.
Book jacket of Loving Heart, Quiet Mind, Healthy Body by Dr. Marcia Sirota

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Host: Laurie Weaver
The Brave Companions Song written and sung by: Fionna Lane
The Brave Companions Song voice over: Mark and Laurie Weaver
Voice Acting Director: Marc Cashman
Voice Acting Scene partner: Michael Palmer

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

Resource of the day

The Frugal Introvert: Fifty Ways to Have Fun By Yourself on the Cheap.
by Trent Hamm on the blog, The Simple Dollar I LOVE this list! It takes away the excuses of being bored while alone AND having no moolah. Highly recommended!
Comments box:

9 thoughts on “Ep 0094 – Letting Go Unhealthy Fear and Having Fun!

  1. Kendra

    Just wanted to say hi! Things are ok for me. Getting ready for Christmas and working on letting myself enjoy those treats. Also, I just learned that you need to eat about 3500 over and beyond your regular eating. So I guess the world doesn’t stop if I eat a peanut butter cup lol Keep up the podcasts!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hugs Kendra! I’m glad to hear that things are well and that you will be enjoying vs. stressing over Christmas. Yep, a true pound of gain takes much more doing than a bite here and there. As many people have said, it isn’t what you do any one day that shapes your life, it’s what you do most days. I think the best thing I’m learning to help me these days is that food is just food. I used to say that to avoid eating the treats such as a peanut butter cup, but now I know that a peanut butter cup is neutral and I can have a bite or not. It’s really freeing. On my best days I’m able to pass up many things that aren’t my favorites and focus more on what I truly want to have as a flavor/texture and enjoy it. When I’m in my IE zone, no food will harm me (outside of allergies). And that is making our current holidays so much less stress for me. Of course, I’m still learning (aren’t we all) so some days I still struggle with my automatic attitudes. I’m so happy to hear from you. I think of you often and wish you well as you were key early on in my exploring Intuitive Eating for real. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, Dear Kendra xoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Dawny

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this episode AS ALWAYS Laurie, and other BC’s.. Im sooo excited for the BC song.. tho I hope it doesn’t ‘replace’ “Im letting Go” I like that snippet too. LOL. if the intent is to ‘replace’ it maybe you can ‘alternate’ lol lol
    I’ll get my call in to the hotline asap

    I love your analogy Laurie, it helps me a lot, although I don’t fear life/living, I fear believing and trusting myself when it comes to food/eating/hunger/satisfied… I fear that I’ll make the wrong choice, I fear that I won’t do it ‘right’.. what the heck is right? anyway?? WOW.. thanks for opening my thinklings to this, you ALWAYS give me GREAT food for thought.. I LOVE it

    Im anxious to check out the book =-) im all for a ‘quick good read’ that’s helpful

    YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for awesome coffee clatchers.. the support rocks, I know i DON’T WANT you to go ANYWHERE so the more support you get the better, and at this time ive not been able to buy you coffee.. so YAHOO for those that can.. weeeeeee

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Dawny, you were up early for your wog-about today! No worries, the BC song is a feature in the show, like foolish fun, just its purpose is to highlight our bravery and support of one another. Letting go will remain my show’s theme song and inspirational snippet. AND support comes in many packages. I never want sending me cups of coffee to be a burden. And you dear Dawny support me with comments, emails, participation and so many ways that I appreciate on a daily basis. You are like the wind beneath my wings. You are a generous soul, and when you can happily buy coffee, you can if your heart is light about it…know what I mean? My goal is to always have COD in every form be a help, a joy, a safe thinking place and a safe spot to spread your wings, as Fionna and Suz have done by daring to share their music and you have done by daring to share your story in all of its ups and downs. I never want COD to be a chore, a guilt spot or another burden on the BCs. Yes, dear Dawny, there is a Santa, and it’s you! xoxoxoxoxox

      PS, I won’t be going anywhere unless the show and blog don’t help me anymore. So don’t worry, not even in my mind as a possibility at the moment.

      1. Dawny

        I wog-a-bout very early EVERY day Laurie =-) It’s what works for me and what i enjoy… Thank you for this message Laurie, it comes to me in a time of GREAT need and Im appreciative of you.

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hey gal, I just got your bravery call for the song Fionna and I are working on. Steller message! I’ll send it to Fionna so she can use it as an example as we work, and for sure I’ll use it in an episode once we have a few more. xoxoxoxoxox


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