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Ep 0174 – What Does it Mean to be Authentic?

Laurie Smiling under a tree with glasses.
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Here I am feeling authentic while the flies are buzzing me in my fashionable denim vest.

Podcast Recap

BC Jody inspires me to think about being authentic. BC Dave shares a resource about the new journey he started with his wife, BC Kathleen. BC Kelly shows support for my acting. We dance our socks off to a new song by Josh Woodward.

Water bottle on a large boulder in a green gully under trees.

Cool accidental photo I phone snapped of the podcast rock itself. You don’t see the flies dive bombing my water though!

The Last Show, with comments from BC Kelly.

Ep 0009 – The Diet and Binge Trigger Tightrope. How do we balance? With comment by BC Jody.

My Voice Acting website where you can hear my demos and learn more about that side of my life

BC Dave’s Health Coach recommendation

Ways to support the show financially


Host: Laurie Weaver
Music With No Good-bye by Josh Woodward. From his newest album, The Shade from Our Trees Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/


The spotlight, was burning like a flame
I was, a body and a name
And all the rest was gone

Trapped like a hermit in a cage
I left the others on the stage
And still the show went on

Take a bow, from the back of the crowd
It’s over now

And I now see
The world turns without me
My shoulders never bore the heavy burden
I was just another person

And the sun rose
Before the age of pharaohs
And after I am gone, another dawn will fill the sky
With no goodbye

I crave the comfort and control
Then chase the rabbit down the hole
And wonder why I’m lost

I build a palace so serene
Then douse it all with gasoline
I light a match and watch

Let it burn, without an ounce of concern
I never learn


And I’m steering, away from what I’m fearing
But every twist and turn’s a new concern that burns my soul

The rudder’s rusted tight and I’m careening through the night
I let it go and take me where it will


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