Ep 0098 – Depression and Ranting and Welcome New BCs!

Laurie's face is really red as she eats and orange.
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My face is burning and I need some moisture and energy from the exercise on such a hot day. My tangerine to the rescue!

Podcast Recap

Despite my latest bout with depression, I hike the mountain to let go of self-anger. I fill you in on my social media changes. Welcome to three new BCs, Lisa, Happy, and Natalie from Australia. Suz goes on the bravery report for her live commentary about Day 97 and how it triggered her to consider the origins of her distrust and people pleasing. Suz gives a shout-out to Brandi for her bravery hotline call on day 48. I share the highs and lows of my latest voice acting adventures. I then use my best voice acting skills to read you my watershed blog post, Warning! Catharsis ahead – not for the faint hearted! Strong Language! And btw, I DON’T have a blasted weight problem! I welcome new BC, June who commented on that post and feature Dawny’s supportive comment.
Blue skies and sparse trees against the sky.

The start of the trail. Man it is hot! But it is also very beautiful. I take a minute to post to IG so Sophie will know what music I’m rocking out to as I climb.


Comments from NEW BCs

Lisa’s comment on Day 96

Cheryl’s welcome for Lisa

Stéfanie from Quebec’s welcome for Lisa with her handle on MFP

Happy With My Body’s comment on Day 17

Happy_With_My_Body on Instagram

Natalie from Australia’s comment on Day 20

June’s comment on my ranting blog post

COD pages and posts

My blog post about depression

Day 97 that Suz did her commentary on

Day 48 where Brandi called the bravery hotline

My blog post rant

Dawny’s supportive comment on my Rant

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Commentary: Suz
Voice Acting Coach: David Babich
Voice Acting Director: Marc Cashman

Main Theme:I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1

I’m Letting Go (Josh Woodward) / CC BY 3.0

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Depression Symptoms and Warning Signs
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14 thoughts on “Ep 0098 – Depression and Ranting and Welcome New BCs!

  1. Mark

    Hello Suz
    I heard your comments on day 98 of Laurie’s show. Very brave of you. As the always awkward dyslexic so much of what you said rang true with my past experiences also. We as they say who travel the less traveled path and hear a different drummer sometimes do have a tough go of it. When I hear someone tell it like it really feels I say how brave you go girl.
    take care
    mark e weaver

  2. Cheryl

    This is just a checking in post to see if I’m still not getting my comment confirmation emails.

    Sorry for being awol. This blogging course kicked my BLOND butt! I’m now gray and walking with a cane!

    I AM, however, stalled at 27.09 in this podcast. I PROMISE I will be done with all this foolishness this week then life can get back to semi-abnormal. Maybe. HL is home sick this morning. He’s been nauseated and dizzy all night. Not sure what that’s all about… He NEVER stays home sick.

    Have a good day, Laurie.

  3. Cheryl

    After finishing this podcast, I think you should ALWAYS do your rants on the podcast. There was just something about hearing the honesty in your voice that made your words so poignant. And the words and tone of your voice itself made me not feel so alone when I get p*ssed and holler at myself in the same way. Truthfully I found listening to you not just real, but very comforting. That may sound odd, but that’s how I felt!

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Wow, I don’t think I’ve EVER HEARD my rants described as..er..comforting, but I do get it. It’s proof that you are not alone in your pissy feelings, that you have ME for company there. I did that one because the feelings were really getting to my head and I had to let them out. Better on the show than in a bowl if you know what I mean. I’ve felt SO much better after that episode. It did, as expected, lose some more listeners and likes on FB etc. But I have finally gotten to the point, dear Cheryl, where I just don’t care anymore about that. Not in my heart where it counts. I realize, that just like Voice Acting, where you can do the 100% BEST performance, your voice itself just may not be right for what the client is looking for. Of course I make mistakes and whine and fail and do things I learn from on this show, and I have alienated some people from it. But those people were not my true BCs. Better to stay strong to those who are. I need people in my life who get how I am just a regular lady going through life looking to give and get support, not a guru to tell you what to do, or a voice crying out for someone to fix me. So now, when I see these losses I think, well, these BCs are not MY BCs, they belong on another journey and God Bless them, now what’s next for the me and the BCs on THIS path. And I am so very glad, dear Cheryl, that you are always right there as one of them. xoxoxoxoxoxo

      1. Cheryl

        Honestly, I fail to understand the mindset of people who don’t want you to own your feelings. My guess is that in some way it scares them. It’s a shame they feel they have to leave, but for the rest of us — many who have had their own rants on here — there’s something about know this is a safe place to be yourself that makes this community of BC’ers unique and valuable. Personally, I appreciate the depth of honesty that goes on in this forum. I’m TIRED, TIRED, TIRED of hiding my frustration and heartbreak over these stinkin’ food issues. Tired of having to be well behaved around everyone here.

        People who don’t get that and leave are not being honest with themselves, imo. But then I’m VERY opinionated! (wink)

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          But then I’m VERY opinionated!

          One of the very excellent attributes you possess my dear! I think part of bravery is knowing yourself and not being afraid to be that person and to express that person. Now, I have to admit, that sometimes my expressing can involve er…middle fingers…etc., but mostly, I’m learning thanks to you and the other BCs that we are ALL human. We all have our great moments and some we wish we could take back. We’re a total package. And if folks don’t like that, then phooey. We will find those who do. New thought for us people pleasers, eh? But the more I think that way, the less rage I have. I had no idea what a volcano I had buried inside until this year of non-dieting. Interesting….

          1. Cheryl

            Well I hope you don’t let that volcano fizzle out entirely. That’s not healthy, either. Remember what Friedrich Nietzsche said: One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. (Grin)

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