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Ep 0175 – This is YOUR Moment!

Laurie smiling in a broad staw hat with arms outflung in the meadow at the top of the mountain and foothills in the background.
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Here I am like Maria in the Sound of Music. I so enjoyed my Dance Moment on the mountain.

Podcast Recap

Inspired by supportive comments from BC Dave, I enjoy some wonderful moments up at the next to upper Zen spot where I ponder about persistence in the face of challenges and perceived failure. I’m grateful to BC Petra for her kind video message and for new iTunes reviews from Australia and the UK. We also hear from BCs Kelly and Dawny. For today’s dance moment I challenge you all to have a Funky 60 second Dance Party like I did on the mountain. As proof I posted a video of my Funky Mountain Dance to IG as LaurieDreamWeaver.

A wooden bench in shadow under a tree in a very sunny meadow on top of the mountain

You can see the next to upper Zen place is an island of welcome shadow for recording despite the hot sun.

The Last Show

Day 173, with comments from BCs Dave, Kelly and Dawny.

My Funky Mountain Dance Video

My Voice Acting website where you can hear my demos and learn more about that side of my life

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Host: Laurie Weaver

Today’s Dance Moment Music, Funky House Dance is used with permission from AudioBlocks.

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