Quick Update – Fire – Tiger – and Holiday Greetings Oh My!

Laurie in front of a Christmas tree wearing a hat shaped like a reindeer
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On my way to a holiday party with my voice acting friends.

I may or may not get a show out this week, so I decided to post this quick update.


We are out of immediate danger for now. All of the evacuation orders near us have been lifted. Fires still burn in Southern California and the Santa Ana winds can blow up out of the blue. So good thoughts, prayers and donations to the Red Cross, most appreciated.


Tiger the marmalade tabby cat with green eyes

By chance I snapped this pic of Tiger before he had his rough night.

Tiger became pretty ill last night. He’s been to vet this morning and we’re watching him. Any thoughts or prayers for the little guy much appreciated.

Holiday Show

Usually, Mark and I put together a holiday show based around the greetings and items we get from BCs. So if you’d like to participate and have a holiday show for 2017 we need your greetings, stories, songs etc. by midnight Dec. 18, 2017 Pacific Standard Time.

Hope all is well with you and I’ll put together an episode when I can. xoxoxox

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4 thoughts on “Quick Update – Fire – Tiger – and Holiday Greetings Oh My!

  1. Jo

    So glad you are out of danger, the devastating effects of such a fire are very scary. Keep safe and know we are thinking of you. Wish I could send some of our snow and rain your way xx

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks Jo – it’s been the one time I wish I had some old familiar Washington state rain 🙂 Today, I went swimming in an outside pool and was happy to have sun in winter. It’s a balance between risk and reward, living in Southern California for sure. Thanks for thinking of us. xoxo

  2. Dave

    Glad you are all safe from the fires.

    It is so hard to see our furry children ill. I hope you are coping well.

    Prayers and great Karma going your way.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hugs and Smooches Dave. It is so hard to see Tiger unwell – especially since it is going to be a waiting game. The vet thinks it was a seizure, but could be a one off, regular, take years or months for another – never know. This is tough, since it is the ultimate in non-control over someone we love. It also means some vigilance as well as letting go, since we need to film him next time to help diagnose. ARGGHH xoxoxox


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