The Brave Companion Song from Day 100

Fionna looks out the window with guitar
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I asked Fionna to write this song as a way to celebrate our bravery. This version of it was used as part of our big celebration show on Day 100. The “Brave Companions” are the show’s listeners and those who participate by commenting here or who send in audio to be used in the show. BCs are a supportive audience of people all around the world, and luckily for us, Fionna is a BC too! This version was recorded with help from Fionna’s sister, Annie.

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The Brave Companion Song participants for Day 100:
Amy from Wisconsin, Cheryl, Dawny, Fionna, Maria from a Spanish speaking country, Patt, Sandy, Stéfanie from Quebec, Sue from the UK, Suz, Mark, and Laurie


The Brave Companion Song
by Fionna Lane

Verse 1:
You and me on the road who knows where
You and me need the wind at our backs
Need a friend just to find some comfort on the journey
In my head it can get so lonely
Look around and I’m not alone
Found someone, found a brave companion
A true friend I can call my own

Sing a song of the Brave Companions
Sing a song of friends new and old
You listen to my hopes and fears
And let me know I’m not alone

Verse 2:
Trying hard just to be authentic
All this fear and it’s hard to be me
Could shut up but hey, that’s pathetic
I wanna live a life that’s free!


Well hello all you brave companions
Hello all across the world
What we’re going through is hard to do
And we deserve to be heard


Sing a song of the brave companions
Let you know that I really care
You listen to my hopes and fears
It helps me just to know you’re there.

BTW to save a copy of the song for yourself, please know the download link right below the player seems weird – it comes as part of my podcasting system and not from me – if you just click on it, it DOESN’T download the file – wah??? BUT if you right-click (or Mac folk Control_Click) the download link and chose , Download linked file as…. or Save linked file as… then it downloads the file. Enjoy! – LW

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    When recording:

  1. please say your name
  2. where you are from in general
  3. why you are brave or like being a BC
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3 thoughts on “The Brave Companion Song from Day 100

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Wahooo is right Ms. Dawny! I thought this would be a great thing for people to have. And doesn’t Fionna look GREAT on the cover? I’m so proud of all of us for this version of her song. I listen to it a LOT I tell ya. It represents all that we’ve built together as a positive, creative, sharing, BRAVE community. I’m happy I finally got off my rear and got this done (one of those todo list things that never got done). xoxoxoxox

  1. Cheryl

    You now, that really is a lovely, encouraging, come-along-side song. Fionna, you have a beautiful voice. Just imagine, we’re ALL a part of that song. Pretty freakin’ awesome!


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