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Ep 0154 – Friends Who Care and All We’ve Shared

Tiger the orange tabby cat is fast asleep hugging Laurie's leg
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I express myself this week through the love of Tiger. He loves to sit on my lap every morning and also every time I sit down to edit the show. He is the show’s unofficial editorial supervisor.

Podcast Recap

A story from my past makes me ponder compassion. Mary S. asks me a deep question for After Thoughts. Dawny gives Mark some props and has a great idea for focusing on the new year. BC Dave and his wife, BC Kathleen are on the Bravery Sports Report for ignoring their fears and playing Disc Golf in a tournament. Supportive comments from BC Suz and BC Dave. BC Josephine lands on the Bravery Report for lending her voice to our new feature, Inspirational Quotes. My friend, voice actor Hayley Mix also shares a quote and the powerful story behind it.

Train tracks under the oak trees

I enjoy following the miniature train tracks through the forest in Descanso Gardens on my way to my usual podcast spot.

Laurie smiling in profile with curly long hair free from her ponytail

I let my hair down at Descanso Gardens


The Last Show and comments

Day 120 – the Finale Show where you can hear Dave and the Robot Aliens

The Holiday Show

Daily Adventure Tales – my first podcast

Read our Inspirational Quotes from today – and Find an Available Quote to send

Alen Standish’s Podcast, Inner Effort

Our newest BC, Sarah from NY’s blog, Mindfully Sarah

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Host: Laurie Weaver
After Thoughts Announcer: Mark Weaver
After Thoughts Commentator: Laurie Weaver
After Thoughts Commentator: Dawny
After Thoughts Commentator: Mary S.
BC Bravery Sports Report Announcer: Mark Weaver
BC Bravery Sports Reporter: BC Dave G.
Quote by Harper Lee Voiced by: BC Josephine
Quote by Rocky Balboa Voiced by: Hayley Mix

Sounds Used in BC Bravery Sports Report

    Sports music


    Sports crowd

Other Sounds

  • Crowd Cheering
  • Applause

Circle by Hartley used with permission by agreement with SHUTTERSTOCK MUSIC CANADA ULC

Other Sounds and Music used with permission from AudioBlocks and IBAudio

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