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Ep 0176 – Bonus – Gifts, Mics and Vegan Zombies

Laurie smiles in her studio wearing headphones in front of her mic
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My friend loaned me one of her great mics to try out in my space. So far I’m loving the sound. So I recorded today’s episode with it. What do you think?

Podcast Recap

Gifts can be a blessing or a curse! I ponder how gifts impact us and how it relates to my food issues. One gift I truly enjoy is the ability to record today’s bonus episode with a cool new mic my friend loaned me. I’m mic shopping and it makes a difference to hear them in your own studio. Today’s featured song, Vegan Zombies, comes from our old friend, Josh Woodward.
Laurie playing with a stuffed bunny toy in front oof the mic

This is a bunny I gave my mom. It comes from the book, “I love you this much”. I use it in the studio when I want to feel connected in my reads. This was a gift she loved to receive as we often said this phrase with arms outstretched. It was a gift to get it back after she passed away. It’s a gift to have the memories with this little reminder bunny.

Laurie with dragonfly umbrella

PS, I still have my fav umbrella.

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Music: Vegan Zombies by Josh Woodward – Download for free and see a video of Josh Singing it

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