I Thought I Was Hungry

Toaster and botanical garden plates on a white tiled counter
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I thought I was Hungry

I thought I was hungry this morning
After coffee and yogurt and nuts
Visions of buttery, crunchy toast filled my nostrils
With ghostly aromas and my mouth with phantom tastes
Of softly spiced rosemary
Tickling my palette
While I savored each bite and pondered my day

I thought I was hungry as I prepared my toast
And waited, impatiently for the toaster to pop
I considered pushing up the bar by hand and
Grabbing the toasted rolls for a furtive bite
After all, I was hungry, and 15 seconds seemed too long
To wait
When I was oh, so hungry in the morning

I thought I was hungry when I buttered the toast
Enjoying the sight of melting puddles
Sinking into crispy crevices
Making my mouth water at the thought of this
Slippery, warm, fatty goodness, oozing down my tongue
Mixed with the rosemary in this warm roll
So tasty, so wondrous, so right

I thought I was hungry when I sat down with my prize
Virtuous in that no early bites were gone
I enjoyed the beauty of the thing
All buttery, warm and smelling like heaven
I ate it all and cried a bit.
I wasn’t hungry
I was missing your hugs and kisses

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3 thoughts on “I Thought I Was Hungry

  1. Cassie

    Laurie, I miss having the time and energy to reply to your ingenious posts! Just know that I”m still here and hanging on your every word! Thank you.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Oh Cassie, I am so sorry for whatever is robbing you of time and energy, but I so appreciate your stopping by to encourage me! I meant to write something else yesterday, but my toast inspired me! So thanks for posting on my silliness. xoxoxoxoxox

  2. dawny

    this is great!! Good Morning Monday giggles are the best =-)

    life has been crazy for me,
    I had unexpected visitors from out of town over the weekend, and completed my 2nd half marathon, my weekend of eating was not ‘stellar’ however, I worked hard at being mindful, and for the most part honoring my hunger, and making good choices when i was making ‘less than stellar’ eating decisions, so there’s that.
    it was fun to ‘branch’ out of my box, eat/try new things, and do things (when it comes to food) that I normally wouldn’t, such as ‘tasting’ some delicious bread, ‘tasting’ a few donut samples etc.
    I don’t have ‘eaters remorse’ or ‘regrets’ of my weekend/splurges, however I can feel it today, in many aspects and am ready to get back to ‘normal’ and ‘routine’

    I had the MOST amazing weekend, with my friend who drove 7 hours to support/encourage me thru my race, it was so awesome to have some-one stalking me with signs at random points thru-out the race, and the banana that saved my life at mile 8! I was ready to be ‘done’ and it was sooo hot, I mean 70+ at 9:30a.. whoa..

    I (if you follow me on FB) had so much fun. just saying..
    im sore as heck today.. phew..

    and Ive not given up on the idea of speak-pipe, I saved the email, and am going to dive into that as soon as I catch up, I haven’t touched a lick of anything I ‘normally’ do on the weekends, and my house/life sure show it. LOL


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