Still Here, Show Not Out, Blame it on the HEAT… Or is it something else?

Laurie in front of a fan
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Ahhh sweet relief. Dang AC going out during a heat wave. Get ready for the ‘I’m TOO dang HOT WHINEFEST of SOCAL!’

Where the F is the Last Show Laurie?

Ok, ok, I know that most of you aren’t even CLOSE to being as critical of me as I am of myself. You know, schedule hell, get it done, check the list, yada yada yada. Truth is, many BCs made the deadline, participated, sent in their audio good-byes, my writing group came and recorded stories, and the voice acting version of BC Dave’s story is now edited, ready and in the can. All is set for me to finish writing the transitions and getting my butt up the mountain to record Day 120…


Sun shines brightly in a blue sky between tree branches

Sun beating down ALREADY at 8:00 AM. Right now I’m typing this blog post in front of a fan with ice on my neck. I’m SO whiney when I’m hot, and this has been a long, hot spell for sure.

Let’s go back several days…

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Way back at the end of July I announced the end of the scheduled podcast series, Gave a deadline for early August for you BCs to participate in ONE LAST SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA,figuring that would be long enough for anyone who actually wanted to do that, and planned to write and record within the week after that – say Aug 15. Hello! It’s now Aug. 16, and I’m still in the organizing phase of writing. What happened?

We’re Having A Heat Wave, a Tropical Heat Wave…

But unlike Marilyn, instead of getting all sultry and sexy from it, I’m sweaty and bitchy and my head constantly hurts. It is so hot that I feel like an eskimo wearing a traditional winter parka exposed accidentally to the flames of hell. Let’s examine this. Hmmm, I weigh over 200 pounds so I am WELL INSULATED. I don’t usually need blankets in California, even in winter. I’m also over 50 and have a close acquaintance with my frenemies, night sweats and hot flash. To TOP THIS OFF, our Blankety Blank Blank AC took a dump! Now it is bad enough to face the energy bills in September after the rigors of our usual hot summers. We insulate the house, we keep the drapes shut, we open windows on nights where the temps go down to limit our AC use, but there are days when it is SO HOT we bake like sausages in the oven. Lately we’ve been WAY over the triple digits – even at night with NO CHANCE OF AC RELIEF! And I’m cranky, cranky, cranky with it.

Where is Zen Laurie?

Oh my goodness, I’m GLAD I’m not recording so you won’t go away with a last memory of Volcano of rage obsessed, TOTAL BITCH Laurie, who types here before you now. I am so over this heat! Over it, over it OVER IT! But it is the price I pay to live in usually beautiful Southern California. We live inland, so we don’t have the benefit of the ocean breeze. We are ‘In the Valley’ – Like Totally Tubular – and we have a pounding, haze of heat this time of year. Luckily, it usually isn’t humid too. Anyway, back to the AC. It went out, visions of total central AC replacement costs slammed us in the guts, making us both cranky and worried.

We exercised early to try and mitigate stress.

Mark on his bike

Mark is SO hot he even got up at the crack of dawn to get our bike ride in. That would be like ME riding at 10PM energy-wise. WTG Honey!

Laurie in red biking scarf and sun glasses on a hot day with blue sky behind

Whew! Done with biking at the river in the gosh darn heat. It is BRUTAL. I’m contemplating whether I have energy enough to continue writing. Thinking about the last show and how to order all of the cool stuff in it.

Tiger and Gracie don’t even play in this heat. They hear birdies, they lay around. They hear the can opener (usually a cat magnet) they lay around. You name it, they lay around.

Tiger the orange cat on Laurie's bare legs.

Even Tiger is hot, hot, hot. Why, baby do you want to cuddle in this HEAT? And WHY haven’t I trimmed your freaking claws – OUCH!

Good News!

Busy AC repair guy came over (and YAY! for once my house WASN’T a mortifying dusty house of horrors) AND DOUBLE YAY! it was a part that was broken vs. the whole unit needing replacement. A part that he had in his truck and something he could fix right then and there! Hallelujah! In the meantime Mark and I had purchased a portable AC unit as well, and that was working out. So now we are armed with many, many fan and AC options to cool us during this heat wave.

Wonderful! So Why are you Writing a Blog Instead of Day 120?

Good question. I realized that the heat was a true excuse, but not a true reason. I LET it get to me because every time I listened to the audio and wrote some of the transition material for the last show, I got emotional. No Robot Aliens around to distract me either. Just emotional. And I didn’t like that feeling. So it was easier to be mad and rage at the heat (which is a real distraction) than to get on with getting on. So I figured I’d write this as both an update and a way to process these feelings. I’m still comfortable with my decision to move on from the podcast series, but oh my goodness, how I will miss it, and all of you.


