Touching Others With Your Heart – Big Smooches Mary

Close up of a hand made note that says be you, BRAVELY
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This lovely hand-made card was just part of an incredible gift sent by BC Mary S. ‘Be You BRAVELY’ could be our motto and sums up beautifully all I’ve learned doing COD. To express ourselves in truth and not hide because of size or other fears. This is true freedom, whatever our body goals may be.

A Special Gift

BC Mary S. asked if there was a way she could send me something. I told her about my PO Box and then went on with my life in my busy, brain racing way.

Then she let me know a package was on the way.

Wow! I love presents, surprises and seeing what BCs create. So a big WIN-WIN all the way around. I was excited to get my hands on Mary’s gift. And in the video below you can watch as I discover what creative BC Mary S. has made.

See Me Open Mary’s Gift

This package was special from top to bottom. I took this video to let Mary see my reaction and it was so fun, I asked if I could share it with you too!

Wow! Oh Wow!

The True Gift

Below you will see photos of the physical gift details, but the TRUE gift was Mary’s time and care. Mary took time to know me, to know what I like, to create this work of art for me to write in – knowing that I write. This gift of knowing me, of hearing me, was overwhelming and kind.
Mary gave me so much more than a cool book to write in. Mary’s gift told me loud and clear that she, to quote the Who’s Rock Opera, Tommy, “Can See Me, Hear Me”. That I, Laurie, am an individual and not just some disembodied voice in the earbuds. That I matter as a person. And it also shared so much of who Mary is with me too. Her creativity, her humor, her heart.

Through Mary’s kindness we learned a little more about one another. And we found partners in caring.

When we as brave companions reach out to one another, we are giving that gift to each other too. Whether it’s a kind comment of support, a joke to brighten our day, a link that other BCs might enjoy, or just a “Hello”, we, as the BC community are giving the true gift of time and attention that shows us that we truly are not alone.

Photos that show the Loving Detail Mary added

Wish - Dream - Blessing - Delight and other affirming words

One of my favorite surprises was that Mary added all of these cool affirmations to the back of the envelope, The gift was so thoughtful throughout.

Hand-made cover with Laurie Written across the front

I’m amazed to hold in my hand a hand-made writing journal with my name and most of the things I love referenced within.

Pink sticky labeled urgent points to an envelope pasted within the journal that contained a card

Just the first of many surprise flaps and messages. This one contained the “be you BRAVELY” card.

Two blue cat stickers with a floating blue heart smile up from the lower corner of one journal page

My love of cats are represented by surprising cat and kitten stickers on some of the pages.

Yellow beach cruiser sticker with school books and butterflies is on the corner of care and free on this journal lower corner.

My love of bike riding is represented many places throughout my special journal

Hand made book binding shown close up with a pattern of bikes and words like looking good and funky cool

Even the hand-made book binding celebrates my love of bikes and funky cool!

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5 thoughts on “Touching Others With Your Heart – Big Smooches Mary

  1. JoJo from CA

    Wow, what a wonderful gift! Laurie, you are a joy, a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to so many people. May this beautiful journal in turn inspire you to keep sharing your thoughts with the world. One day, I hope you will consider writing a book 🙂

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Ahh, thanks JoJo! I love this journal and am working up the courage to actually write in it. I have to get my perfectionist brain to realize that inspire is the word, and the best use of Mary S.’s wonderful, personal gift, is to ACTUALLY put some of my words in there! LOL. Thanks to for the encouragement to write a book, maybe someday that urge will take hold. I’m flattered you think there is a story there. xoxoxoxox

  2. Rabbit

    Wow that is so very cool, inspires me to create a bit today, maybe dec out my journal too. What a great reminder of how special this group of brave companions is. I have that fear of spilling my imperfect life when I get pretty new journals too, but then I think about the fact that I’m helping it meet its destiny, that it showed up in my life and wants to see the ink that runs through my veins, for no reason except to know me to know life. Let it be brave with you. Xoxo

    1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Isn’t it inspiring? I love your turn of phrase

      spilling my imperfect life

      SOoooo descriptive. It’s kind of like not using the good china or keeping covers on the furniture. What best are we saving for? Today is the best time to enjoy and be inspired by the blessings in our life – I think I’ll just keep repeating that affirmation until it is so. xoxoxoxox

  3. Jo

    What an amazing present – and such a talent Mary S
    You are going to have so much fun adding your elements to this
    Jo x


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