My Miracle Plate plus the Weirdest Way a User EVER Landed on

Laurie by a tree
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Here I am taking a nice long walk in the park just for fun. This occurred prior to my miracle pie snack documented below.

Happy Canada Day! Today’s post is brought to you by the “A Picture is worth 1000 Words Department…”

Plate with cherry pits and part of a pie slice

It’s a miracle! I felt the “I’m finished” signal in the middle of delicious pear tart with butter crust and real whipped cream and PUT THE FORK DOWN!

Someone pinch me, the Robot Aliens must have beamed away my gourmet sense of priorities. I ate the cherries and left the tart???? AND these remains actually went in the trash after this photo. I can’t believe it. And I’m not even on my knees scrounging to see if I can clean the pie off. And I’m not even whipping up some fresh batches of cream for later. I feel good and I’m actually thinking about making broccoli. Are you SURE this is Canada Day and NOT April Fools’ Day?????

Strange but true…

Ok, this is totally off topic, but it amused me no end. From my stats, I can sometimes see the search terms that people use prior to clicking on the site. Usually they are terms and phrases like “Compulsive Eating”, “How to get over a binge”, or “Laurie Weaver”. Today someone came here after searching for:

ice pack burn on skin images

They landed on the post about my bonehead ice pack move with photo! Hope they enjoyed it. If you are actually a brave companion who used this search I apologize, but this struck me as such a funny way to find this site. Hmmm looking for ice burn examples? And you click on:

Ep 0055 – Robot Aliens as Good Guys? Intuitive Eating and Hallo Stephanie!

See brave companions, I will do ANYTHING to bring in listeners! 😉

The following is brought to you by the “Oh come on isn’t there ONE of you who thinks this is a fun thing to do, really? Feeling like my sense of humor and what brave companions enjoy must REALLY be lacking but I’ll give it one more go dept…”

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4 thoughts on “My Miracle Plate plus the Weirdest Way a User EVER Landed on

  1. Cheryl

    Hm… It’s interesting that this is a scary topic for me. I think I’m afraid if I have fun I’ll eat a lot, because having fun usually involves at least snacking. Seems like I must be missing out on a lot of life!

      1. Cheryl

        The whole allowing myself to have fun thing. I mean, went to Salt Lake with the homies Friday night and we ate the whole time we were gone (and had a few drinks…). It just seems like everything I enjoy doing with friends revolves around food. So I’m hesitant to cut loose and have a good time normally. Besides which I have a HORRID sense of humor. Do other people feel that way? Are you getting anyone calling?

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Sadly no calls, hence my last try on this post. This puzzles me no end. But it is, what it is my friend. Foolish Fun was meant to be break from stress, not another reason to feel badly. So take a breath and feel happy with the things that make you happy 🙂 And If you run across a good knock knock joke online someday, give the bravery hotline a call and you will have your non-food, fun, debut! As to if others feel the same, I’ll ask on the next show!


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