How to send audio

I’d love to have your voice in shows of the podcast. Here are the ways you can send your audio questions, comments, or stories for Compulsive Overeating Diary.

Features you can participate in

  1. Share your eating story or question. Purpose – increase your bravery by stepping out and know you are not alone!
  2. Read an inspirational quote – purpose share inspiration and realize you can be inspiring.
  3. Foolish Fun – any joke, silly song, kazoo, name is optional. Purpose – share your voice without worry and have fun!
  4. Laurie’s Stories – read something you’ve written or a poem or story you’ve found in the public domain. Purpose – encourage creativity
  5. The BC Bravery Sports Report – Report on your fitness goals, successes, thoughts, new discoveries, Purpose – encourage fun and pride in moving our bodies – inspire other BCs to try something new
  6. The BC Bravery Cleaning Hacks Report – Share your unique cleaning tips and tricks, Purpose – help Laurie and other cleaning challenged BCs get their dusty house of horrors into shape.
  7. Other – create a feature for yourself! That’s what Stéfanie did with her Secret Topic of the Day. Let me know if you have an idea! Purpose – dream big baby!

Some Ways to Send Audio

  • Call the Bravery Hotline voicemail number from any phone. 1-206-350-6445.
  • Use, Laurie’s web-based voicemail. This has no charge for you and you can record up to 5 minutes per session.

    Speakpipe by iPhone
    You can download the Speakpipe app to use with your iPhone.

    1. If you have Speakpipe installed, open the Speakpipe app on your phone.
    2. Type “LaurieWeaver” (all one word) as the username.
    3. Tap “Next”
    4. If the app asks for permission for SpeakPipe to access the mic, tap OK
    5. Tap “Start recording”
    6. Speak into your phone as usual.
    7. Tap “Stop” once done.
    8. Tap “Play” to listen or “Reset” if you wish to re-record your message
    9. Enter your name and email once satisfied.
    10. Tap “Send”.

    Speakpipe by computer

    1. Attach your microphone to your computer and enable it
    2. Navigate to Or click the Send a Voice Message link in the white box with red border in the blue widget bar.
    3. Click “Start Recording”
    4. Click “Allow”
    5. Record your message by speaking into your microphone.
    6. Click “Stop” once finished.
    7. Click “Play” to listen, “Reset” to re-record or enter your name and email and click “Send”
  • Send audio or link via email
    1. My email address is (Change the AT to @)
    2. This works for voice memo apps that allow you to email from within your phone
    3. You can also record outside of your phone and send your audio file as an attachment up to 10mb or send me a link if you have a service like Dropbox etc. I can use any audio format