My Solo Intuitive Adventure Day

Laurie at the trailhead
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My Solo Intuitive Adventure Day begins with an early AM hike, JUST FOR FUN!

What do you do when your hubby asks you to leave the house for 24 hours…

Ha! Got you there with THAT headline huh? Mark needed to complete a plumbing project at our home that required him to turn off our water supply for as long as it needed. Mark, knowing my fussy and immediate bladder needs, requested me to find a way to stay away and let him plumb safely sans wifely bitching.


Solo Intuitive Adventure Day Was Born!

It has been many, many years, since I have spent 24 hours all by my lonesome doing EXACTLY whatever I wanted to do, whenever I wanted to do it. In fact, it has been SO long, I had a bit of a trouble thinking UP all of the wonderful things I wanted to do. So Like all good things, I started with an early morning hike to my mountain. I went just for fun and not for recording, thinking, praying, or anything other than watching birds, marveling at lizards, saying howdy to fellow hikers and petting the dogs whom I knew on the trail. Pace was NOT exercise quality – even though any hiking is exercise.

Tree against the sunrise

Early morning – dawn breaks as I begin my Adventure Trek

Hike accomplished, shower had, what should I do next?

Let’s hit the movies!

I hopped in my red convertible (which I LOVE yet seldom drive now that I am retired), took the top down, slapped on my sunscreen and hat, blasted Beatles music all the way to Burbank and moseyed to the theater to pick a non-Mark-favorite film. Hmm, Girlie romance? Not in the mood. Action? Nope, too much thinking. Schmaltzy Bill Murray Pic? Perfect. Heart-warming with sarcastic wit.

Decided to eat WHATEVER I WANTED. Discovered, not in the mood for popcorn, so enjoyed film and about a $30.00 savings by avoiding the concession stand.

Laurie in front of a Hitchcock poster

Me and Hitch at the movie theater after I saw St. Vincent starring Bill Murray.

Hmmm What next? Not time to check into hotel yet?

Shopping Heaven or Hell?

Well, I HAVE been looking pretty ratty of late, since I HATE clothes shopping. NOTHING, no matter what size I try, no matter HOW thin or fat I am has ever fit without a trip to the tailor. Shopping means armloads of clothing all different sizes and me having to strip, try, re-dress, take clothes back, find more sizes, rinse repeat, rinse repeat until I want to scream and go back to wearing Mark’s old T-shirts. Sigh. I totally was denied the girly girl shopping and make-up gene. BUT here I am next to a Macy’s with time to kill. What’s the harm? I totally crapshoot my size, took one, count ’em one, outfit in only two sizes a piece into the dressing room. Tried on my first guess.


Laurie in the dressing room wearing slacks and printed top

Wow, I actually enjoyed clothes shopping for once! I do think this is a flattering photo. The slim fit slacks are 18W and the top is 0X (wtf?) What is a Zero X??? as opposed to 1X? Anyway, it fit and I love it. Comfy.

Ok, all dressed up and where to go? Hmmm picturing excellent red wine with dinner….what ELSE completes this intuitive delight?

I ADMIT to self I want chocolate!

Laurie accepts a piece of chocolate at the candy counter

Picking out the chocolate I really like for later. No appologies. I knew I was having a glass of red wine later with dinner, and I LOVE a dark chocolate with that. It was a planned savored moment.

Next stop, time to check in and have some lunch at the hotel. Red convertible roars again through the streets of Burbank, hair flying, sun shining and Beatles blasting… I probably should have a salad for lunch…

SCREW SALAD! I want some fries!


Almost got a big burger until I realized I wanted the fries. So was hungry for chicken and veggie skewer with brown rice, ate about 12 fries and was happy. Did drink the entire beer though. Shopping is thirsty work!

After lunch, I felt WONDERFUL and empowered. I went to my room and discovered HGTV and the FOOD network were both available. Had a great rest of the day watching my fill of shows here. By dinner, I didn’t want to leave, was tired, not that hungry. Ordered room service for what I thought was a personal pizza, got a HUGE pizza for about 8 people. Luckily there’s a small fridge in this room and I had not used the plastic bag I’d brought for laundry. So one slice, one glass of wine and one delish chocolate later, jammies were on, Mark called and loved, and I was hitting the hay after a day that was pleasing to me, and only me.

And the rest of the story…

Bravery in action!

I wanted to go swimming….

Laurie in full length mirror in a one piece swimsuit

I put myself on the bravery report for showing you what I look like, cellulite and all, in my swim attire.

Early morning at the swimming pool

The beautiful pool I’m about to swim in solo. I aways swim early or late, both so it’s not as crowded, and because of my high risk of skin cancer.

Laurie in a surf shirt by the pool with a kindle

Right after my swim, I enjoy my hot coffee and reading my book club book by the pool. I’m wearing a surf shirt so I don’t have to put sunblock on my back solo.

Pretend Travel Blogger…

Now, dear brave companions, I’m living a lifelong dream and pretending to be a travel blogger, so I’m writing you this post from my desk at the Airport Marriot in Burbank. I’ve had a wonderful stay, as usual, and I highly recommend solo intuitive adventure days whenever you can manage it, plumbing or no, plumbing.


PS, If you would have enjoyed seeing this adventure unfold in real time, follow me, LaurieDreamWeaver, on instagram. That’s where I post adventures as they happen.

