Ep 0138 – Gratitude Day

Laurie in a big straw hat sits under the trees and the sun light cascades down through the leaves.
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It’s a day to contemplate gratitude at the Next to Top Zen Place.

Podcast Recap

I ponder the sacrifices of our service men and women on Memorial Day. BC Rabbit’s comments from last show inspire me to think about letting go of my Racing Morning Mind and talk about how guided meditation has been working for me. Dawny presents a niece-approved round of Foolish Fun. Thank you Amazon shoppers for using the COD links to buy your products to support the show. Greetings to new BC Laura R (soon to be Laura S). My struggles with some aspects of social media and a new hashtag for us to connect – #CODBCs. Sue from the U.K. stops by to comfort me on My Motherless Day blog post. Comments from Dawny who shares a BIG milestone and BC Dave, who goes on the bravery report along with his wife, BC Kathy, for trying something new. Mark and my brave bike plans for next year’s birthday.

Sun shines brightly on the hiking path with foothills in the background. Bright blue skies and wispy clouds.

A spectacular view hiking on Memorial Day. The majesty of nature never fails to bring me some peace and sense of belonging.

Prayer rocks along the trail stacked in a loose pyramid configuration supporting a top rock

Here’s the stack of prayer rocks I built on Memorial Day 2017 to honor my dad and all of the service people who sacrificed to protect our country and our freedom.

Laurie wearing a blue t-shirt with a hand-painted bike on it

Posing in my fav bike themed tee.


Last show and comments

Insight Timer, the app I use for guided meditation

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BC Dave’s comment with the link to learn about Christ Barnes the bowler.

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13 thoughts on “Ep 0138 – Gratitude Day

  1. Laura Rhinehart

    Hello Lovelies! Thanks for the shout out Laurie!! One thing that I do when it comes to overcoming the house cleaning crazies is I set my timer for 15 mins per room and I race to see how much I can get done. And when the timer is done so am I!!! It appeals to my competitive side lol!

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Amy from WI

    Hey Laurie,
    I’m sorry that I haven’t been very active since the podcast restart. I’ve just been on this audiobook kick, so I keep getting behind in my podcasts! You know how once you start a book, you just can’t stop? Plus, I check them out from the library, so I only get them for two weeks. Really, it’s just my all or nothingness kicking in in another aspect of my life. I download 8 audiobooks, listen to them one after another, then check out none for a month! It amazes me how all or nothing creeps into so many aspects of my life.

    My racing mind hits me more at night. In the morning I wake up feeling good and ready to go. In the evening, my mind starts racing with everything I didn’t get done during the day, and how to solve the problems that come up during the day, etc. I have the insight timer app, but I haven’t made a habit of using it. Actually, I have at least 3 meditation apps, but I haven’t gotten in the habit of meditating at all! Ha! I guess that is something to keep working towards.

    I’ve had a major breakthrough in my battle with the food demons, but I don’t feel quite ready to talk about it yet. I think I want to see if it lasts for real before I spout it out. So many things last 2-3 weeks before I am back at my old ways….

    Thanks for doing the podcast and sharing your insights.

    1. Dawny

      Happy to see you ami. I’m a lot the same as you go big or go home lol. Glad your finding success. I’m anxious to hear. Keep on keeping on.

    2. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

      Hi Amy, I’m happy to hear that you are finding some good tools for yourself! LOL about the Racing Night Mind – major player in my wake up in the night insomnia too. I think the difference for me, is the Racing MORNING mind is the overwhelming list of what I SHOULD do, and the racing NIGHT mind is worry about what I should have DONE. So the meditation is helping with both. Oh, and I get the obsession with an activity or interest AND the blow hot/blow cold aspect of that. It’s human. So while I’m happy to see you here, please never feel you need to apologize for not – if that makes sense. Yes, I love to hear from BCs, and it helps me validate what I do here (to my own, at times insecure and critical mind), but I do understand changing times and life 🙂 And I must recommend giving guided mediation a try. There are several that are around 10 minutes. One of them I do says, try this for 10 days and you will see major change in your life. Hmmmm. I did this without saying anything to Mark, he noticed, and now he is giving mediation a try. Can we say miracle? Big old teddy bear, manly man, construction type Mark, is giving Meditation a go. I’m hoping he might be willing to report on his results in future for the show, but allowing him to decide that fate. Anyway, great to see you my friend, off to hike for fun today! xoxoxoxox

        1. Laurie@CompulsiveOvereatingDiary Post author

          Hi Dawny, the one I do daily before getting out of bed is Morning Meditation with Music by Jonathan Lehman 10 minutes. And I also like Peak Performance Visualisation by Rebecca Smith for audition nerves 11 min. Both are guided meditations found in the Insight Timer app I talked about on day 138 – link to that on the show notes page.

  3. Jo

    On my habit tracker on my daily journal I have ’15 min tidy’, ‘sink/toilet’, ‘hob/worktop’ and ‘do one thing’. I colour in the box when I have done these during the month. Gentle reminder that a little often is ok

      1. Jo

        Inviting people over on purpose …. Are you mad???? Think my habit tracker is less heart stopping scary!!!


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