Happy Independence Day!

Laurie looking up at fireworks. Caption in photo says Happy Independence Day!
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Have fun and celebrate wherever you live! Independence is a great thing – ironically, even better when it’s shared.

Where are YOUR fireworks?

Today the USofA celebrates our independence from England. One reason we have fireworks is that they are supposed to emulate the cannon fire and rockets red glare and all that symbolizes our freedom.

Of course, today, I think we just LOVE a big banging par-tay!

Independence is a wonderful concept. Be self-directed, self-determining, self-sustaining. It helps to leave the people pleasing world when we focus on our own wants and needs.

However, like the parties, picnics and barbecues we enjoy today across my country, it’s good to remember we are not alone. The USA didn’t become independent without help. France, Holland and Spain all came to our aid with money and support. Now, was it economically driven? Ideal driven? A case can be made. But the facts are without help, the war for independence may have had a different result for the US.

I think our own personal wars for independence are similar. We need to define ‘our constitution’, our inner rules and principles, declare them, fight like hell for them, and ask for aid to maintain our energy on the battle front. It’s great to celebrate our wins and normal to grieve our losses.

My country wasn’t born without much sacrifice from all sides.

Ironically, once the revolution was done, Britain has been one of our strongest allies. In many wars former foes make great friends later. How can this be? How can we invade, bomb, go after each other and then have parties together toasting conflicts where once we faced off across battle lines?

It’s a stretch, but I sometimes feel that way about food and the robot aliens. They were my foes and now they are my teachers. Chips are just chips, not bombs. But the impact they had on my life makes today a great day to celebrate my independence from them. They are welcome to my party. The robot aliens can even say hello. I don’t have to buy into their strategies to realize, that my constitution would not have been the same without their lessons.

Have Fun today BCs!

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