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12 thoughts on “My Solo Intuitive Adventure Day

  1. Cheryl

    Gawd! What a totally awesome post! I LOVE those kind of days when you can pick what you want to do, but I must admit I’ve never thought of taking myself away to a hotel to stay all night. I always drag my bff along. I don’t know if I could do that! I’m not great at staying alone.

    I have this 1950’s picture of you in my head bopping down the highway in your red convertible, scarf flapping in the wind, dark glasses shielding your eyes… Just like a movie star! I really liked your ombre bathing suit. And to be honest, It never occurred to me you had ANY cellulite till you made your comment about it. I think you think it’s a lot worse than it is. I thought the picture was terrific!

    I have ONE bone to pick with you, however. If I ever hear you refer to yourself as being “fat” at any time again, I’m going to have to come out there with my whompin’ stick and give you what for! That is a word we do NOT use around here! Agreed?

    Otherwise, it was a PERFECT day!

    (And I’m TOTALLY jealous!)

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I’m sorry to disappoint you GF, but my use of the “F-word” in this story was to indicate that no matter WHAT my size, clothes don’t usually fit me well due to my shape. Also, while I would never call another BC fat, I am not scared of it as an adjective for myself. I AM fatter than I would like, but I’m not worried about it. if that makes sense. For me to use the descriptive word when I wish, robs it of its power to shame me. 🙂

      I have ONE bone to pick with you, however. If I ever hear you refer to yourself as being “fat” at any time again, I’m going to have to come out there with my whompin’ stick and give you what for! That is a word we do NOT use around here! Agreed?

      PS, it was like a 50s Convertible Day. I think I need to take her out of the garage more often, it was SO fun to drive through the canyons with the top down 🙂

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Yep, I certainly understand that feeling. But once upon a time, it was merely descriptive. And that’s how I’m taking it back for myself. Stocky, chubby, Rubenesque, overweight, plus-sized, Woman’s sized – all of these refer to a body type that isn’t slender – some more PC than others. Fat, for me has its place. A Fat little pug dog isn’t a bad thing to say. A Fat ball of yarn. A Fat wad of cash. A fat lot of good that did! Fat used to describe a state of physical, not a moral state. So I acknowledge that at 300 pounds I was fat. And compared to some body types, especially in Los Angeles, I’m still fat. But it’s relative. My legs are fatter than my waist. My upper arms are fatter than my wrists. At times I have a fatter chin than others. Today, I am what I am, and no matter how it’s described, I’m proud of my body and what it can do. My smile the other day delighted a baby. My legs the other day climbed a mountain. My arms held and cuddled my Tiger cat. My voice has met all of you. My fingers type these words. My size varies from time to time, and from age to age. My hair becomes gray. My face earns more wrinkles. My eyes still sparkle. My laugh still rings out. I’m learning to accept all of my descriptors as neutral, even as I accept all types of food as neutral. Some descriptors apply in a situation, some do not. Others may describe me differently than I would. Before it devastated me. Now I’m learning not to take it in. So again, I’m sorry that my use of Fat jarred you, my friend, I can understand that for sure. Just know that it is what it is with me, and the word fat has ever decreasing power to affect my mood or my esteem. Whether I say it, or a thoughtless bully or troll says it. Because it’s what I take in that counts and how I feel about it and how I react to it. Interesting thoughts, thanks for bringing this up as I’m glad to know how I feel around this!

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      PS, I strongly recommend finding a hotel or motel you enjoy close to home and going for it! The peace is wonderful. Bring a book. Eat what you want, go to sleep when you want. It’s less than 24 hours with check in and check out, but a mini Zen retreat I’m thinking 🙂

      I also used to travel and do these things with my BFF too, and this is completely different feeling 🙂

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Anytime! It did wonders for my sad mood to focus on what *I* would like – and just think, I would not have had this day if Mark had not had the plumbing problem. Poor Mark, he got trouble and work, and I got my adventure. But now I’m thinking, that Solo Intuitive Adventures might be good to do on purpose!

  2. Sue

    That sounds like a wonderful day. I’ve been put off going away by myself deliberately, but your wonderful blog might just change my mind. I have an opportunity when my hubby needs to create a lot of dust and paint with gloss – neither of which my chest can stand at the moment.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      I hear that Sue, even though I enjoy my solo hikes, I WAS a bit intimidated to go solo for 24 hours. But now, I know I CAN have fun and enjoy my own company, I think I’m not as scared to invite others, if that makes sense. If my friends can come along, great, I LOVE company. But if I am the only one who wishes to do something, I’m now quite content to enjoy things solo too. I feel a whole new sense of internal ease and comfort after the experience. It truly was magical to have 24 hours when you did, or did NOT do, things according only to your own wishes and needs. Sleep when you want, stay up when you want, eat if you want, don’t if you want. Activity boring? Stop right away. Intriguing? Continue as long as you wish. Truly a different kind of Zen day, that if you let it, helps you reconnect with your own wants and needs. So I’m hoping next time hubby needs to make your home unbreathable, you will give it a go and let us know what YOU think! xxoxoxoxoxox

      1. Cheryl

        You actually stumbled on a good point, Laurie. I think learning to be comfortable not BY yourself, but WITH yourself is a dying art these days. No matter where we are (especially if we have a smart phone), there’s no end to things to distract us if we’re not comfortable with being alone. That can be REALLY hard. I think that’s one reason why Julia Cameron is so big on Artist’s Dates, where you go off by yourself. It’s a lost art, just like writing letters or writing cursive, tatting, or any number of other things.


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