My Pear Shape Is Not the Most FRUSTRATING Thing Today

Laurie gazes at the ornate blue and gold ceiling at the Pantages Theater
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I ponder the price of squeezing my curvy pear shaped self into these small seats to enjoy the timeless beauty of the historic Pantages Theatre.

Today has been a weird mix of rest and frustration. My website has more technical gremlins that I’m trying to troubleshoot. Basically the last blog post is not sending out its email notice, nor automatically posting to Twitter etc.

Since today’s status DID post correctly, I’m working with technical support to try and figure out what is going on. There are SOooo many variables, it is hard to eliminate them one by one.

Sound familiar?

Finding out one’s technical website bug is rather like finding out the nuance of why one RUNS FOR THE CHIPS!

You take your best guess, try again and see what happens.

Hope your day is more fun for you!


PS, the errant blog post is found here: Make Yourself Happy – Acting Without The Drama

PPS, Off to practice singing as I am DONE with technology for now!

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2 thoughts on “My Pear Shape Is Not the Most FRUSTRATING Thing Today

  1. Dawny

    I hope you figure it out soon.. that would be VERY frustrating..

    Rest is good, I think I caught that in there some-where. LOL..

    I had an abnormally short work day today, to be followed by an extra long day tomorrow taking one for the team.. think happy thoughts for me.. =-)

    Day 2 of not waking up and wog-a-bout, trying to change things up and be nicer to my body.. a more intense type work-out with added benefits as opposed to wear and tearing me down.. hoping for the best at any rate..

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Happy thoughts my friend! I am SO PISSED because the blog post that is giving me trouble was SO DANG ZEN when I wrote it! hahahahaha – Now no one will see it without going through my frustration first. Hmmm, must be a lesson in there somewhere. No chips involved anyway, there’s that 😉

      Changing up work outs is always a good thing I feel. Sending you good sleep vibes. I’m needing some Zzzzs too. At least it wasn’t hot these last couple of days. A nice cloudy day now and then is a relief. xoxoxox


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