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Ep 0179 – Magical Journey of Food and Life

Laurie smiles under a floppy straw hat in the woodland
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I’m happy to be out enjoying some garden time in the back woodland of Descanso.

Podcast Recap

Hiking is out due to fires in California, so I’m back pondering at Descanso Gardens about the mystical, magical journey that is the food cycle of life. We hear from our very first BC, my friend Cheryl, about her health concerns and her writing dreams. BC North also stops by to comment. BC Dave updates us on the ups and downs of his life and health and how meditation might help. We say hello to two new friends, BCs Joy and Carol M. I share a snippet from my latest blog post about being a senior plus-sized model and ask for more subscribers to my youtube channel for voice acting. Today’s dance moment features an energetic ditty called Mud Pie.
Display of Halloween lights and flowers featuring a huge blow-up eery pumpkin headed cloaked figure

Descanso Gardens gift store shows off its pumpkin decor.

New BCs

BC Joy posted on Day 178
BC Carol M posted on the COD FB page


The Last Show with comments from BCs Cheryl, North and new BC Joy.

DDP Yoga – the inspiring video BC Dave mentioned in his letter.

Blog post with commercial headshots

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Today’s Dance Moment Music, Mud Pie, is used with permission from IB Audio

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