Right now, it looks like the heat wave will abate Monday evening. So I’m hoping to finish writing in time to hike and record on Tues. From the sum of the parts I’ve got in the can, I’m looking forward to this show. I think you will enjoy it and I’m proud of all of you who participated and grateful for all of you who will take the time to listen.

Soooo I guess it’s time to stop ranting and time to start writing.


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12 thoughts on “Still Here, Show Not Out, Blame it on the HEAT… Or is it something else?

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hello Mon Amie! You are right, that much of my rush is in my head. It just feels difficult to have one foot in one place and one foot in another. It feels my attention gets pulled and torn, so even though, I will be sad to release 120, it will help me feel better I think. So back to writing and as long as I make any amount of progress, I will be happy with myself. Thanks too for your wonderful good-bye and for sending one last Secret Topic. xoxoxo

  1. Dawny

    So happy you happened by =~}

    I’ve been soooo busy and figured you’ve been too

    I’m sure this is an emotional feat for you, it’s been for me and it’s not my show lol but it’s become my friend.
    I tend to ignore FEELING my feelings by ignoring and/or evading them. *derp* something I learned about myself from you Laurie. Thanks =~}

    I’ve really enjoyed being busy and re-learning how to live life n not be a victim of rigid diet hell prison but it’s exhausting since I’m not used to it.

    I’ve missed your posts/updates n shows. Enjoyed your pics on fb

    Sending a cyber gal pal hug

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Dawny gal, I’m SO glad that you are feeling your feelings and moving on with your happy life. I know what you mean how exhausting those pesky feelings can be. It’s like we’re not used to carrying them and now a big wiggling toddler is plunked into our arms and we’re expected to know what to do with it as we maneuver our day. But as time moves on, I think it gets easier and the feelings don’t control as much (rants aside haha). Thanks too for you wonderful good-bye. Even though it wasn’t earmarked for Foolish Fun, I think I’ll use it to remember all of your good contributions to my favorite feature. xoxoxo

  2. Sue

    It is lovely to hear from you. It is still only mid way through August and you have set yourself the challenge of one monumental epic of a final show. Please take your time as I am sure we are well aware of how much work this will be for you on top of everything else you are doing – and not to mention the exhausting effect of the heat. You know, that not one of us will be critical of you if this is delayed beyond your SELF-IMPOSED deadline.

    In addition, as you have intimated, this will be an emotionally draining experience for you and part of letting go – big time. It has been such a major part of your life for eighteen months now, taking so much of your time and emotional energy. You have given so much to this show and you have let us hear and read of some very personal moments in your life. I hope that this has served its purpose and given you the confidence to continue to identify and follow your dreams. I fully anticipate that the current Brave Companions, others who are just joining us and future listeners will remember what we have heard and read and start to continue their own journeys, knowing that others out there have fought similar issues and won! Bless you.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by my whiny blog today 🙂 Yes, the show has served me well in all ways. The house is cooler today and so is my temper. I’m ready to continue on with my wrap up tasks and looking to the future with a more positive spirit. (Hopefully the blog will get its share of THAT Laurie as well). Thanks too for your good-bye to use, I so appreciate it, and I’m glad your voice will be part of our good-byes. xoxoxox

  3. Cheryl

    The temperature’s rising,
    It isn’t surprising,
    She certainly can can-can…

    Well, Laurie, dear, you will get the show in the can-can when you can! No hurry. No stress. Lordy woman! Just take your time and enjoy this one. And stay out of the heat. I swear it’s worse this year…


    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Thanks GF! I’h hoping to get written today (cooler finally in my house) and up the mountain tomorrow. But EVEN if all goes according to this plan, it will take quite awhile to edit the sucker. But I’m happy to go out with a bang vs. a whimper. BTW, I LOVED your call. So eloquent. Thanks so much for doing that. xoxoxoxo

  4. Suz

    I’m actually glad the last episode is not out yet. I hate the idea of the last episode! As long as it’s not out, it’s not over.

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Suz, I know how you feel. I think that was part of my procrastination. But onwards and upwards! The house is finally cooled down enough I can think and so back to writing. If I finish that, then up the mountain tomorrow AM as the heat is supposed to break by this evening. We’ll see, I’m not going to kill myself getting it recorded, but I am ready to move on. Hope you’re feeling a bit better these days. xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Suz

    By the way I’m sorry to you and all the BCs for falling off the map, and for not being able to participate in the grand finale. But I’m still around. I’ll still visit your blog.


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