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Ep 0135 – Deer Time!

Laurie in profile on the hiking trail gazing uphill at something.
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I spy an unexpected fellow traveler on the trail.

Podcast Recap

I tell my heart-pounding deer tale. I let go of time pressure and discover how time can be a guidepost instead. I share a few paragraphs from my latest blog post about overcoming fear and Dawny’s courageous response. We say hello to new BCs Taylor and Amanda who posted on the Compulsive Overeating Diary page on FB. Comments from last week’s show from BCs Dawny and Rabbit. A touching and brave call from new BC Kevin who last called the bravery hotline on day 130. I ponder grief, connection and how we grow into new identities.

A deer in the trail.

The unexpected deer shares its gaze before bounding up the hill.

Laurie holds a Roland recorder under a tree

Just me and my trusty Roland05 setting in to record Day 135


My blog post about fear and Dawny’s comment.

Last show and comments from Dawny and Rabbit

FB Page and Comments by new BCs Taylor and Amanda

The episode featuring the first call from BC Kevin from NY

Bravery Report with Kevin from NY’s story and comments by Dawny and Sue from the UK

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Caller: BC Kevin from NY

Main Theme: I’m Letting Go by Josh Woodward from The Simple Life Part 1 Used by permission of Josh Woodward under a Creative Commons License

Sunny day on the hiking trail through the foothills.

Another beautiful day on the trail down the mountain. No deer shared this part of the journey.

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