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Ep 0146 – Our Bodies Aren’t Who We Are – Memories One Year Later

Laurie blowing a kiss from the Next to Top Zen Place on the Mountain
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I blow a kiss to my Mom and to you as I remember the last year.

Podcast Recap

I face strong emotions one year after Mom died and ponder why we put so much emphasis on our bodies. Comment conversations about life being affirming or draining from BC Mary S., BC Jo from the UK, BC North, BC Kat and BC Josephine. BC Cynthia from the Netherland’s Instagram response after our last show. Snippets from Dawny and Brave Petra who left update comments on compulsiveovereatingdiary.com. Another visit with Mark the Meditator who gives his thoughts on mindfulness inspired by comments from Amy from WI and BC Kat. Mindful Mark also gives his ‘meditative’ take on successful relationships for BC Laura who is just days away from her wedding.

Laurie and her Mom outside a pink tea shop building on a sunny day

Mom and me outside of a tea shop from the last time I visited before she was in the hospital. Peas in a pod.

Laurie from overhead by the Zen bench dressed all in blue wearing her Mom's pants

I walked my mom’s pants up here! These are her jeans and they fit me since I also have her ‘genes’ LOL

A ring of stones with a wild flower on top

I’ve been placing Mom’s ashes in places that mean something to me. I also brought rocks from Washington, the center stone is one of these.

Laurie and Mark by the ocean smiling and hugging each other - Mark's hair is very wind blown

The ‘Cute’ photo of Mark and me at Ventura

Laurie in bike gear with the blue grey Pacific Ocean behind

Here’s s selfie from my solo bike ride in Ventura where I pondered mindfulness.


Last show and comments

Dawny’s update comment about how she’s dealing with new house ownership

Petra’s update comment about how she’s accepting herself and becoming a Beach Body coach

Petra’s Instagram page at PetraDoingPetra

Our Social Media TAG is #CODBCS

Show where Petra’s bravery was featured

My Big Fat Update show where I first talk about Mom’s illness and passing

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
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Mark the Meditator: Mark Weaver

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